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Iím just a regular guy more or less. I have done great things in life and some not so great things. As I have aged my ability to ĒDo the right thingĒ has evolved into a passion unhindered by the usual ĒPCĒ crowd. In other words, I could care less what people think or how feble of an attempt it might seem, I do what I think is best. Iím an Aries so I can be very impulsive, my wife can attest to that. She thinks I have adult ADD, she might be right on that point, but Iím not totally broken so why mess with it. I have a son who I love deeply and somewhere out there is a daughter from a previous marriage. I was 19, no job, no real future plans and her mother re-married. They asked for my blessing to adopt her as his daughter and it seemed like the best choice at the time. Maybe one day we will meet again, but I do not regret giving her a chance at a better life. Letís see, I like to camp, fish, hunt, eat meat, love bacon and truly love to go ride my ATV. I love photography, mystical places and the sun as it first rises in the mountains. I also really love a good sunset because the colors are so defined and dramatic. Must be the photographer in me. In fact they call that the photo window or something like that. I guess you could say I am a very passionate man with a deep sense of humor. I use humor to cope with a lot of the BS that we live through these days. I come from a big family, love sex, blah, blah, blah, OK, thatís enough... 

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