EASTX: The Journey to Wellness
by eastx

EASTX: Spring cleaning   15 y  
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Iím still gradually working on the Clark home cleaning. I never had many chemical cleaners and etc, but do have lots of beauty supplies and misc. Iím also realizing that my clutter, though well intended ícountryí decor, is toxic to me mentally and spiritually. I tend to use shopping for knicknacks as a mood improver. I have been working on this for some time after seeing that it was a habit íinheritedí from my mother, and seeing how she now lives with multiple storage sheds and garages full of nothing she wants but nothing she can seem to part with. I didnít want to end up like that ...   read more

EASTX: Not doing so great today   15 y  
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I just canít seem to stick with the program today. My little one is sick with a high fever and weíve been home all day. I wish my work paid out sick days, but they donít. I tried to take us to the store to get some of the ĒmiracleĒ juice I love, but they were still out. I bought all of it a few weeks ago and I guess they havenít reordered it. Another store here carries it, but I was too tired to go across town. Then tonight I was cleaning the kitchen and noticed that the fridge is making ticking noises, like a timer, and not running, its already warm. Just what I need. I donít ha ...   read more

EASTX: Test results are in!   15 y  
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Some good news, some manageable news... The second cut completely removed the cancerous tissue from my arm. That is the good news. The other news is the results of my liver test, that showed elevated enzymes. The doctor wants to do an ultrasound to check for gallstones, and I think I will do it just to have a baseline in case I do have a problem. I donít have the h. pylori parasite/bacteria whatever its considered these days :)   visit the page

EASTX: Frustrated   15 y  
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I was hoping my biopsy results would be in today, looks like they arenít. If they arenít in tomorrow I will be upset. I donít want to wait over the weekend. I donít want to wait any more at all! :(   visit the page

EASTX: Short update   15 y  
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My incision from the skin removal is nicely scabbed over, and with no pain except for when I strain the skin. I am waiting for the biopsy results, hopefully they will be in by Friday. I have been having some stomach problems though for the past few days, intense pain a few hours after eating, in the morning before I eat, in the middle of the night, lasts for hours. I went in today to be checked for an ulcer because its not like heartburn or reflux. Iíve been under a lot of stress and my immune system is probably suffering big time. Anyway, so the doctor ordered a blood test for h. p ...   read more

EASTX: A small success story! (warts & ACV)   15 y  
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I gave a friend of mine some ACV for wart removal (read about it on this site) and today she told me that her raised wart was already shrinking and turning black! She also said she had less pain from her plantar warts and that the ACV was healing up her cracked heel! She has tried all kinds of otc things and nothing has worked for her. Iím very happy for her :D Edit to add an update on this one. My friend decided she couldnít do the ACV on her feet anymore for some reason and ended up having her warts ífrozen offí today. She said she showed the Dermatologist the formerly raised war ...   read more

EASTX: The Beginning   15 y  
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Hello, I am a single parent in my late 20ís. I enjoy parenting, organic gardening, genealogy, and music. I teach preschool for a living. Some days I enjoy it, some days not so much. I donít deal well with stress. I have dabbled a bit in natural health for several years, almost always using natural remedies, but only when something was íwrongí. I regret that I waited until now to get serious about my health. A few weeks ago, I had a spreading freckle removed, and the biopsy came back abnormal. I stay away from doctors as much as possible, and only went in because I had a bad fe ...   read more


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