Journey to Health
by midge
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Day 12.....end of day   17 y  
Feeling awesome!
Howdy! I went grocery shopping after lunch, got back and finished dinner, then at 5:30 I went for a 2 mile walk/jog. It took me 30:15 min. I felt AWESOME!! I almost went 3 miles but decided not to, the wind was a bit chilly today. Weíre suppose to see 50* in the middle of next week!! WooHoo!! I did dishes again, some laundry, juiced, and made some brownies. I didnít have a bm at all today, I forgot to take my lax tea last night. So I did a quick enema, it was a lot better the second time. I was able to take in more too. But now as the evening dwindles away, Iím gett ...   read more

Day 12.....noon   17 y  
Got a big surprise this morning!
Well, I got up feeling a bit depressed. It was lightly snowing †and still upset about my íproblemí. I sat my butt down at the computer and read a while about juice fasting. Then I went to get dressed, I got on the scale and WOWZA!! Down 3 more pounds from last night!! Actually, I guess itís only 2 pounds since my last weigh in. Now that made my morning. It must have been that 2 mile walk yesterday. I sure felt better after that! I skin brushed, showered and dressed. I made my juice, made dinner (a one dish meal to bake later), and have the dishwasher going and itís not even noon!! Beli ...   read more

Day 11.....end of day   17 y  
I'm seeing a pattern from morning to evening
Well, Iím seeing a pattern; Iím feeling great in morning and afternoon, then about 7pm, the tiredness and wanting to eat starts. I am upset this evening, so it makes me want to eat that much more. But Iím getting to the point that Iím saying to myself: Iíve come this far, Iím not going to mess it up. Overall had a pretty good day. Still not enough water. :( No sunshine for the next 2 days. Thrill. "Not to go out and do your best is to sacrifice the gift." Midge   read more

Day 11.....noon   17 y  
Down 13.5 pounds and feeling SUPER!!!
I got up fairly easy this morning! I was eager to get things started. Instead of my usual of plopping my butt at the computer, I skin brushed, did a weight workout, and went for a 2 mile walk! WooHoo! It did take me 32:35min to walk it, I think I was a little slow because of the weight workout. It was only 30* this morning, but sunny. I would have waited till this afternoon when itís suppose to be 40*, but the sun will not be shining this afternoon, and itís not. Iíd rather enjoy the sunshine. Iím 13.5 pounds lighter. Another WooHoo ! Iím 2.5 inches smaller in my waist and 1.5 i ...   read more

Day 10.....end of day   17 y  
Today was a much better day.
Whew, made it another day! I woke up a lot again last night. I rarely had trouble sleeping before. Could it be that my body doesnít want anymore sleep?? I felt good though when I got up. Skin brushed and decided to do an enema. I had only done one, and the new bag leaked. I had gotten another one but didnít want to do it again. I finally decided to, to help clean out some toxins. I warmed up some water, put the thing together, and did it. It wasnít so bad. I need to learn to let it in slow. I didnít hold it, I got up and let it out right away. Then I showered, got dressed and felt ...   read more

Day 9....end of day   17 y  
Man! Another grumpy day and still freezing!
Man! I donít want to have a day like this again. I didnít skin brush, I didnít exercise, Iím still freezing, by evening time I was so grumpy and short tempered, and I wanted FOOD so bad!! I had juice, but I didnít want that!! I wanted food!! If it wasnít for wanting to get rid of mucoid plaque, the headaches, weight, and to feel great, I would have eaten myself silly! I didnít sleep much last night between 3a-7a. But I really donít feel that tired. My tongue is yucky along with the taste in my mouth. I am down 12 pounds. I havenít passed much today. My mind was in such a w ...   read more

Day 8.....end of day   17 y  
Still freezing! I've got 3 layers of clothes on my upper body!
I froze all day. Then I remembered that I froze on my last juice fast. Argh! I hate it. Iíve got 3 layers of clothes on my upper body and Iím still cold! Any suggestions? I want to eat just so that Iím not cold anymore! I took the lax tea this morning, and nothing. Thatís weird. So this evening I took some epsom salts, some mucus came out and a tiny bit of runny poo. I didnít have much juice today. Mondayís are my busiest day. Still not getting in enough water. My boss gave me some zuccini bread this evening, ohhhh......I wanted a bite! But didnít. If I didnít have this blog ...   read more

Day 8.....morning   17 y  
Froze last night, mucoid plaque it is!
Good Morning, Last night in my post I mentioned that I was cold. After that I sat in my recliner to read, I froze. I could not get warm. I had on a nightgown, light sleeping pants, my robe, a sweater and a warm thick blanket! I went to bed with all those clothes on plus a heating pad! I never got hot in the night, which is unusual for me. I thought maybe I was coming down with something, but I feel fine this morning. Must have been detoxing. *clapping Well, I had a bm this morning. And I thought, is it mucoid plaque or the psyllium. It didnít seem to have any striations in i ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
Down 10 pounds!
I woke up this morning and I remember dreaming about glaze donuts! Thatís funny because rarely do I remember any dreams. Iím down 10 pounds! Actually itís 9.8 pounds, but I thought it was close enough to say 10! I skin brushed and did a weight workout this morning. While I was skin brushing I noticed my lower legs, almost all the swelling/edema was gone!! My ankles looked so small! LOL!   I finally had a bm this morning. It was thick like mud. But I only went once all day. I took some psyllium this morning, I wonder why I havenít went yet. Maybe Iíll have to do so ...   read more

Day 6....end of day   17 y  
food, bowels, and addictions
What a day. I did get some work done. Lunch wasnít too bad. But dinner smelt soooo good. I wanted some so bad. The tacos and pizza looked yummy. Then I was thinking, what if I mess up? What if I donít eat good after my juice fast? So, Iím afraid to stop the fast. I donít want to mess up. Going off the fast is the worse for me, because I get started on food and donít make myself stop. :( I want to be a good example for other people, fit into smaller clothes, have energy, have good skin, and to be healthy. But food is so addicting, the taste, the smell, even the ...   read more

Day 6....morning   17 y  
Morning walk, cold but feeling great!
Good Morning! 7am arrived and I was up and eager. Still have a mild HA, but I always do, every morning for the past 5 years. So I donít think itís detox anymore, just my normal HA (headache). I checked my mail, put the dog out, fed the cats, skin brushed, had my 2 drops of H2O2 in water, and got ready to go for my walk. I knew that the temp was only 20*. But if I had known that the wind was 14 mph and the wind chill was 14* (brrrr), I wouldnít have went! But you know what, Iím so glad that I did. I harnessed up the dog and out we went. I did come back in for an ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
Cranky and short tempered
Iím down 7.6 pounds. Still a slight HA but had more energy today. But I was quite cranky and short tempered, I hope thatís gone tomorrow; or else hubby may disown me! LOL!  I went shopping this morning and went to this place that I havenít been to in a long time, because itís about 35 miles from home. But they have awesome prices! Pineapples were $1.79 a piece, reg price is 3.99. Some apples were .79/lb, reg 1.29/lb. There were other great deals too! I got grapes, radishes, peppers, oranges, tangerines, papaya, mangos & limes. I also picked up some 35% fo ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
Feeling better and change of plans
Hey! Sorry itís late; did ya all miss? I have been breaking out with some pimples, one on each shoulder, one behind my left ear(whatís with that?) and a few on my face. Feeling better but still have a slight HA(headache). I did do my weight workout this morning. Felt good for doing that. My son and I juiced a whole bunch of oranges and the kids and I each had a glass of orange juice....yumm! I do have a bit more energy today, a least I felt like doing something today instead of doing it because I had to and feeling horrible. Then in the evening I had plans to take an e ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Feeling a little better
I went to work this morning and also got adjusted by my chiropractor. Yup, I do have a viral infection. She checks it by muscle testing. A natural antibiotic for a viral infection is lysine, so I took some when I got home, 3,000mgs! You canít OD on it and it wonít hurt you. For sinus infections I usually take 9,000mgs a day for about 3-4 days.  Day 1 I had all water and lots of hot water with some natural honey. Day 2 I had the same but also a little OJ. Today I had water, oj, and hot water with the honey. I love that on cold days. I havenít gotten much fruit and veggies ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
Oh, the pain.
Boy, did I feel really rotten today. My headache is worse! I think I have a sinus infection--probably all the toxins coming out. A sinus infection is pretty standard for me when it comes to cleansing and detoxing just like the headaches. I started getting migraines/headaches back in 99-2000. Went to the doc and she sent me to a neurologist. I had a MRI done, everything was negative, except I was positive for a brain!! So now I had proof that I had a brain and no one could accuse me otherwise! So, for the next 18 months I was on 12 different anti-depressants and/or anti-seizure med ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Wasn't so bad.
Day 1 went fine. I started getting a headache by mid afternoon. This always happens to me when Iím cleansing/detoxing. Iíve always had all this excess mucus in my throat since I was a teenager. I had to work all day so that made it easier. Iím excited about all the things that will be taking place in my body. "If you are on the road to nowhere, find another road."  Midge   visit the page

On your mark, get set, GO!   17 y  
Getting started with some insights
Iím already on day three, but lets get you all caught up. I have been trying to lose weight for years. A lot of the ways were really legit, I just didnít stick with it. Iíve been a member of CZ for about a year now. Iíve read thousands of posts. And what itís come down to, is not just losing weight, itís getting healthy, inside and out. Itís eating right, doing cleanses, getting exercise and much more. I have many health problems to overcome: overweight, daily headaches, tired, fatigue, constant phlegm in throat, addicted to food (junk food, of course ), oily face, acne, ...   read more

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