Water Fast With Buddy Tk
by LIndaWu

#21dc   7 y  
Finally fasting for real, by the power of #21DC.
Downloaded an iPad app called #21DC. Itís a 21-day fasting challenge that also asks you to finish the entire New Testament in that amount of time. Just finished reading 12 passages this morning. I feel itís giving me energy. 1/11 is Day 1, 1/11 symbolizing dream come true. No more failing. Itís serious from now on.   visit the page

Stars   7 y  
Stars give me powers.
My boyfriend has not given me the bracelet yet. I think I will fast for the stars I went out to see less than five minutes ago.   visit the page

Lost Weight   7 y  
Bracelet fasting. People say I lost a lot of weight.
People see me and tell me I have lost a lot of weight. I only lost five lbs from the three days, the one day, and the one day. They tell me I look good. Actually, I havenít fasted that long. My new boyfriend, Christ, is coming for a visit in less than 48 hrs. I told him to bring me a bracelet. I plan to fast by the power of the bracelet.   visit the page

My Dreams   7 y  
Waves and small problems. Two insights.
Just fell asleep and dreamt I was reading my notes. Highlighted two big points. One, we are bothered by the mouse because it is small. We are bothered by the fly in the same way. This goes to show that sometimes, the smaller the problem, the more we are bothered by it. Two, donít be influenced by waves. Understand the cravings as waves. The food are just waves. Donít give in to those waves.   visit the page

600 Million Children   7 y  
I plan to fast for the 600 million children I am going to adopt. I need to open up my heart.
Hi there. How are you? Probably being the best that you can be, right? I havenít done any fasting since the last post. Thinking of Chris only made it worse. Found myself a new boyfriend named Christ from Plenty of Fish. I know what youíre thinking, theyíre the same name! Iím wondering how to think to fast. Itís easy to find excuses not to. Well, Linda, itís time to be realistic here. Do you really want to contribute to society and humanity? Do you really want to live long? Then fast. Fasting is only for those with grand goals. Think of all the people you are going to help. 600 millio ...   read more

New Plans   7 y  
I am one with Chris.
Succeeded another day. Failed another two. Marshmallow experiments for food and bathing failed. Guess I wasnít realistic enough. New plan: I am one with Chris, the guy I liked that I told you about earlier. Chris is going to help me fast.   visit the page

Experiment 2   7 y  
I get off Prozac and do a second marshmallow experiment, also 4 million times long as the original experiment.
Just got off of Prozac yesterday. Prozac helps with not compulsively take extra baths. But it gave me insomnia. I didnít sleep til 7 a.m. So now that I donít have Prozac, I am thinking of doing a second concurrent marshmallow experiment that will also be 4 million times as long as the regular 15-minute marshmallow experiment. No extra bathing in this experiment. Iím ready! Oh what fun! So excited! See, I told you this was going to be a good year!   visit the page

Day 1 and Plans   7 y  
I am officially starting a marshmallow experiment 4 million times the length of the normal kids' marshmallow experiment. I think of happy memories.
Day 1 was successful. Day 2 so far unsuccessful. Marshmallow test conducted by Stanford was only fifteen minutes long where if the children could wait that long in front of a marshmallow, they will get that one and a second one. If they ate it during the fifteen minutes, they get only one marshmallow. I have seen all the marshmallow tests on YouTube. The children who could wait grew up to be more successful. This fast is like a long marshmallow test, 1344 times long (I calculated it for 14 days). Itís the marshmallow test of life. This is the big league, not the kidsí league anymore. I ...   read more

Motivation   7 y  
Confidence and security. Motivation.
Motivation comes from confidence. Last night, I was extremely aware of myself sleeping in a fetal position. Psychologists say that this position indicates insecurity. I looked for reasons behind insecurity on google and uncovered a treasure trove of information. After reading about the mechanics of insecurity, I changed my sleeping position for the first time in I donít know how long. Now that I have confidence, it will be easier to fast. There is also a motivational video on YouTube that is eleven minutes long that is amazing. Every time I listen to it, I get motivated to do whatever it w ...   read more

My Plans   7 y  
I plan for the future. I ask how do I and others want to be treated.
Failed today also. I plan to also do a blog (oh the blog of shame and chagrin! Just kidding) on the days that I fail a fast. I can tell you the things I tried today that worked and didnít work. The concept of slow progress worked last night but not today. I also thought about the concept of the human body being extremely powerful and the mind dragging it down. It didnít prevent me from getting food to be in the bowl, but it did stop me from wanting to eat it after itís in the bowl. Well, too late. Also thought about just being happy, because they say the happiest people are able to fast ...   read more

End of Fast   7 y  
I start a new fast with new hope and thoughts of slow progress, because it's not all-or-nothing. I deal with physical violence.
Some people want to lose fifty lbs in two weeks and focus on the future and dream unrealistically. I focus on the present and donít think about that far ahead. Although if I was more mindful, I might have not eaten. I am sorry, Tk, for being so weak and unreliable. I am not giving up though. I start my fast all over again right now. It was just so hard to fight my compulsions. I suddenly had compulsions over and over and over again to give up. In that state, you are not sure what reality is anymore. I was losing touch with reality. Whatís interesting is that during my fast, I did everyt ...   read more

Day 3   7 y  
I liked a guy, and this fast made me stop hurting. Knees hurted as a fasting symptom.
So pumped for the new year! So excited! Ahhhhhhhhh! I am going to have a good year, I know it in my bones. Tk, I hope you have a good year too, and any other reader. Knees hurted tonight. When I fast for more than two days, my knees usually hurt for one night, gone the next day. It was unbearable. It has gotten a lot better. For a couple hours, it even disappeared when I went to a friendís house. Someone told me I might be having a family memberís illness. Well, I am glad I am fasting so that I can help cure their illness. Fasting made me sensitive. All the more reason for me to fast. I ...   read more

Day 2   8 y  
Perfect life now. I ponder over many different aspects to think about on this fast.
Life is so good to me. Everything going my way today. Luck after luck befalls me. Life is good. Life is too good to be true. I love life. I love now. Still not entirely useful to society right now. Kind of useless to society, what with still in community college, and I am already almost 25-years-old. My goal in life is to contribute to society. Now during this fast is the time to examine my progress, goals, and values. At what age will I have made a major contribution to society? At what age will be my second major contribution? What age the third? There is an idiom in Chinese though, s ...   read more

Day 1   8 y  
Drinking water too fast in too little time is dangerous. To do a thing, you just need to want to do it.
Alright, it is late enough that I will post the blog for Day 1. Technically, it is still the middle of Day 1. Today was the day I found my fasting buddy Tk. She is writing in her blog The Chronicles, called so since itís such a hard journey. Hello, Tk, I hope you are not having trouble reading this. Go team! Something I learned today is that we shouldnít drink too much water in too little time. The kidneys donít have enough time to filter it, so it makes our cells swell, and the neurons are not flexible enough, so itís going to cause brain edema, which could lead to a lot of complicatio ...   read more


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