Testicular atrophy aka Gonad shrinking (male fertility)
by ojsimpson
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Television aka Hell i Vision   10 y  
TV Evil
TV or Tell you Vision is pure evil. Go online punch in hell i vision do some reading...Cut the Cord while you still can.   visit the page

Make money write book on testicular diseases   11 y  
Natural remedes for testucle disease
There is no book on testicular atrophy why not write one.   visit the page

Carne asada recipe   11 y  
Grass fed flank or skirt steak must be cooked over fire BBQ using natural charcol with finely diced white onion and tomato green chile, note green chile is not hot. And a little sea salt black pepper. Organic Corn   visit the page

Eat only rice Bread buy it at health food stores   11 y  
Rice bread rice pasta rice rules
Wheat flower and gluten is very estrogenic and bread is made with tap water and Sugar and chemical estrogen perservitives   visit the page

Side Effects DVD must see   11 y  
You can see a tralor of it on you tube. It a funny movie about the drug companys.   visit the page

Modern Medicine cant even cure athletes Foot   11 y  
No cures
My question is if they cant cure athletes foot how can they heal any thing they are medical m*o*o*ns   visit the page

Superfoods from the bible   11 y  
Bible food
Pomegranate fruit, Grapes, figs, Olives, apple, barley grass, Honey, Cinnamon, Lamb, Goats, and goats milk.   visit the page

physicians and psychosis   11 y  
mental illness
many physicians suffer from a god complex a form of mental illness or vaccine side effect,doctors cant even cure athletes foot how can they cure any thing As a physician, you are looked upon as an authority figure in our society. That means that the words you speak carry a much greater weight than other people A Doctor’s God Complex   visit the page

Wheat makes you weak   11 y  
I beleive any wheat flower product strips your body of nutrients and reduces testosterone.   visit the page

Testicular cysts   11 y  
Red root cysts aka lumps and bumps
Red root is great for any cysts overian, brest, yesticle and is a powerful antibiotic antimicrobial.   visit the page

Spermicidle corn aka contraceptive corm   11 y  
Look it up on intrrnet
Birth control foods that are gmo so you need a fertility clinic or ed drugs...   visit the page

Cold showers good for testicles   11 y  
Your testicles arent ment to get to hot... Your testicles do better in cold wayer.   visit the page

If your a boy dont eat soy or flax seeds   11 y  
Most foods meats fruits and vegitables contain naturl estrogen but some have much more....   visit the page

Vitamen D Testosterone   11 y  
Vitamin D
Some Raw mushrooms aka fungi contain vit D ....note if mushroom is cooked vit D is destroyed note no fruits or vegatables have it...   visit the page

Los Angelis worst water and air in usa maybee world   11 y  
Cites with clean watet
El paso tx air and water poluted...Portland oregon has the purest water and air in the usa because it rains so much and all the trees....   visit the page

Abour Chemical Estrogen xenoestrogen   11 y  
Propur best water filters.
Chemical Estrogen did not even exist 100 years ago chemist invented this new toxic waste pesticides, herbacides, fungicides, bpa, perfume, plastics, perservatives.... Its every where you cant escape it but you can mimize it...and keep detoxing it from your body....Almost all man made chemicals mimic estrogen its, in tap water and foods and drinks made from tap water.... worse than drinking it is taking a hot shower in, it your pores open up in hot. Water and more gets in....try to keep showers shoft with cold water....i like Propur water filters do like for cooking and f ...   read more

Stop chemically castrateing yourself with hygiene products   11 y  
Is your bar soap giving you ED and Atrophy?
Warning Your skin is the largest absorbing organ of the entire body. What chemical estrogen lotions, gells, sun blocks, deoderants, perfumes, lip stick you put on your skin will be on it all day long absorbing and going through your pores esp scrotum which is very thin skin right into your blood stream or testicles washing your testes with body wash or bar soap.... Guys, your sterileizeing yourself... Do you brush your teeth with a Toxic toothpaste from the drug store? It’s cheap, only $l.49. Then buy expensive dangerous ED drugsfertility drugs... Then you spend the rest of your life go ...   read more

The disappearing male (free documentary)   11 y  
outstanding documentary
if your a man you must watch it...just punch in this documentary and watch it on your computer find out what going on. Phthalates & Parabens in most hygiene products are castration chemicals..   visit the page

reverse atrophy stop eating all foods buy a juicer and juice fast   11 y  
Low rpm juicers are quieter less heat slow juicers
The best fruits and vegitables to juice are ones with no big seeds and not to much sugar like tomatoes and cucumbers they help fill you up...use only non gmo fruits and vegitables farmers markets has the best prices for organic produce...this is the best thing i know of for organ falure testicular atrophy...you want a high yeld juicer or dry pulp juicer...   visit the page

Get high yeld juicer in 300 Dollar range   11 y  
Youtube the best juicer
Cheap juicers suck they break dont extract very we’ll their noisey..becausr its self feeding and makes good juicer..go on youtub...watch movie fat sick and nearly dead its about juice fadting....feet were the first juicers people would step on grapes to make grape juice and wine....   visit the page

Onion Juice Could Triple Testosterone   11 y  
Watch Movie(fat sick and almost dead) its about Juice fasting
Organic Onions & Juicer go online punch in onion Juice benifits and, it a antibiotic....   visit the page

Natural salad dressing   11 y  
Testosterone salad
Buy grape seed oil veganese & organic olive oil & red wine viniger & organic tumeric root black pepper corns & a little sea salt or real salt & organic honey or organic sugar & a little bit of organic tomato puree or use fresh organic tomato small but it in a blender and blend...pour, over organic spinage ....or organic olive oil red wine viniger sea salt black pepper mustard powder and braggs nutritonal yeast powder and honey or agave nector...its delicious and great for testosterone production...note most store salad dressings are made from mostly estrogenic toxic gmo soy bean oil....   visit the page

Estrogen & testosterone   11 y  
2 forms of hormones
Note all fruits and vegetables and meats contain natural estrogen some plants have much more like licorice root and fennel Their are two types of estrogen phyto/natural good estrogen and chemical estrogen bad man made natural estrogen is good for women both are bad for a man their are also two types of testosterone phyto/natural and xeno or foran man made chiemical testosterone the testes produce both testosterone and estrogen both estrogens and both external testosterones will shrink a man testes note chemical testos and estrogen are much more dangerous for both men and women   visit the page

Organic whole vanilea bean boost t   11 y  
Good stuff
This is the 2 most pricy plant after spanish saffron it taste very good.bb and increases testosterone   visit the page

prostatitis prostate infection/inflammation   11 y  
Cellfood properly diluted
Oxy supream or Asap silver nano silver particle, wild oil of oregeno finish bottle...   visit the page

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phalates and parabenss/chem estrogen testicle shrink and get softer the shrinkage reduces sperm count and lowers labido and male hormones. more...

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