The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free)
by mysogood1031

I let a movie mess with my head again.   10 y  
I guess you can't really compare
I just finished watching a movie. It took me the entire day to get through it - I kept pausing it when I would get flooded with emotions. It’s called ”Now is Good”, and it’s about a young girl with terminal cancer in her last months. She has sort of a bucket list, but it’s full of rebellious teenager activities like ”Break the Law” and ”Try Drugs” and ”Have Sex”. She falls in love with a boy who has just dealt with death recently, and the film does a decent depiction of the struggles from all people involved in the life of someone who is actively dying. I tend to live so powerfully that ...   read more

My Psychic Told Me So   10 y  
how many grains of salt do with take when it's good news?
My posts are getting farther between, maybe because my regimen is pretty settled now, and I’m not trying new things as much. Or maybe because I feel uncertain that anyone is actually reading this. I know it shouldn’t matter: I originally started this with the intention of documenting my journey. But I also wanted to provide some input on the subject, once I realized how very little recent information is on the internet, be it on Curezone or elsewhere. I was hoping to bring the topic back to forefront, I suppose. There HAS to be other people who are trying to live their lives without th ...   read more

I've been using MMS for two weeks.   10 y  
Holy wow!
I’m glad that I had posted when I was about to start the MMS. I have taken it almost every day since I began ingesting it orally, but it took me a week to really find the protocol that works best for me. I made a few mistakes in the beginning - I tried taking it hourly AND increasing the dosage each time. I started getting nausea around eight or nine drops, and for almost two days was running to the toilet frequently. Finally I read all of the protocols again, and realized that I was basically combining two different ones, and it was unnecessary (and possibly harmful) to do more than three ...   read more

Bleeding to death...   10 y  
Would you tell an ER that you have tested HIV positive?
The past two weeks were crazy. The first week just felt like everything was falling apart: my beautiful brand new bike got stolen while it was locked up outside of a store (in a matter of seconds, most likely), I kept breaking random things around the house, I allowed myself to get scammed into a new phone company’s evil clutches and may have lost a lot of money already from their ’oversights’ that they have yet to correct, suddenly I couldn’t find my driver’s license.... One of those weeks where I am left thinking, ”Are we about finished yet?!” But... nope. The next week proved to be much ...   read more

Making Herbal Tinctures   10 y  
Making your own tincture is so inexpensive that you could give some away, and still be saving money.
Although I have been using herbs medicinally for more than half of my life, it had never occurred to me to try making my own tinctures until recently. If I had a specific purpose to use an herb (valerian to ease anxiety, for example) I would simply make a tea, on an ’as needed’ sort of basis. Some herbs, called tonics, are more beneficial when they are used over a period of time. Making tea every day isn’t always feasible for most people, myself included, but squirting a dropperful of tincture into the mouth isn’t difficult, and tinctures travel easily. If you have ever bought a tincture ...   read more

Why do I feel so good lately?   10 y  
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
I have been waking up each morning feeling better than the morning before. I’m not unwell, either, so when I am feeling good, it is way above neutral. I mean, I am feeling GOOD. I live in a large city, and like many others have chronic allergies due to the pollution, among other things. I have grown accustomed to mediocre health: frequent sinus issues, itchy eyes, mucous in my throat. It’s the kind of thing that has been such a part of my life, even as a child, that I don’t notice it until it is unbearable. Or when it disappears, and I realize what life is like without allergies. I live in ...   read more

Should I order MMS? Is it safe to ingest?   10 y  
Deciding whether to try MMS, discussing zapper
I just deleted two long paragraphs. I had dug myself into a hole, explaining my own very uneducated philosophies on the safety of MMS. The truth is, I can study this product, and read the debates until my brain pops, but ultimately I have to decide if the possible risk is greater or less than the possible benefits. I haven’t decided yet, as of this moment while I am typing. Usually I work my problems out by writing, so I will (hopefully) do that here, and I will just post this with (again, hopefully) my decision. First of all, I have to admit that I know very little about chlorine diox ...   read more

My Protocol (in the Making), My Theories and Goals   10 y  
My science is well-rounded: I mix theory, practice, experience and intuition. Sometimes I just try something because it makes sense.
I’ve been a bit of a ”health nut” for almost twenty years. I read about nutrition and natural medicine in my spare time, and I am forever increasing my commitment to only putting things into my body that are intended to be there. My list of supplements and herbs have grown phenomenally this year, after stopping the HIV meds, and in the past few months I have gotten more aggressive with my own self-care (in a good way). If you know anything about medicinal herbs, you know that there are a limitless variety of plants with anti-viral properties. There are too many to count. It’s interestin ...   read more

My Timeline with HIV   10 y  
Here is a bit of my backstory with HIV and the meds.
I contracted HIV from sharing needles with my ex-boyfriend when I was a teenager, in 1998. My health was good, really good for about ten years, which seems to be a common timeframe for the virus to lay dormant. My entire life changed in 2007, and I was working in two stressful jobs and had a tense homelife. My health started to decline, and I eventually contracted pneumonia, which left me bedridden. By spring of 2008, I was brought to the hospital, where the doctors told my family that I likely would not have lived more than another day or two had they not brought me in. I didn’t want to s ...   read more

please read this entry before any of my others   10 y  
I don't have the answers. But I am asking some good questions.
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have begun on the biggest journey of my life, and that is saying a lot. I know that there is a heated debate that will most likely never be completely resolved regarding the HIV/AIDS theory. If you have never seen the documentary ’The House of Numbers’, I ask that you check it out. It won’t give you a better insight or understanding about what is really happening with this epidemic. It will most likely leave you more confused than ever, which is the only way that I believe we can approach this topic and learn from it. We cannot as ...   read more


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I stopped taking my HIV medicine in March of 2013. Now I’m trying a plethora of different herbs, supplements, healing modalities and vibrantly healthy diet to see how my viral load and T-cells are affected. THIS IS MEANT TO BE A JOURNEY, NOT A DEBATE.… more...

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