10 Day Water Fast
by teapot69

Second water fast - day 1   9 y  
Water fast
Was going to begin yesterday, but with this storm - I thought it best to focus yesterday on planning, and today on cleansing. I am hoping I have the same amazing feeling fasting this go around - so far, I feel great. I will have herbal tea - particularly to keep warm when the power does go out. I am excited for this second fast - and canít wait for this experience. I will *not- be weighing in until the end because I donít want to get distracted or caught up in a number. Itís not about that for me - I want and crave and need good health. So halfway through day 1 - I will be checking i ...   read more

Going to do another one :-)   9 y  
water fast
Wow, still feeling amazing - I have been írefeedingí (I guess is the term)... and feeling great, however, I felt so amazing on the fast that I will be transitioning back to water and some juice. If it feels this good, then I want to continue. So - Iím not sure how to label this - day one again? This time I am going to do 15 days... started this morning, and I am already feeling amazing.   visit the page

Made it :-)   9 y  
Water fast
About 10 lbs down - but the better part of it is my energy and my healing. Will keep going intermittently -   visit the page

Day 10   9 y  
water fast day 10
I still feel great, tried to have a little juice this past night - and I think it may be too early. So, Iím going to keep mostly water over the next few days and ease my body back into things.   visit the page

Day Nine :-)   9 y  
Feel great, and actually have photos to show a drastic change in my face - from someone who looks sick, to someone who looks healthy. I donít know that fasting is right for everyone but it definitely was right for me. I feel amazing. My original plan was 10 days - I had one slip up on day 2, but immediately recovered. Iím probably going to go longer - maybe another 3-4 days depending upon how I feel.   visit the page

Day 8 - Back to 'normal'   9 y  
water fast day 8
Yesterday, was *hard* - really hard. I kept wondering, why am I having such an easier time of this fasting? I kept waiting for my detox - I think I got that yesterady. I got up yesterday with a little sore throat, and a super thickly white coated tongue (this was after a night of not sleeping). As they day lagged on, I felt spacey. Then achey. I ran my errands, and then I had to just sleep. I slept for about 15 hours, thatís a record for me. I woke up today and feel almost like a new person, renewed. I think IĒm going to wait until the end to weigh myself.   visit the page

Difficult Morning - Day 7   9 y  
Difficult morning - Day 7
Well, on the upside - I made it a full week on my water fast, and I still lost weight yesterday (though, not as much as the day before)...almost a pound, not quite but almost. I am exhausted because I couldnít sleep last night - not one wink. I have had medical issues over this last year, which have landed me in and out of the hospital more times than I would like to remember. My bills are really starting to get steep for the out of pocket insurance expenses. Someone made an offhanded joke about my situation - and, it really hurt because it was so insensitive. Imagine saying to someone - t ...   read more

I lost 8 pounds!!!   9 y  
I lost 8 pounds!!!
WOW!!! I have stayed off the scales, because I didnít want to get discouraged by a stupid number - but wow... I am so happy! And I feel great - fasting is definitely worth sticking through the hard first couple of days.   visit the page

Day 6 - Water Fast   9 y  
Day 6 - Water Fast weight loss amazing!!!
I canít believe I have made it this far... I feel so proud of myself, and my energy is amazing. I need to figure out how to post photos here because my scars on my hands are almost not visible anymore. I have one, very big scar on a right hand, that one has not yet faded... however, it is flattening. Wow. Incredible. And THEN - I woke up this morning, and weighed myself. As I have mentioned this fast for me, is not about the number - itís about the healing. But, having said that, I looked down at the number this morning and I am at a weight that I havenít seen in years. My body has b ...   read more

Water Fasting and Bikram   9 y  
Water Fasting and Bikram
I love Bikram yoga. Thereís nothing about it I donít like - seriously. It makes me feel good from the inside out. I have been hesitant to practice while on this fast, and tonight I realized why. Before anyone jumps on me - this is my experience, only. And, I have been practicing Bikram for a very long time. My body is accustomed to the heat, the humidity, and the physical exertion under those conditions. I usually move effortlessly through the poses. And, I have been feeling great on my fast - tons of energy. So my advice re: Bikram and water fasting? Donít. Period. Donít. Not simply ...   read more

Start of Day 5 - Water fast   9 y  
Day 5 Water Fast
I slept like a baby, peacefully - and when I got up today, I felt so well rested. Usually, when I get up in the morning.. itís been such a struggle. Sometimes, I will cry because I am so fatigued. But here I am, and my body seems to be correcting itself. Wow, this is amazing. Iím noticing that my body is getting smaller. Yes, I have lost weight - but thatís not my main goal. What I am noticing is that my body isnít as íswollení, if that makes any sense at all? My face isnít as puffy, my body shape is becoming more prominent. My hands donít ache when I move them. Itís really pretty cool. ...   read more

Day 4 - so far, so good...   9 y  
Water Fast - Day 4
Iím *really* feeling good today - and Iím shocked, actually that I have the energy that I do. My skin is clearing up - and it feels much softer. I am sleeping much more soundly, no waking up in the middle of the night to get comfortable or the sort. Though, I am noticing my dreams are much more vivid. Iíve been sipping only water today - no tea.. when I got cold, I reached for hot water... Downside - I have my period, started late and started today. Not as bad as usual (generally, Iím wiped out the first day). Thatís it for now - will post more later...   visit the page

Day 3 - Water Fast and a quick *regroup*   9 y  
Water Fast, Day 3 - regroup
I had a little fumble yesterday, but I am back no track - today was felt great. I had energy, I didnít ícraveí anything - I wanted water all day. Unbelievable. I thought that when people said, hunger subsides around the third day - I figured I was going to be one of those that was hungry all the time. But I didnít even think about it. I didnít weigh myself today - simply because, I had way too much running around in the morning. I spent the day with doctors, getting MRIs and the such. I didnít buy distilled water, as planned - however, I do have a Zero water filter that I am using in t ...   read more

Water Fast - Day 3   9 y  
Water Fast - day 3
Day 3 - I had a little bit of juice last night (a few sips), had the shakes and I think sipping the juice was a mental thing. But today has been all water - and I had so much more energy this morning. I even did a workout ~ minding carefully to listen to my body. Anyway - I have to venture out to pick up bottled water from our natural market. Weight was the same this morning ~ but again, this is not about weight loss for me... rather helping my body to heal.   visit the page

Day 2 - evening..   9 y  
Day 2 - Frump
I have been trying to keep my mind occupied so that time will pass quickly these first few days. It was nice to have a friend call me, just to chat. And, Iíve gotten a little farther on my knitting project. Knitting is one of those activities, that just keeps me in a zen-sort of state. Since I missed Bikram, today... it was a welcome substitute. I have been trying to pay attention to true hunger vs. pattern hunger. I notice at 6, I was ravenous - thought I would eat off the bottom of my shoe. But I just took a few breaths, and tried to focus - and it passed eventually. I think thatís wh ...   read more

Day 2 - Water Fast   9 y  
Day 2 - Water Fast
I woke up this morning, around 6 am... really nauseas. I fell back to sleep, and slept a few more hours - now, I feel completely fine. You really *do* need to take this one moment at a time, and have faith that all things must pass eventually. Thankfully, today I can lounge around in my fluffy sweats and just read if I so desire. My weight today is down 1.6 pounds. I feel good, so I will probably go for a walk or something of that nature.   visit the page

ooof!!!   9 y  
Mood swing - whoa! (Still Day 1)
Not sure what just happened - mood swing hit me like a freight train... but now, Iím ok again. I am keeping a detailed side diary - I want to document everything that I feel, and hopefully, the positive changes in going through this. I have just had a big blood workup from my doctor - so it will be interesting to see how these values change after the fast.   visit the page

Day 1 of 10   9 y  
Just trying to heal... day 1 of 10 water fast.
I started my water fast today, and I hope to complete 10 days in total. I have fasted in the past, but only for 3-5 days. I am doing this because I have had very serious health issues over this past year, and it seems the more I work with medical professionals - the more ítoxicí I become. It sucks when your body ĒfeelsĒ toxic. Anyway - I have read many, many books and articles and stories about the power of water fasting, and how it is helpful to detox. That is my primary goal - to get my body HEALED. I could also stand to lose a few pounds, but I suspect that this will be a natural byprod ...   read more


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I started a 10 day water fast today. I hope to do more, but 10 will be my goal. more...

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