Journal of a 30 day Juice Fast
by wackygrl

Broke the Fast   16 y  
Day 9
Today around 3 I broke my fast. Iíve been hungry all day for the past two days, and was getting very lightheaded today at work. So I had a boca burger, and later a few strips of baked potato. I think my body just needs a break with all the stress Iíve been under, plus a lack of sleep the past few days. Iím hopping back onto the bandwagon tomorrow, and will keep going until I fly to home. I havenít decided yet if when I get back Iíll continue fasting, or just do a modified fast (1.5 small meals a day, the rest juice). Iím going to have to listen to what my body tells me, canít be passing ou ...   read more

Day 9   16 y  
Day 9
The person in my family who has been ill passed away last night. That means Iíll be flying home sometime this week, at the latest this weekend. I think Iíll bring my fast to a close then, or maybe continue on a modified fast. Although this fast has gotten so much easier, the first few days were very rough, and I canít afford to repeat them again. I donít know how I would continue my fast at my parents, I canít bring my juicer with me, and Iím sure my family would insist on feeding me. I really donít think Iíll be able to bring myself to rock the boat too much with all thatís going on, but ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
Day 8
Itís the end of day 8. Iím sitting around drinking my lax tea. Just tomorrow, and then Iíll be on my mini goal. I canít wait for tomorrow to be over. I have two tests, then Iíll need to go shopping for fruit, then off to work. I try to get in an hour of rest in the afternoon to supplement my 6 hours of sleep, and tomorrow wonít be one of those days. Well, maybe I can get some down time. Not too much happened today, different day same stuff. I tried to drink the SWF drink, and I could only get down a cup. It was AWFUL. Like drinking sea water. Very warm sea water. Iíll just stick with th ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
Day 8
Iím very very happy curezone is back up. As the title says, Iím on Day 8. Nothing too eventful as far as the fast goes. I may have to cut my fast early, not sure yet. Someone in my family is very ill, and on life support. Its unclear whether or not sheíll be taken off of it anytime soon, or exactly how long sheíll live. Its not very long though, all of her organs are failing, and Iíll be flying home to be with my family for the funeral. I was a mess about it a few nights ago, but now I feel much calmer. Mostly I am trying to plan things so that I can be there as much as I can for my fam ...   read more

Day 4/5   16 y  
Day 4/5
Iím officially twenty whole minutes into day 5! By the end of tonight Iíll be 1/6 of the way through. =) That means I only have to repeat what Iíve already done five more times. That makes the numbers seem so much smaller than just 30 - 5. Sometimes things have dragged, like when Iíve bee cooking tater tots or grilled cheese (and I like those foods, but I wouldnít normally be practically drooling over them). I find when these things happen and all I can think about is taking one little bite, its best to give myself a mental slap in the face, and tell myself to have some gumption! No one is ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
day 4
Iím at work now, and Iím bored out of my skull. Thereís only three kids here, and the weekends is their down time, so I canít even get them all riled up and wrestle and play like I usually do. Everyone is very very quiet, and Iím just not sure what to do. Iíve been on the computer most of the day, investigating a few kitchen appliances Iíd like to get. I really shouldnít get any more, I have more than enough and not too much space. I think Iíll get rid of my crockpot that is huge, and replace it with a really nice rice steamer. Iím gonna go all top of the line, since I have a tendency to b ...   read more

Day 3/4   16 y  
Day 3 and 4
I made it through day 3! That was my first mini goal, and its definetely getting easier. The first day was the toughest, and last night was pretty rough too. Day 3 was for teh most part, uneventful. I got home, took a really long nap (Iíve been doing that lately, yay for juice), and when I got up I hung around, then made my juices and all that. I decided I should have some vegetable juice, if nothing else because I didnít have enough fruits for last night and today. So I made myself some vegetable juice, which I just donít like, and tried to force it down. It was sooo gross. I am just n ...   read more

Day 2/3   16 y  
Day 2 and 3
I didnít get to post yesterday. Just having one computer at home makes life difficult. All in all it was a good day. I was still kinda tired, but not too bad. I still havenít really felt that much in the way of hunger. Iíll feel it for a minutes, then it goes away. Maybe thatís because I eat so many soups and stews anyways? My body is kinda used to the liquid thing now? Doing good confidence wise too, except for a few minutes yesterday when I just thought what am I doing, and Iíll never be able to do this. One day at a time though. =) Right now my stomach is doing this funny rumbling tu ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
Day 1 again
Itís day one, at the very end of the day. After I finish writing this, Iím going to bed. Well, back to bed. Today I had my breakfast juice, some chocolate hazulnut tea (mmmmm it even smells like chocolate), a mug of veggie broth, and water. Then I went off to classes, with my extremely heavy backpack stuffed full of bottles. Speaking of bottles, a bottle of water from the machine costs $1. A whole 24 case of water costs $5. Go figure. I had an MC drink around 10, then some more chocolate hazulnut tea around 11. (Thank goodness for all the microwaves at school.) I had everything with me, ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
day 1
Itís 7:30, and Iím just about 3 hours into my juice fast. My boy even got up to eat before sunrise, then went back to bed. I was kinda cranky this morning, probably cuz I took a nap yesterday and my body is screaming SLEEP at me. Well, it was, now Iím ok. Kinda got the sleep deprived headache going on, but it will go away. Just think, millions of people around the world are fasting today. I had my first juice, a little less than 16oz. It was cantalope, apple, plum, and ginger. Iím sure it was good, but I wasnít paying that much attention to it while I was drinking it. Trying to get a la ...   read more

My fast starts tomorrow!   16 y  
starting tomorrow
So I thought my fast would start Friday, which probably would have been better, but it actually starts tomorrow. Guess I got the first day of Ramadan wrong. Perhaps wishful thinking? I can get away with slacking on the weekends if I need to, but I donít know about this. I really havenít gotten my butt in gear AT ALL about this thing. I was so much more prepared for a three day fast than I am for this one. I was doing a ton of liquids and mostly just one meal for a week. It was easier because it was so hot then, and I didnít really want to eat, and when I did want to eat it was where are ...   read more

Less than a week   16 y  
more prep
I really havenít written in here as much as I wanted to for prep. That is ok though, because I really havenít done that much to prep. Iíve mostly cut out the caffeine, besides a cup or so of tea. Iíve been picking up any herbal teas that look yummy. I tried a MC drink today, and I think I put too much pepper in it because it made my stomach feel funny. So I guess Iíll be jumping into this fast feet first, and see how I do. Iím really good about food except for when Iím at work. Like this weekend where I went to town on a fried egg each morning. Occasionally I have not so healthy food at ho ...   read more

A week and two days   16 y  
More prep
I havenít been able to give updates the way Iíve wanted to because my computer crashed! Iím taking it to get fixed today, and Iím going to be sooo sad if they donít fix it. All my music is backed up, but most of my pictures arenít. This is going to have to be a quick entry, I need to go off and get some studying/homework done. These last few days have been busy busy, go go. I havenít done as well with eatting healthy nutritious food the past few days as Iíve wanted to, but I havenít been eatting much. In the morning I have some tea with honey and soy milk (when its there, it wasnít ther ...   read more

Two Weeks left!   16 y  
Prep for the prep of my juice fast.
As the title says, I am starting a juice fast in two weeks. I want to use this blog in those two weeks to write about what I do to prepare, and hopefully some feed back! I hope to fast for 30 days, from the night of Sept 14 to the night of Oct 14. (If thatís 30 days, Iíll have to check it) I have been very interested in juice fasting, bought a juicer about a year ago and have been incorporating fresh juices into my diet. Cantalope, plum, and apple (equal parts) is my favorite. =) I am not as much of a veggie juice person, but as long as thereís an apple and some ginger in there I do alrigh ...   read more


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