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It's a microbial action adventure!   8 y  
Physician heal thyself...
Day 6 LMP. No more blood. Estradiol is on the rise, and I’m a few days from my FSH, LH & estrogen peaking. Temperature stable. I’ve begun rebuilding the endometrium, and have developed a raging UTI, worse than the only other time I had one (honeymoon gazillion years ago). Fun. Some would say, ”well, you f*cked up your natural flora by doubling your doxy.” I disagree. I’ve done that with my doxy a few other times and was fine. It’s the fricking monsters attacking me. So, intrigued that a microorganism would behave so differently in the context of hormonal changes, I wondered if the critters ...   read more

Tanking   8 y  
Fatigued, no energy.
Really, really crappy day. Decided to give my dog her heartworm pill a week early. Gave her a bath too, but not in that order. I’m wearing black pants & every time she sits on my lap she is shedding these teeny things that are only micrometers thick, but millimeters long. My transparent packing tape was taken from me by my mother (note: I am not a child, and have full capacity) because cleaning my pants from the dog was annoying her. Using the tape on the dog’s fur also annoying her. My therapist said (if I remember correctly) I’m allowed to have coping rituals/habits as long as it’s not * ...   read more

Collapsing   8 y  
Tough Day
Brain fog, depression, anhedonia. No fight left. I cut my dog’s hair short today and ”hallucinated” that I saw a couple pesky critters. Obtained one of my ”hallucinations” in a plastic ziplock to add to my collection for no one to look at before it becomes dehydrated and unrecognizable. For the upmpteenth time. She’s shedding the stuff that I am combing out of my hair endlessly. I gave her a bath, but failed to take care of all of it. I’m at a point where I’m contemplating giving her away, but I can’t. She’s been the only thing that has kept me alive. After seeing a dog crying on its owner ...   read more

Light bulb!   8 y  
Revelation: We the infected are diagnosed as ”crazy” not because we are actually ”crazy” but simply because we are driving everyone else around us ”crazy.” It’s an easy out, rapid closure. Family, friends, healthcare providers - all get sick of hearing about it, and of watching our unusual daily rituals (for example, my gargling using a solution of food-grade diatomatous earth suspended in water - works for the gingivitis fabulously well). We’re crazy because everyone wants it to go away - yesterday. We’re crazy because the perpetrating organisms are hardy and survive. We’re crazy because ...   read more

The Background   8 y  
The Beginning
”So,” perhaps you are wondering, ”how did this all start?” Well, I’m not sure. I have a few theories...#1. My not-so-lovely apartment in New Jersey had dirt - yes, particulate matter - in the water. Took shower & brushed teeth daily. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, water, and water-born blech. ”Clean” is relative, isn’t it. #2. My dog - she used to sleep with me, and used to ride in the car on my shoulder. Though I never fed her tap water, and I religiously gave her a monthly heart worm pill, used parasite drops and flea collar, she walks low to the ground. Took her to the vet asking ...   read more

It's back with a vengeance   8 y  
Physician patient
What the hell. I’ve been doing well with this thing that plagues me. I’m perimenopausal, and really haven’t been keeping track of my menstrual cycles. So, this month I got a double-whammy. Yesterday, the heavy bleeding commenced. Day 1 LMP. So did the return of the worms in my mouth. Overnight. I’m shedding them from my vagina as well. Apparently they are cozy in endometrial linings. Disgusting. Never having had an STD in my life, I consider the concept of anything down there that’s not supposed to be, absolutely revolting. ”So,” you perhaps wonder, ”how do you know it’s from there?” Defin ...   read more


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43 year old white female physician who becomes a frustrated patient when she contracts micro-myiasis from an apartment complex with dirty water and a poorly-sealed back door. despite obvious evidence, her docs chalk it up to delusional parasitosis.… more...

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