by ButtercupLuV

Day 2   12 y  
I just finished day 2, so we'll see how far we can go!---
I have successfully fasted, water only for 14 days. That was about a year ago. I am now trying to do a longer fast. My desire is 80 days, or to 125 lbs. whichever comes first. I just finished day 2, so we’ll see how far we can go!--- I say ”we” because I am asking for God’s grace during this fast. I draw on the One True God for strength. I probably won’t keep up the ”we” bit, but I just wanted to put it out there that my greatest example and motivation is Jesus Christ. If He could do it, I can do it. I’m not fasting ”for” God, but I do desire to glorify Him through the discipline ...   read more

7:14 rule my 84 day fast   12 y  
My plan: 7 days water, 14 days juice, 7 days water, 14 days juice, etc. for 84 days.
Quickly, I have been successful in the past at shorter water fasts and longer juice fasts. I need to lose weight and gain health and confidence. My plan: 7 days water, 14 days juice, 7 days wate...   visit the page

Day 1 is the same for everyone   14 y  
For me, fasting is like climbing Mt. Everest.
I find myself on day 1 again. I think back on previous fasts, what I’ve learned, what I’ve accomplished, and I think....right now all that matters is taking one day at a time. Apart from the knowledge I’ve gained from those fasts, nothing can help me accomplish this current fast but my own willpower. Do I pray for God’s strength and grace? Yes, but ultimately I’m the one who decides to eat or not to eat. So here I go again, desperate for change, yearning for self-control once again over my eating habits. For me, fasting is like climbing Mt. Everest. Not many people reach the top, ...   read more

Testimonials that encourage me...   14 y  
These are links to testimonials which have encouraged me to fast for weight loss.   visit the page

Day one again :)   14 y  
I had one of the worst headaches of my life last night. It was the end of day 2 last night, but I could not get past the pain.
I had one of the worst headaches of my life last night. It was the end of day 2 last night, but I could not get past the pain. I did eat and drink a little tea. I think I had this problem because I drank soft drinks last week before the fast, and I had not had any of those for several weeks prior. I’m starting over today... I was happy to see the scale only went up 1 lb. That gave me some motivation to not eat today. The hardest day for me is typically the first day---just getting past the temptation to eat. Hopefully, I’ve already rid my body of some toxins so the next few days won’t b ...   read more

Day 2, I'm BACK!   14 y  
I am on day 2 drinking 'smart water' and I'll let everyone know how things go.
It was suggested to me on the forum that I try electrolyte enhanced water. This excited me, because juice fasting is hard for me to not break. I am on day 2 drinking ’smart water’ and I’ll let everyone know how things go. SW (July 8th night) 222.4 CW (this morning) 216.6 I am extremely excited to be this close to breaking 200 lb. I haven’t been under that for 3 years. Here I go!   visit the page

Why I stopped water fasting...   14 y  
potassium is vital for your heart.
I just wanted to let everyone know what I found out. I finished 8 days of water fasting and found myself in a frenzy (this was two days ago). I found out that my body was depleted of its needed potassium levels. This happens to some people who fast, and it turns out I’m one of them. I had a similar experience earlier in the year when I did a 12 day water fast. I didn’t consult medical professionals at that time, so I just thought it was all because I didn’t drink enough water. POTASSIUM IS VITAL FOR YOUR HEART. That is one reason a person can get in to trouble fast if they are low ...   read more

Day 9 on to juice for T.O.M.   14 y  
I decided to juice until I'm over my T.O.M.
I decided to juice until I’m over my T.O.M. For hours yesterday my body was screaming at me. I’ve faced temptations before during this fast, but this seemed to consume me no matter what I did to relieve it. I feel so much better today having had some grapefruit juice and some veggie broth with a little salt (a post I read said if you’re getting anemic you need to get some salt in you). I don’t feel like I failed at all. After all, this is about me and my health. Like I said, I feel good today. I’m glad I found a way to keep fasting, even if I did have to change my plans a little. M ...   read more

Day 8 T.O.M. and freaking out!   14 y  
I'm struggling! I have tried all day long not to eat.
I have tried all day long not to eat. So far, I’ve been successful. It has been REALLY hard! I’m to the point of crying it’s such a struggle. I feel like my stomach is an open endless pit and it’s begging me to put something in it. I’m trying sooo hard to push through today. I just have to hope it’s better tomorrow. My husband said I’ve been talking about food for 3 days now. I knew I always got super hungry when that time of the month came, but this FEELS extreme. I wish I had a girl who had been where I am now to encourage me. I’m struggling!   visit the page

Day 7 One week down!   14 y  
I feel very peaceful. ...I don't see any reason to break the fast.
I feel very peaceful. Probably due to my lessened energy and the joy I have in accomplishing this goal. I don’t see any reason to break the fast. I feel good and I’m drinking plenty of water. I am happy my weight dropped another 2 lb. this morning. It had stalled a bit the last day and a half. Oh, I am also watching hardly any television. That makes my day seem longer, but better. I’m enjoying the extra time with my children and they are as well! Here are my stats for this morning: SW 224 CW 211   visit the page

Day 6; feeling weak   14 y  
I overdid yesterday... I took for granted how well I felt...
I overdid it yesterday cooking up a storm for my family. I want them to eat healthfully while I’m fasting. I took for granted how well I felt yesterday until all my work was completed and I was left wanting for energy. Today is meant to be another busy day. I’m dreading the activity a little and hoping I hold up well. Tomorrow will be a week of fasting, so it keeps me going. I don’t know my actual starting weight since I didn’t weigh in that first night. The starting weight I’ve posted is what I weighed after a full day of fasting. At any rate, I know last week I was at my top weig ...   read more

Day 5 and still alive!   14 y  
...nothing can stop me.
I posted this on the fasting forums, so sorry if you’ve already read it. Corney, cheesy title...sorry :) I’m on day 5 today. Yes, I still have the temptation to eat and my stomach acts likes it’s hungry. However, it is NOTHING like the ravenous hunger I encountered within those first 3 days. I also have so much motivation from getting to this point that it spurs me on. On the first 3 days I just had to bully my way through it. I had a sour attitude and was resentful that I had to do it in the first place. Yesterday and today, I feel like my goal is a certainty and nothing can stop me ...   read more

Day 4 is sunshine and roses :)   14 y  
I feel wonderful!
It is the evening of the fourth day and I feel wonderful! My cravings are gone along with those pesky headaches and stomach grumbles. My attitude has brightened as my physical ailments have decreased. I am glad to have the support of people here! It makes a vast difference in my outlook.   visit the page

Day 3; Not all sunshine and roses   14 y  
I am grumpy today...
I’m currently in day 3 of my 40+ day fast. The first 40 days being water. The next 40 days being juice. Finally, following that with raw foods and on to a healthy diet. I am grumpy today, not enjoying the fact that I am in this situation of needing to fast. I am happy my resolve seems strong at the moment, and I hope that continues. SW 224 yesterday’s W 221   visit the page

Food addiction   14 y  
breaking the food addiction
I describe obesity as an addiction. I’ve felt that way many times. It feels like I’m going through what I imagine drug withdrawals to be like, when I don’t eat. I grew up thin, and after having my two babies ’blossomed’ to 80 lb. more than my marriage weight. I have a new-found respect for recovering addicts of any kind. I believe that is the road I am currently traveling myself. I am breaking the food addiction that has literally almost taken over my life.   visit the page

*39 to go!/ 1 of 40*   14 y toughest day- the first day.
This has always been my toughest day- the first day. It is so easy to make excuses, give in to the temptation to eat, and procrastinate yet again. I am happy to have the first day over. Tomorrow, I begin the most physically challenging day. I am well motivated and feel confident. I’ll see you tomorrow!   visit the page


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