Seawater fasting and purification
by pila

My Fruits are Good Fruits   18 y  
These Testimonys are my Fruits.
Aloha My name is Pila. On the internet I have a group site on Yahoo groups called (thelightandsoundwithin) and a Blog on CureZone; (Seawater fasting and purification by pila.) If you would like to check it out you are welcome to, with my blessings. I am putting all the information I can get on seawater, Sea salt healing in the FILES in the group. And I have LINKS to other web sites on Seawater, Sea salt healing. A part of My Testimony; I am now able to physically see the Light or image of God whenever I like, and I hear the vibration or word of God 24/7. I’m now able to share this ...   read more

The Importance of Minerals and Elements for the Body, Mind, and Soul.   18 y  
"The cell is the most basic unit of life and it must have minerals to stay alive and carry out its functions."
Latest Research/Articles Dr. Chris D. Meletis N. D. Biographical Sketch Chloride: The Forgotten Essential Mineral Colloidal & Ionic Minerals: The difference is in the ABSORPTION!!! Coral Calcium - An Ancient Source of More than Calcium Dehydration - An Imbalance of Water and Minerals Ionic Trace Minerals - A Simple Solution for a Complex Body Magnesium, Health, and Disease Prevention Trace Minerals and Migraines Trace Minerals and pH, It’s Simply a Matter of Health Dr. Mildred Seelig M. D. Metabolic Syndrome-X - A complex of common diseases. Other Research Articles Mine ...   read more

The Hawaiian Seawater Cleases   18 y  
This is about the Hawaiian seawater cleanses they do today. I will have more Information as I get it.
Aloha This is a some information I received on Hawaiian Cleanses. I thought you might like to look it over. They are going to send me more information, as soon as they do I will post it. Hi’o Wai Meaning (Gas Water) This method or protocol is first done by a session called ”Ho’onui” or Meditation. ”Ho’omui” a meditation is done to realign the Spirit of the Mine, and Body. This meditation is first done in order for the body to accept any medicinal secretion. Whither Physical or Spiritual. ”kai” (Sea); Liquids, Soups or any hot water remedies are called ”Kai” At ...   read more

Thalassotherapy; Healing by the SEA.   18 y  
Salt is the great purifier, and protector of health. Jesus as teaching, "Salt is good…therefore, have salt in yourselves and live at peace, one with another." We CAN change ourselves into healthy, disease-free individuals. We do NOT need antibiotics, vaccines and other "wonder drugs" that cost millions to produce,
Thalassotherapy The Importance of Including Sea Water Salts in the Macrobiotic Diet Thalassotherapy uses sea water as a means to improve health. It is now widely accepted that life originated in a marine environment. Physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton, a French citizen, was the first person in recent times to recognize and verify the remarkable similarity between sea water and mammalian lymph and blood plasma. Quinton discovered that sea water possessed an amazing compatibility with living organisms. He ultimately validated his studies by c ...   read more

The chemical and mineral compositions of our blood, and saline fluids have an amazing similarity to seawater.   18 y  
As an embryo in our mother's womb, we are encased in a sack, filled with this saline fluid.
Salt & Your Health The chemical and mineral compositions of our blood, and saline fluids have an amazing similarity to seawater. As an embryo in our mother’s womb, we are encased in a sack, filled with this saline fluid. Seawater contains 84 mineral elements. These same 84 mineral elements are found in our bodies. Modern science has determined that 24 of these elements are essential for life, although many believe that a proper balance of all 84 elements in our bodies is necessary for good health. Whenever a dietary deficiency of any of these elements occurs, the cells in our b ...   read more

Dr. Roy's Testimony Of The LIGHT.   18 y  
This testimony is from my Friend and Chiropractor. I told him, I needed him to keep my back in line while I was fasting and the fast would do the rest. This worked really great.
I have been a Chiropractor and health practitioner for over 25 years. But it was only in the past 3 yrs. did I witness and finally experience a profound therapeutic regimen involving: 1)Fasting 2)Colonics (using ocean water) 3)Thalassotherapy Fasting and colonics have been known for a long time as being highly beneficial for healing. But what got my attention was the way Pila took these ancient tools and uniquely combined them like a new recipe from some old fashion ingredients. I met Pila 3yrs. ago; he had just been in a car accident and could hardly walk. I noticed his hair was gray ...   read more

Salt Cure;Oxygen 2. Water 3. Salt 4. Potassium 5. Exercise 6. OilsFACT - No one can live without these. Use of salt is as old as human history. Oldest records comes from China.   18 y  
You are the SALT of the your Mother Earth. Return to her WOMB and be reborn onto LIFE EVERLASTING.
Salt CURE Salt is an essential element in the diet of not only humans but of animals, and even of many plants. It is one of the most effective and most widely used of all food seasonons and natural preservatives. Seasalt’s Hidden Powers by Jacques de Langre, PhD (Book Excerpts) From Chapter 1 ”Definition of Sea Salt” Regular over the counter table salt is one of the worst things for you! It is mined from large natural sea salt deposits underground where they take the natural salt and basically take out everything that is good, and are left with Sodium Chloride (table salt). This i ...   read more

Antiaging and The Ocean   18 y  
Our best anti-aging element we have is the ocean. Herodotus wrote in 408BC: “Sun and sea treatments are imperative in most of the diseases".
Antiaging and The Ocean Rejuvenation is the process of reversing and slowing down deterioration of our physical, mental, emotional us. Is it possible? Science is taking a very active part in researching various fields such as nutrition and supplements. One resource that has been overlooked is the sea. We humans are chemically 85% equal to the ocean. Our body is from 60-80% water. Our planet is 97% water;but, man’s lack of knowledge of the sea is a 95%. Our best anti-aging element we have is the ocean. The mineral content of the ocean and its ionic ba ...   read more

George's seawater cleans for bile duck blockage or tumor.   18 y  
When George came to me he had yellow eyes and skin. His symptoms have all cleared up and he is back to his old self.
10/16/05 George Thompson Santa Barbara, CA. To Whom it May Concern: In July of 2005, I developed the symptoms of yellow jaundice. After seeking Medical attention I was diagnosed with a fatty tumor on my pancreas which was Blocking my bile duck and hence causing the jaundice. The medical doctor that Diagnosed me suggested an immediate surgical consultation. My choice was to take an Alternative direction. Learning of this, my chiropractor introduced me to a man he called “ Pila.” It was at this time that Pila started telling me of the healing powers of purified seawater. H ...   read more

seawater fasting and purification   18 y  
This is how i took the word of God, the ocean, and used it to see with my own eyes the Holy Spirit and hear the word of God 24/7.
May this bring you the peace, life, love, joy, and happiness that God and Jesus have given me. Amen. This is about my journey into the kingdom of our Heavenly Fathers. And how I was able to take the words of the Light of the World (Jesus) and the Way and apply them physically (or by works and Faith) so I could enter the Kingdom on Earth. I always knew in my heart that the Light of the World was telling the Truth, especially when he was talking about the Kingdom on Earth, but this Truth came with only vague details. In 1976 I started on my own search for the Kingdom on Earth. I ...   read more


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Fasting and cleansing by using the word of God,(Gennesis)the womb of the Earth, the Ocean. Your blood is the same as the ocean. the water you layed in for 9 months is the same as the ocean. The ocean is minerals and elements, your body is minerals and elements.… more...

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