Can we find our way to the HEALTH?
by szilvi

Learning raw   18 y  
Just about reading Victoria Boutenko's book
I have got Victoria Boutenko’s book: 12 Steps to Raw Foods. I enjoy it very much. It was difficult to obtain it, because there is not it in Hungary. My sister helped me, she bought it in the USA, and sent it to me. I think Victoria is right, I am addicted to cooked food, and it is really difficult to avoid temptations. I started raw food eating because of my son. First I gave him raw food, but he did not like it. After it I thought, I would learn and try, how to make it, and when I feel, I could make good foods, I would give it him. Now it happens, my children ask for what I eat! I am ...   read more

Just some thoughts   18 y  
I was thinking about my life
Some days ago one of my friend asked me to write down what I eat. I think it is a good thing for me, and for her, too. Reading my recepts I can see, what is good, what I should improve, and my friend can help to prepare fine dishes. It is difficult for me to write down in English, so I will do it on my hungarian site. I would like to help people to change their lifestyle, because it is very difficult for me to do alone. Sometimes I would like somebody to be here who could tell me doing or not doing something. When I say rosary, I can feel God, but during the day my attention is on th ...   read more

Rosary, disease, God   18 y  
Thinking about disease
I pray rosary every day. It is so beautiful! Now I feel God CAN cure my son’s diabetes. But sometimes I think of that, what the God’s wish is? May be he cannot be healthy, because we have to learn something from this. His genetical examination strenghtens this possibility. (The results show, that there are in his genes the possibility of the diabetes and the coeliakia) Both of them are autoimmun disease. I hope, he will be happy in his life! An other thing is that now I have to say NO, if he wants to eat something, what is not good for him. It is very difficult. Sometimes he does no ...   read more

The blogs teach me   18 y  
raw, God
I am very happy that I have found Curezone. I read the messages and they can help me to learn the raw and to think of the God. I do not know anybody in Hungary, who is 100% raw. There is a website, where we talk about raw, but nobody can teach us. Thank everybody, who writes blog and shares the knowledge. Yesterday I got my great-grandmother’s rosary. It was a surprise for me. I bought one for me, and used it sometimes. Last week I thought, I should use it again. Oh, God governs our life! Have a nice day!   visit the page

Raw help me to improve my health and to clear my spirit   18 y  
My health has improved since I eat a lot raw, and I feel again what it means HOME.
Last weekend gave me some more experience in the raw world. Now I am well, and my health is better. Eating raw and green smoothies helped me to lose water from my legs (I do not know its expression in english ). The last some months were so terrible, I was depressed and it caused the water. I had a lot pain in my legs, I could not walk a lot. Now it is much easier to ride bicycle. (distance of my work from home 7.5 km, and I go by bicycle) I eat some cooked food, but try to listen to my body’s needs, and to eat what is necessary and raw. I do not know the rules of foodcombination, ...   read more

This was a nice day   18 y  
Now I see, I could live on raw
I feel this day was a beautiful one, now I can imagine to it 100% raw. In the morning I ate a little salty cake (50 gr), but no other cooked food. It is very good feeling. I do not say, I will not eat cooked food, but I see it is not necessary!!! We have a lot to do in the garden, and I am not tired of doing it. My children like green smoothies, we eat them every morning. We do not give more insulin to my son, because his bloodsugar level is lower. May be the green smoothies... peace   visit the page

7th day of this blog   18 y  
Purposes of my blog: to heal my son and to learn how to live Raw
I am not a diarist. I have never did it. There is a question: Why I started this blog? The most important purpose of my blog to wake up people, and to find a way to heal my son’s diabetes mellitus type 1. !!!!!! There are a lot of ways to cure diabetes type 2, first of all is changing diet. I have allergies, and I can controll them, my son had pre-asthma syndroms, and we were able to cure it. May be I should believe in miracles. But where can I find it? I was seeking for a solution on the internet, and I found Boutenko family, where the boy had diabetes. It give me some hope. I st ...   read more

At the Doctor   18 y  
I had time to think at the doctor
Today we had to go to the hospital, to check his status. (my english...) We have to lift up his daily insulin. we had to wait much time, and I was looking at the children’s and mother’s face. I was sad. Nobody thought they could cure diabetes. I do not know anybody, who has diabetes, and want radical change in his/her life. Most of them use sweetener, and do not think of what they can cause. OK. this is very nice, we do not use white sugar at home, we try to eat a lot raw, but today afternoon we (me and my daughter) went out to eat a cake :-) szilvi   visit the page

Trying green smoothies   18 y  
trying green smoothies and marinated greens
It was a fine day yesterday! I prepared green smoothies, and my daughter liked it! I hope my son will like it too. My marinated broccoli was not so good, I hope, I find some good recipes! Marinated mushrooms was fine. At noon I ate some noodle, and my stomach did not like it. I hope, rawfood can help my son. peace szilvi   visit the page

starting it   18 y  
when my son's diabetes turned out
2004. October: Because of the symptons of diabetes, my son had to have test his bloodsugar level, he had to drink some sugar with water (I dont know its name). It was in the morning, and at 13 o’clock our doctor called me to take him to the hospital quickly, because his bloodsugar level is very high. After arriving in the hospital his bloodsugar level was 38 (normal is 6) It was a mistake to test him, because his morning bloodsugarlevel was already above 8. Oh, my heart... We were 2 weeks there. The Doctors in the hospital were very nice, I thank their help. But they said, diabetes mel ...   read more


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This blog is about seeking the possibility to heal my 6-year-old son, who has diabetes type 1, and my way to the raw lifestyle. more...

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