Fighting morbid obesity
by Misticle

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Day 9
Day 9: 326.2 I could not update last night like I normally do. I felt horrible and had no energy left. When i woke up I felt ok. Was able to cook and clean without much difficulty. Around 3pm I started feeling tired. About 4:30 there was an incident lasting 3 hours that was very stressful. By the time it was over I felt I had nothing left. I forced my way through feeding the kids, bathing them, and putting them to bed and took an extra long stress relieving bath. I was nauseous and had horrible acid reflux. I had slight pains where my gall bladder used to be and searing pains in the are ...   read more

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Day 8
Day 8: 327.2 I didnít get much sleep last night. Mostly from the horrible itching I started having all over my body. And the nausea. That along with yesterdayís symptoms leads me to believe I was having a health crisis. Itís a wonderful thing... After the misery is gone. i woke up feeling soooo much better. And the acne on my face is clearing. My face actually had a pinkish glow this morning instead of the grayish color it had been. last night I was ready to go buy my food to break the fast and end it. But this morning I felt like I could do this forever. I was tired, but in a normal n ...   read more

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Day 7
Day 7: 228 lbs I donít have much energy to do this tonight so please forgive any typos as I probably wonít take the time to proof read. Last night was about the same as the night before. Better than the beginning but still not the best. I also had horrible dreams. I woke up feeling pretty good but little things still wear me down. I felt it was a little better though. I had feelings of hunger off and on. I thought that was supposed to be long gone by now. Not as irritable today. My breath is a good bit better although its still not pleasant. Tongue is still white. I didnít Care when I ...   read more

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Day 6
Before I get started, there are a couple of things I have been forgetting to mention. The bad breath and the white coating on the tongue. Iím not sure exactly when it started but it was fairly soon, maybe day 2. DAY 5: 330.2 lbs I had some problems sleeping last night but it was much better than the previous nights. I woke up feeling a good bit better this morning with little weakness and a bit more energy. When I weighed I felt even better. 10 pounds in less than a week seems too good to be true. I cooked for the kids and had no temptation whatsoever. It was like my body gave up o ...   read more

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Day 5
Before I get into my day, I want to say that I also have acne and adhd. One would think I would grow out of these things but nope. I was actually not diagnosed with adhd until I was 30. My acne is remarkably better than it was in adolescence but itís still a problem I donít want. I also have horribly heavy menstruation with back pains so badi feel as though Iím breaking in half. Iím hoping fasting will help these problems along with my FAS (fat ass syndrome). I also quit smoking a year ago. I smoked for 20 years and want to cleanse the crap out of my lungs. Otherwise Iím fairly healthy fo ...   read more

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The beginning of my 40 day fast
This is my first time blogging and my first time fasting. I am doing this mostly to keep track of my results and to help me reach my goal, but if anyone else is inspired by my journey that would be amazing. I am a 5í4Ē 38 year old Female. My beginning weight is 341.1 pounds and my pant size is a snug 26. My goal weight is 160 pounds and I am beginning with a 40 day fast. I hope to lose 50 pounds the first round. I started the blog late so I will be recounting my experience from the last 3 days leading to today. Feel free to leave a comment. If I know someone is reading it will keep me ac ...   read more


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