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This information is provided with the hope that it may be helpful for those who choose to take a greater responsibility for their own health.



This site exist because the majority of medical doctors do not know enough about diet, cleansing, nutrition, health and cause of "incurable" diseases.   


This site exist because the majority of medical doctors are thought that "incurable" diseases are diseases for which there is no medical cure.


According to Dr.Day:

"I knew nothing about nutrition as a medical doctor. In the four years of medical school, you don't have one single hour of information on nutrition. I have talked about that and admitted that I, in the past, have told patients that their nutrition has really nothing to do with their health. I was ignorant, I was stupid as many orthodox medical doctors are.  Fortunately, I found out what was really going on in the health field by coming to the Cancer Control Society, and I started speaking out about it, studying it and actually had a radio show called "Truth Serum" where I was interviewing many alternative doctors."

  Dr.Day decided to take responsibility for her own health.


By using any information from this site, you agree to take FULL responsibility for yourself.


Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions.

By using any information from this site, you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself.



If you are not ready to take responsibility for your actions,  see your health practitioner about utilizing this information.




If your health practitioner disagree with your opinion about your diseases, find one that wants to listen to you.


This information in no way attempts to construe a diagnosis, cure or treatment.


Nothing on this site should be considered cure for cancer or any other "incurable" diseases.


It is your own body and/or mind that can cure cancer and any other "incurable" diseases,  not just single cure, or diet or cleanse.



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