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How to Fix the iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Problem   4 mon  
iPhone X repair case about how to fix the ear speaker not working problem by jumping wire solder
Sometimes our iPhone X ear speaker is not working and we don’t know why. We need to tear down the phone and take out the ear speaker module to check the reason. Previously we’ve demonstrated to you how to replace the iPhone X series, ear speaker. This solution works on all the mobile phone broken ear speaker issues. We don’t have to this because this time we find the ear speaker flex is broken. Here we will show you our repair steps below. When we test this iPhone X ear speaker, we can see the ear speaker is soundless. All other functions are normal, such as the face ID recognition, the ...   read more

Why the iPhone Aftermarket Screens From China Have Touch Iss   4 mon  
Analysis on why the aftermarket iPhone screens have touch issues
As one of the iPhone screen and small replacement parts suppliers in China, the iPhone aftermarket screen touch issue is the most common problem customers complained to us about. Well, these iPhone screen problem occurs for many reasons and some of which are repairable. Here Etrade Supply would like to analyze why the iPhone aftermarket screens have touch issues and share with you repair tips on how to avoid these problems in the description below. Normal iPhone aftermarket screen touch issues are flickering. The newly replaced screen flickering happens because of the loose screen flex ...   read more

Why My iPad Home Button Was Falling in After Repaired?   4 mon  
Analysis of why iPad home button collapsed and how to avoid this issue
This time we received a repair case that our customer’s iPad Air Pro home button collapsed in the display hole after repair. Although they tore down the iPad screen and readjusted the home button times, it wasn’t solid as it was before. He was frustrated because he thought there must be a small part he had been missing inside, a small bracket or something he didn’t install when assembled the iPad. That’s why he came to us. Well, this is not a big deal. First of all, we need to know why the iPad or iPhone home button is sunken after the screen and digitizer reassembled. The iPad home b ...   read more

What Cause the iPad LCD Screen Backlight dim and How to Fix   5 mon  
Analysis of how does the iPad LCD screen backlight dime occurred and how to fix it
This is a problem our customers complain about most in our shop. Some new replaced LCD screens are dim when we turn on the iPad. The same problem has happened on iPhone screens before, and we consume the issue to be the backlight circuit problem. How could this happen to the LCD screens? Can this problem be fixed? Here we would like to discuss it with you here. Firstly, we have to know something about an iPad or iPhone LCD screen’s composition. The LCD screen is totally consists of eight layers, but only the three layers related closely to the image forming and animation on the screen. ...   read more

How to replace the iPad Pro 10.5 Charging Port with flex cab   5 mon  
Full process presentation on how to replace the iPad 10.5 charging port
The iPad Pro 10.5’s charging port part is consists of the charging port and the flex ribbon with connector. When your iPad is damaged on the charging port and cannot be charging, you may consider replacing the charging port inside. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you how to tear down the iPad Pro 10.5 to replace the charging port module. Check the process below. Firstly, we need to tear down the iPad screen. Power off the iPad, then place it onto the separation heating station for heating the screen with 65℃ in 2-3 minutes. Use suction cup and ultra-thin plastic plectrum t ...   read more

Easy Way to Replace the Huawei Mate20 Pro Back Cover   5 mon  
Simple steps on how to replace Huawei Mate20 back cover
The Huawei Mate20’s back cover is hard crystal material. It is easy to break if we crashed the phone unconsciously while using. We will need to replace the back housing if it is crashed and broken. Here Etrade Supply shows you how to replace your Huawei Mate20 back cover yourself at home in simple steps. Always turn off the device as the first step. Eject and take out the SIM card tray. Use hot air gun to blow on the back cover with 80℃ for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, use suction cup to pull the back cover. Hard plastic plectrum to insert the gap and slice around the Huawei Mate20 Pr ...   read more

Huawei Nova 3 Disassembly Teardown – What Components are Ins   5 mon  
Process presentation on Huawei Nova 3 teardown
The Huawei Nova 3 features of beautiful outlook color slime body, large full-screen coverage, and great rear cameras. It is a great choice for most mobile users because Huawei Nova 3 has great functions and also the price is acceptable. The Huawei Nova 3 inside structure and component parts mainly contain the screen, a middle frame, middle frame, and some flexes and small parts. Here we would show you how to tear down this mobile device and see what’s inside. 1. Tear down the back housing Turn off the phone firstly, eject and take out the SIM card tray afterwards. Hot air gun to bl ...   read more

Huawei P50 Series will be Arriving in 2021   6 mon  
Huawei P50 Series will be Arriving with Samsung and LG's OLED screen in 2021
According to the Korea media The Elec, Huawei is going to release the newest mobile phone P series at the beginning of 2021. The Huawei P50 features of a powerful display screen, which is sponsored by Samsung and LG. More details about this new Huawei P50 model still have not come yet, but Samsung and LG have been busing supplying the OLED display screens. Rumors also leaks that the Huawei P50 will perform with Kirin 9000 CPU core chip. Besides, the newest Huawei Mate series will launch following the P50 series’ step. Early news reports that Huawei are planning to offer 4400 million sma ...   read more

How to Replace Huawei P30 Lite Loudspeaker   6 mon  
Process presentation on how to replace Huawei P30 Lite loudspeaker
Huawei P30’s loudspeaker is on the bottom side of the phone body. This is a replaceable part that can be taken off by tearing down the battery door. Here Etrade Supply will demonstrate the process on how to tear down the Huawei P30 Pro for loudspeaker replacement. Hope this could be useful to you if you like smartphone repair. 1. Tear down the battery door and remove the wireless charging coil Power off the phone firstly. Eject and take out the SIM card tray. Use hot air gun to blow the battery door edge and each corner with 40℃. Separate and take off the battery door with suct ...   read more

How to Tear Down Huawei P30 Pro for Rear Cameras Replacement   6 mon  
Process demonstration on how to replace Huawei P30 rear facing cameras
The Huawei P30 Pro rear-facing camera module is a replaceable part. When our Huawei P30 phone is crashed, water damaged, and the cameras are broken, we need to replace the rear camera module. This is the repair process presentation of how to replace the Huawei P30 Pro rear-facing cameras we would like to show you below. Hope this would be useful to you if you are interested in smartphone repair. 1. Tear down the battery door and take off the wireless charging coil Turn off the phone first. Use hot air gun to blow on the back panel edge and each corner. Paste the suction cup on the ba ...   read more

Full Process Presentation on Samsung Galaxy S20 Teardown   6 mon  
Teardown process presentation of Samsung Galaxy S20
The Samsung S20 internal structure mainly contains a display screen, middle frame and some small parts. To tear down the Samsung S20, we need to be careful and patient. The first step we would do is take off the battery door, and then off the wireless charging coil. After that we may take off the inside parts which are install on the middle frame. We can disassemble the display screen with middle frame at last and finish the process. Let’s see the details presented below: 1. Tear down the battery door and wireless charging port Power off the phone, eject and take out the SIM card t ...   read more

Teardown Steps Presentation on iPhone 12 and Repair Tips   7 mon  
Teardown steps demonstration on iPhone 12 and repair tips
The iPhone 12 has been launched on the global market this October. This new iPhone model has become the hottest sale smartphone model this year. Since we can see the differences of this new model on the appearance, we are still curious about the inside parts and structure of iPhone 12. This is the teardown steps we would like to present here. Besides, we will share with you tips about iPhone 12 teardown and repair on the following, hope you would be interested if you know iPhone repair. 1. Tear down and separate the iPhone 12 display screen Power off the iPhone, eject and take out ...   read more

How to Change an iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 by Replacing the Bac   7 mon  
How to modify an iPhone 12 by replacing the iPhone 11 back housing
The iPhone 12 is launching on the phone market this October. Although it is a time we still have to wait to see this new iPhone module in the flagship store, some of the third-party iPhone 12 back housing has been manufactured. Based on this, we are trying to modify a new iPhone 12 phone by replacing the iPhone 11 parts in the back housing. Let’s check the specific steps below. 1. Tear down the iPhone 11 and take off all the inside parts and components Unbolt the two screws on the button and use a hot air gun to blow on the iPhone 11 display. Use a suction cup and an ultra-thin plas ...   read more

How to Fix the iPhone Incoming Calls not Showed on Sleep Mod   7 mon  
Repair tips about how to fix iPhone incoming calls not shows on sleep mode.
The iPhone incoming calls not show when on sleep mode. This issue exists because of the faulty signal baseband component on the logic board. The normal repair solution is taking out the logic board, checking the baseband, and replacing the faulty component. The process would be difficult and complex. Here we can connect a wire from the baseband wake signal point to the WiFi wake signal point to borrow the signal so that the problem would be solved. Check the detailed steps below. 1. Tear down the iPhone screen and take off the logic board Hot air gun blow on the display, unbolt and ...   read more

How to Replace the Samsung S20 Charging Port PCB Board   8 mon  
Repair steps on how to tear down Samsung S20 for charging port PCB board repalcement
The Samsung Galaxy S20 charging port is combined in a module of PCB board. It can be swappable if the charging port is broken. To replace the charging port PCB board, we have to tear down the back housing, take off the wireless charging port, and the loudspeaker bracket as well. Here are the specific steps Etrade Supply would like to show you blow. 1. Tear down the Samsung S20 back housing and take off the wireless charging coil Firstly, we need to tear down the back housing. Power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray. Use a hot air gun to blow on the edge and corners of t ...   read more

How to Fix the iPhone 11 Face ID Issue by Replacing the Dot   8 mon  
How to replace the iPhone 11 dot projector flex for fixing the face ID failure recognition issue
Sometimes our iPhone 11 face ID keeps failing for recognition, which keeps reminding us to move the iPhone higher all the time. Although we have reset every setting on our iPhone, this issue still exists and we don’t why. This might be the problem of the dot projector flex of the Face ID module. Here we show you a repair case about how to fix the iPhone 11 face ID issue by replacing the damaged dot projector flex. 1. Tear down the iPhone and take out the face ID module Unbolt the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Slice and pry up the display screen, then loosen the screws and remo ...   read more

How to Replace the iPad Air 3 Headphone Jack and Flex Cable   8 mon  
Tutorial guide on how to tear down the iPad Air 3 for earphone replacement
The iPad Air 3 earphone is a swappable part on the up left side. To replace the earphone, we need to tear down the display screen. Also, the iPad headphone has a long flex cable ribbon which is adhesive on the panel. Here we would like to show you steps on how to replace the iPad Air 3 headphone. 1. Tear down the iPad Air 3 display screen Firstly, we need to power off the iPad. Use 80℃ hot air gun to blow around the edge and four corners for 1-2 mins. Use hard plastic plectrum and metal prying tool to slice around and separate the display. Gently pry and flip up when the iPad d ...   read more

How to Recover True Tone on an LCD iPhone 11 Display Screen   8 mon  
Repair tips on how to recover iPhone LCD display screen
The true tone is a special function on iPhone original display screen. When we replace the iPhone display screen with a third party manufactured LCD display screen, the true tone function will be gone. Here we would like to show you a solution on how to recover true tone function on an LCD display screen by transmitting data from the original display with a JC V1 programmer. 1. Tear down the iPhone 11 display screen Turn off the iPhone and take out the SIM card tray. Unbolt and remove the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Use suction cup and hard plastic plectrum to slice and separ ...   read more

Simple Tips to Disappear the iPhone Non-Genuine Battery Warn   8 mon  
tips on how to erase the iPhone non-geuine battery warning
When we swap our iPhone battery with the third-party battery, there will be a message of non-genuine battery warning pop-up on the screen when we turn on the phone. This makes the awkwardness and frustration to our customers, although the newly replaced battery is good. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you tricks on how to make the warning message disappear for a month, without tearing down the iPhone and the battery. -- Step 1: Turn on the phone, switch off the Wi-Fi WLAN and Bluetooth. Open Airplane mode. -- Step 2: Go to General Date & Time, adjust the time to a month l ...   read more

8 Terms You Need to Know About Covid-19   13 mon  
terminologies about COVID-19 we need to know about
The coronavirus has become the global pandemic and it has brought great effects to our lifetimes. We need to stay healthy and fight with the virus, on the other hand, we need to learn some knowledge about medical and antivirus. There are some terminologies we need to learn about the Covid-19 so that we may better understanding the new reports. Here we quoted some terms which have been updated to the dictionary. Let’s check them out. Coronavirus: A new kind of virus typically spreads between animals and humans, which causes respiratory illness. Coronavirus is a family of virus that inclu ...   read more

Must We Wear Face Shield and Goggles Outside?   13 mon  
How does face shield and goggles protect us and must we wear these equiment
The COVID-19 has been the most fatal virus in the world. The infection rate is raising since its spread in Europe and America. We have taken antivirus actions to protect ourselves by wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and isolating ourselves at home, but that seems not enough to us. Most people think there should be a defensive barrier we need to protect our eyes and faces to the surrounding air, especially in some public places or workplaces. Face shields and goggles are necessary for protection. Is that necessary for us? Must we equip ourselves outside the door? Let’s see the analysis b ...   read more

How to Use an Infrared Thermometer in the Right Way?   13 mon  
Tutorials on how to use an infrared thermometer in the right way
As one of the medical necessities for house living, the temperature gun is easy and convenient for body temperature measurement. Besides, this small portative machine can be used almost anywhere to anyone. The backlit screen will show you the detection body temperature only by pressing the button and put it close to one’s forehead. Maybe it sounds easy but there still something we need to notice on using the infrared thermometer. Here we would like to share something knowledge about the infrared thermometer and tips on how to choose an infrared thermometer to you. 1. How does an inf ...   read more

Tips and Advice on How to Protect Yourself from the Harmful   14 mon  
advice on how to keep safe from the new virus
Health and medical care are always in the first place of our life. We are all concerned about the health of ourselves and our families’. The spread of the new virus called “coronavirus” took so many lives and every one of us is worried. The government has taken measures to ensure our people with enough medical supplies. Still, there is advice we need to take so that we can protect ourselves from harmful virus infection. Let’s check these below. 1. Stay at home, wear a surgical mask if necessary to go out We are claimed to be isolated but we are not grounded. We have to stay at home f ...   read more

What’s the Difference Between N95 Surgical Mask and Normal M   14 mon  
Differences of N95 surgical mask to normal surgical mask
The new virus called “coronavirus” has been spread to the world. Wearing a mask is not only for protection for ourselves but also for good actions to society. We all know that the N95 surgical mask is better than a normal surgical mask but we may not know the specifics of the reason. Here we would like to share with you two aspects of the reason, and advice on the right ways to wear a surgical mask as well. 1. N95 Surgical is thicker than normal surgical mask The normal surgical mask consists of a waterproof layer, a layer cotton Yarns, and a filter layer. This thin and one-off ma ...   read more

How to Solve iPhone XS Screen Unresponsive Problem   14 mon  
3 ways to troubleshoot iPhone Xs screen irresponsive issue
There are reasons your iPhone Xs screen not responding. It can be the pressure of the incompatible case or screen protector, or the malicious software or Apps affection, or some other reasons. Here we share with your 3 useful ways to troubleshoot the problems of iPhone screen unresponsiveness. We suggest you check your iPhone before take the right solution to fix it. 1. Hard restart the iPhone When your iPhone screen is power off and cannot turn it on. Hard restart the phone could be a quick way to troubleshoot this issue. Press on the volume up and down button one by one quickly, th ...   read more

3 Steps on How to Replace iPhone 11 Pro Speaker   14 mon  
3 streps on how to replace iPhone 11 Pro speaker
The iPhone 11 Pro speaker is a replaceable part of the device. If there are problems with the speaker, you may have it replaced in the repair shop. On the other hand, you may also fix it yourself at home if you are familiar with iPhone 11 Pro teardown and reassembly. Here we would like to show you how to replace this part in three steps as follow. 1. Teardown iPhone 11 Pro display screen First of all, we need to get a new speaker and the repair tools ready. Power off the device and loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Hot air gun blowing on the edge of the screen for easy s ...   read more

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