starting 15 days water fast then go from there....
by jojogoflush

Day 8   10 y  
Feel a bit more energy this morning
Woke up with mouth moistened. feeling good energy. down 1.8 lb today. My eczema seems a little better, but still no sign of big improvement. hope 2nd week will help me to get there.   visit the page

Day 7   10 y  
1 week done, 2 more to go
had pain around the rib cage from center to left side last night. almost felt like my stomach is gluing together, had to raise my arm and stretch out the discomfort. woke up this morning feeling fine. 1 lb down today. looks like my body is switching to different mode. Eczema hasnít start to improve yet, arthritis still feeling a bit sore, hemorrhoid is shrinking a little, water taste horrible. Skin is softer, I was not as weak as yesterday, spent a lot time on bed rest, fall asleep for 2 hours, woke up feeling great! It was a deep sleep, got my energy back a little. drove kids to music cla ...   read more

Day 6   10 y  
vomit, abdomen pain, weak and fatigue
Down another 2 lb now, lowest weight 134.2 in 5 years. it was tough night,throw up with yellow liquid as I did on day 3 but accompanying with some debris. thirty but decided to sip water through out the day instead. I was surprised to see how much water it came out when I throw up, as if the water I drank yesterday was sitting in my stomach didnít go down.feel my left side of abdomen is working/contracting, dull pain/uncomfortable have to lay flat or on my right through out most night, then it stopped all the sudden, finally was able to sleep for few hours. Woke up with clear mind and v ...   read more

Day 5   10 y  
just waiting for time to pass
my hubby had his dinner in bed last night, the smell lingering all night, it was darn good and trigger my hunger. I read the letter to myself felt motivated and went to bed. woke up with cold feet and hands, weighted down another 2 lb. the eczema seems a bit thinner on my hand, less itchy, menses are thin blood, not thick & gel kind, a bit darker then normal, menses is a part of body mechanism to get rid of toxin, only woman has it :) Vision is definitely getting better each day. The teeth and tongue brush with homemade toothpaste is working great. Just kissed my daughter for school ...   read more

Day 4   10 y  
eczema & home made toothpaste to kill bad breath.
Woke up to greet to my Day 4. I was warm and felt my body is burning,tommy is definitely smaller, glad my body is taking those fat first instead of other places. was down 2 lb this morning. eye sight seems a bit better, able to read small font without having to try very hard. Oh by the way TOM came this morning but donít feel as tired as day 2&3, my eczema hand still itchy.. Itís day 4, normally I have foul breath, but surprise that Itís not as bad as before (my 6 years old daughter wonít hesitate to tell me how bad my breath is) she hasnít complaint to me so far. guess what I have been ...   read more

Day 3   10 y  
have to stop drinking water for few hours and start sipping water rest day.
Day 3 was a bit hard during the day, didnít sleep too good the night before, had throat itching and a little reflux. woke up thirty and had hard time to keep water down, I tried to hold it as long as I can but I finally decide to let the body do its work. It came out with strong yellow color and medicine smell. After that, I donít feel thirty so I stop drinking water for few hours. Then my mouth start to dry late afternoon, I sipped the water and hold it in my mouth for few seconds then slowly let it go down to my throat, feel like my body is taking in, so I sipped more, I did it though ou ...   read more

Day 2~ the other half   10 y  
Wrote myself a letter of encouragements
I was doing great until the meal time, Subway flatbread sandwich looks delish... the pretzels at the Makuru looks yum. I decided to wrote myself a letter to distract from the food, thinking to myself - whenever I am tempted or discouraged of thinking to quit, I will read this letter be reminded how I got here, the health and spiritual benefits come after the fasting. I felt encouraged after the letter was done. 9:52pm going to bed soon. Itís a baby step, glad I made the 2nd day. Have to deal one day at a time. I hope to experience true hunger. I donít think I remember how it feel ...   read more

Day 2   10 y  
Day 2, tired but feeling good, tempting apple...
Woke up feeling great, made breakfast for the kids, no problem. I cut an apple for my 4 years old around noon, it was tempting to take a bite, I almost lick it but think about my ketosis is going to kick off tomorrow helped me to get through. I sipped water and washed down the hunger pain. Felt tired in the morning, took couple naps, start to notice the water taste sweet and stuff coated in my mouth, I brushed my teeth, tongue, the top of my mouth have a little film forming, I tried to use cotton to wipe it off. my thoughts is clear, as I was looking at the calendar, realized my birth ...   read more

Day 1 - waster fast   10 y  
Very smooth, different from my previous fast
I was hungry when I woke up, but the feeling went away after drinking 8 oz of water. I had to cook 2 dinners tonight, was afraid that the smell of the food might trigger the hunger, to my surprise it was not bad, whenever the hunger feeling comes, the water quickly calm it down. My first day seems to be easier then previous WF experiences. The only different I did this time was I have been following 75% of Eat to Live diet by Dr. Fuhrman for few months, and the past 2 days were 100%. will see what happen tomorrow. The 3rd days seems to be hard for me... Anyway, I learned that the body ...   read more

Prepare to start my water fast tomorrow   10 y  
eczema, hypothyroid, weight lose, swelling tongues,arthritis, hemorrhoids,
I have done 3-7 days waster fast few times in my earlier life for personal and religious reason. I didnít know that water fast has healing power till recently. I am not fat, but I do have extra 20 pounds from giving birth and gaining over the past 2 years. My hands and feet are extremely dry, I have to put lotion and socks on every night b4 goes to bed, it just prevent my feet from cracking, they are not soft to touch at all. My eczema has been with me for years, none of the cream can make they go away, the patch on my hands are so visible, when it flares up, it was not pleasant to loo ...   read more


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This is My first long and extended waster fast journal more...

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