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I consider myself a health pioneer. It isnít that I donít believe in medicine, itís just that I am intelligent and I know how fluid the industry is.

Doctors do not have the time to research. They have products pimped to them by pharmaceutical companies like the Singulair my child was given for the asthma she didnít have that was yanked off the market two years later for causing depression in children.
I just donít think they have the time, energy, or ability to care about every patient and their own families and have a life.

Doctors sit on the board of the FDA and then get cushy jobs at Big Pharma boards. It is all pure BS and I donít want it in my body.
It isnít like they are making magic. Everything in those pills is found on Earth. There is nothing you can recreate in a healthy natural way for yourself.

Research these products.
Apple Cider Vinegar, serrapeptase, super-probiotics, super digestive enzymes, zinc carnosine, mastic gum, Parazyte, Green Tea Extract, Ojibwa extract, quercetin with bromeliad, lithium orotate, L-glutamine
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Leaky gut, candida, detoxing, Fasting, weight loss, cleanse, supplementation, 

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