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by Johnny Vegas

Minerals   18 y  
Minerals - what you need to combat candida/mercury/hypothyroidism and why.
Zinc (Citrate 30-100mg) When mineral transport is deranged, hair zinc goes up but body zinc goes down. Very few people have too high zinc. Zinc deficiency causes imbalanced Th1/Th2 and reduced NK cells. This leads to a poor immune response against yeast. Zinc and copper work together to regulate the thyroid. A deficiency of zinc leads to hypothyroidism and a deficiency of copper (with excessive zinc) leads to hyperthyroidism. Zinc can give you more energy since it stimulates the thyroid and some people take up to 100 mg a day to get more energy. Don’t take more than 100 mg a day. Always t ...   read more

Tests   18 y  
Amino Acids This is the test I am currently advocating especially given my interesting results with Histidine. The only question is whether to get the blood amino acid test: " The Amino Acid 40 tests measures 40 amino acids, this includes all of the essential plus key non-essential amino acids.  Fasting levels of amino acids represent homeostatic balance between supply and utilization of these critical building blocks." Or the urine amino acids test: "The Urine Amino Acids analysis measures both essential and non-essential ami ...   read more

Endocrine System   18 y  
Is Candida an Endocrine disorder? As long ago as the 1980s American physicians noted that their most difficult-to-treat candida patients had endocrine systems that were not working properly, known as the APICH syndrome. ... Thyroid tests often indicate that the thyroid is functioning normally, but body temperature is inexplicably low. ... In simple terms, the endocrine system (part of the hormonal system) has a number of glands e.g. ovaries, testes, adrenals and thyroid all controlled by the pituitary gland (the master gland) and the hypothalamus in the brain. U ...   read more

Immune System   18 y  
Immune system Mark Konlee’s excellent site devoted to chronic illness. Contains the "Journal of Immunity" and "Positive Health News". Well worth reading at least the abstract of every issue - a wealth of information on the Immune System. Ashwaganda: A search of the medical data bases retrieved information that Ashwangandha was not only an adaptogen, but an antioxidant and increased thyroid function as well. Ashwangandha should improve body temperature as it increase T3 the active form ...   read more

Nutrition   18 y  
Nutrition Goitrogens   visit the page

Case Studies / Stories   18 y  
Case Studies Canuckguy’s fascinating recovery of candida just by using copper and selenium. Clearly shows the importance of minerals in treating candida. Russ’s web A canary’s-eye view. Jeff Clarks site and amazing recovery. Dave Wood’s story.   read more

Probiotics   18 y  
Probiotics A taxonomy of probiotic organisms.   visit the page

Stomach Acid (HCL)   18 y  
Low HCl The best article on hcl, h.pylori, Atrophic Gastritis, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Perhaps the most obvious nutritional consequence of achlorhydria associated with atrophic gastritis is the resultant malabsorption of vitamin B12. The major mechanism of this effect is that the acid-producing parietal cells also produce intrinsic factor and once atrophied, this capacity is lost (Glass, 1963). In addition, however, lack of acid may inhibit the liberation of B12 from other nutrient components in food and bacterial overgrowth microorg ...   read more

Mercury   18 y  
Mercury links
Cutler: Andy Cutler is the guru of heavy metal chelation. His protocol involves taking frequent doses of a chelating agent (ALA, DMSA, DMPS). The timing of the doses is critical and is done every few hours to ensure constant plasma levels of the chelator. This way there is less redistribution of mercury = less unpleasant side effects. Make no mistake chelation can have many unpleasant, serious side-effects. Not something which should be rushed into or taken lightly. Diagnosing Mercury from a hair test - counting rules etc. ...   read more

Thyroid   18 y  
Candida and hypothyroidism The functioning of the thyroid gland is one of the first activities interfered with by Candida, and it has been observed that 90% of Candida victims have low thyroid function. As with adrenal hormones, it appears that Candida receptor sites can bind thyroxine (T4) and render it physiologically unavailable. This may help explain the common finding of a normal blood level of thyroxine in a person who is clinically very obviously hypothyroid. Moreover, candidiasis is commonly associated with zinc deficiency, ...   read more

Adrenals   18 y  
Adrenal Fatigue and its link to candida Several years ago we noted a correlation between healthy adrenal glands and the absence of candidiasis, and formed the opinion that healthy adrenal glands help protect against candidiasis. We now realize that the other side of the coin is perhaps more important: Candida commonly impairs adrenal functioning, sometimes severely so. Having made this latter observation, we wondered about the possible mechanism:. Initially we supposed that the 1. Candida infection constituted an adrenal stressor, like ...   read more

Correcting low metabolic energy: Thyroid & Adrenals   18 y  
How to correct Low metabolic energy - i.e. correcting the Thyroid and Adrenals   visit the page

Bile inhibits candida adherence   18 y  
Pubmed links about how bile inhibits candida adherence   visit the page


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