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Black seed oil
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We are specialists in black seed oil having produced the oil for over
13 years and with the help of Medical Herbalist Antoine Pouget
we have identified the important ingredients in black seed oil.

The amount of volatile oil differs depending on the hybrid and where the seed is grown. For countried with extreme heat the content of volatile oil is increased.

One of the important components that makes black seed oil so unique is the
content of volatile oil. Black seed oil normally contains between 0.5% to
Our oil is 100% pure virgin quality cold pressed black seed oil.
Our strong black seed oil which has 4.1% is unique to the market.
Almost all black seed oil will have a certain amount of volatile oil
in its content.

This volatile oil is what makes the oil pungent, noticeably our
product is more pungent.
Many of the studies have concentrated on the volatile oil. It is the
aromatic oils that contain most of the anti-oxidant,
anti-inflammatory, and microbial /anti-fungal, anti-tumour and immune
enhancing activity.

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