Transition to Healthy Living
by annakb

What is the TRUE "Natural" Diet?   18 y  
Everyone has their own idea about what is actually the natural way to eat - I will take "natural" down the path of evolution to find my truth.
High protein, low carb; low fat, high fiber; raw foods; veganism; vegetarianism; they all proclaim to be the natural diet of our ancestors. I have read so much research, others and my own, touting the benefits of each one. They each have this or that professional who backs the opinion and this and that scientific organization to quote, however I have yet to see one iota of proof or real scientific fact that has not been skewed toward whatever opinion the author wants to promote.      I have to admit that I have become such a cynic – I used to trust so openly ...   read more

Progress Report   18 y  
Success so far - continuing in the transformation.
Checking back   I am not the best at follow-through… at least on paper. I have to admit that I am proud of myself and the action I have taken on behalf of my health. It has been close to 3 months since I began this phase of my transformation and I have been reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. I have lost 60 lb to date, I enjoy a smooth complexion, my skin problems have all but disappeared, my fatigue, headaches, joint pain, muddy-headedness, etc. have all gone away. I have gradually intensified my health practices to include a 3 mile walk every mor ...   read more

Helpless Stories   18 y  
A friend e-mailed this inspirational article to me...
Watch for Helpless Stories   Are you facing any situations where you see yourself as powerless to get the results you’re after? Look to see if you are possibly telling a Helpless Story. Unlike Victim Stories where we deny our role in causing the problem, with Helpless Stories we deny our responsibility to come up with a solution. We tell ourselves that we have no options for taking healthy action. For example, do any of the following sound familiar?   * "If I didn’t yell at her, she wouldn’t listen."   * &qu ...   read more

On Body Image   18 y  
Keeping the focus on what I really want...
This culture puts so much emphasis on “the perfect woman” that those of us who will never live up to that ideal of beauty or intelligence or lifestyle feel that we are always scrambling to catch up. I stopped doing it – it is really refreshing to make my own rules about what is acceptable and to live according to what I think is important rather than what people expect of me.   I want to fully experience what it is that I AM – gray hair and sags and bags and all of it. Sounds like I’m ‘giving up’ on looking good but I actually think I&rs ...   read more

Going strong for over 2 weeks and feeling great!
I feel great today! I just feel healthy today; the sores on my legs have finally started to heal, my ankles aren’t swollen, I’m not tired, and my brain isn’t mush for the first time in months! I woke up at 6 this morning with no help from my alarm and popped out of bed in a good mood. I’ve been eating right, very strictly for 15 days, pretty much gave up everything processed so have been eating only fresh vegetables, eggs, meats and a little bit of hard cheese – no gravy, no sauce, no dressing, no bbq sauce or ketchup. No bread, No SWEETS… I swear that sugar is a drug because I am having s ...   read more

Burnout?   18 y  
Bored with the continual "research" time to "make hay while the sun shines."-
I think that I have burnt myself out on the health issues. I actually have time this week to focus on some of the issues that I have been trying to resolve and yet I can’t seem to think of anything important enough to focus on. It’s almost like I just want to get out and do the things I have been talking about. Actually I just want to get out of here and do SOMETHING. I don’t seem to want to go home lately, I want to be out camping or hiking or swimming or anything other than going home. I want to just get away from everything and I don’t want to go to work … I need a vacation! I will writ ...   read more

Stress - Double Whammie?   18 y  
Continuing the research (amid much stress)-
I have been reading lots and lots of interesting information and have focused a little of my research on stress. I have been checking on some stress disorders and what kind of side effects unresolved stress can have on each body type, why stress affects some people and not others, and why some people seem to stress more than other people. I have been spending most of my free time reading (especially as this helps me relax after a crazy day at work). I find that I am doing everything wrong when it comes to combating my stress adrenaline. Instead of exercising to release the chemicals, I am ...   read more

Doing the Research   18 y  
Gathering information on natural health and healing-
I have been reading a new book called The Journey by Brandon Bays and she has an interesting perspective on self-healing. She believes that health problems are physical manifestations of mental issues and that our body cells have “memories” of our past experiences. I think there may be some merit to her ideas, even though my first judgment of her work was that she was a little bit “out there” and that many of her ideas are too extreme for me. I do, however, think that this idea deserves a little more thought on my part because I have always truly believed in the residual energies of emotio ...   read more

The Process   18 y  
My goals in the journey towards natural health-
The Process: I have always been interested in a natural lifestyle and thought of it more as an idolization rather than an actual goal. Even during my vegetarian years I was continually frustrated by family, peers, and friends who belittled me for my “tree-hugger” convictions. After my first surgery and perhaps as a symptom of my impending depression, I felt that it was impossible to emulate a bygone era since we are in daily forced contact with the refuse of our culture. I gave up the vegetarian diet and sunk into a deep depression as a quiet rage and desperation settled over my life. I ...   read more

My Foundation   18 y  
Where my past has led me-
Background: Before we can move forward, we must first establish where we are and where we have been. Thus it becomes necessary to outline my lifestyle and health to this point to determine where the problems lie. My initial and constant issue is my weight. I was born overweight to overweight parents and have continued this trend through adulthood. I participated regularly in sports beginning with summer league t-ball and softball when I was 5, then YMCA summer basketball until I was old enough to start school sports, which I participated in volleyball, basketball, track, and then sum ...   read more


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