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Ive always been into health and I visited curezone several times growing up. But in 2009 I realized I had a candida problem that has been with me for years. I tried to get rid of it with a lot of success and right when I was finishing up I got my wisdom teeth removed and developed a horrible jaw bone infection which forced me to use clindamycin. This caused me SIBO and a much worse candida infection.

Ive tried combinations of the bob beck protocol, The McCombs Plan, Wholelife Approach, IV treatments (UV Ozone, Glutathione, ALA, Hepa Merz (Liver cleansing amino acids), botanical antifungals (Agrisept-L, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Morinda Supreme). Ive also had both metametrix and genova labs stool tests done and am well versed in reading them.

Right now Im a big fan of the McCombs Plan, Indigo (Biofeedback machine), and IV treatments. I feel like a combination of these three combined with specific personal stricter diet restrictions and extra antifungals can cure almost anything. 
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Candida, Liver Flush, Ask Jeff Mccombs, QX/SCIO/Indigo 

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