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  Preventing gallbladder surgery, cleansing gallstones !

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Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 07:26:52 -0500 
From: Alexandra   alexa@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx 
Subject: Introduction

I guess I'll tell my story :-). I'm 36 years old and have 4 children. I 
have been pretty healthy and have lead what I thought was a healthy diet. I 
hardly ever ate at fast food restaurants and if I did I would usually order 
a salad. I also ate little red meat, but increased it in 98 because of my 
4th pregnancy and anemia. Anyway, I drank no sodas, little sugar, 
excersised regurlarly, and am not significantly over weight. So, I really 
don't know what the culprit was except maybe pregnancy and not enough water. 

My mother passed away in July of 98, my 4th child was born in Aug. of 98 
and in Oct. I was in a lot of pain. The pain was all over my stomach and 
radiated to my back. I come from a family of Dr.'s. My father was a Dr., my 
uncle is a Dr., my father in law is a Dr., and my brother in law is a Dr.. 

I went to the Dr. that my insurance has me on and they said I had to stop 
breastfeeding immediately and start taking Prevacid until I went to the 
gastrointerologist. Then I went to the gastrointerologist who put me 
through a series of blood and urine tests, a sigmodoiscopy and was in 
general a very proud man that didn't want to explain anything of what he 
thought was going on.

He made it seem as though it was all in my head and 
was going to diagnose me with irritable bowel syndrome. He didn't 
understand why digestive enzymes would help with my pain (something I 
decided to take on my own and he was very upset that I would choose 
something other than what he was indicating) Well, I decided to change 
Dr.s. The second Dr. did an Endoscopy on me and then a sonogram of the 
pancreas and gallbladder. The sonogram revealed numerous stones. The Dr. 
said I needed URGENT surgery. I was very scared and contacted my midwife, 
who talked me through my feelings and I decided that I should try to get 
the stones out naturally and if that didn't work then I could always take 
it out, but I couldn't put it back in. 

So, ever since then I've been on a no fat diet. My midwife (also 
naturepath, chinese med., acupuncturist) told me to take Magnesium every 
day, Stone Free from Solaray 6 times a day, Flaxseed oil every day, the 
juice of one lemon with warm water in the morning and at night, Super 
Digestaway with all meals, Vit. B-12 shots weekly, Organic Apple Juice 2 
glasses a day, 6 glasses of water per day, Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea. 
She also said that I could have some food allergies, so she took me off 
bread, milk, eggs, and told me to eat with proper food combining. For food 
I've been eating green leafy veggies, mixed veggies, fruits, a little 
rice, a little chicken and fish. No cabbage and no beans. 

When I have had acute attacks she has given me acupuncture which has given 
me some relief, also used castor oil packs and a warm pack, 2 tblsp vinegar 
with a little water or stayed on a liquid diet for a while. The hard thing 
for me is that I am still breastfeeding, so anything I take I have to be 

I have done the flushes, according to Dr. Hulda Clark, two times. I got 
numerous things out. It was disgusting. Green, brown....I had no pain and 
recovered pretty fast after them, but my midwife said that I should wait a 
while to do another one because my bones and body hurt after the second 
flush. She said that it was straining my kidneys. So I am waiting for a
Needless to say some in my family think I'm insane.They don't believe that 
the stones that came out are gallstones and they think that I am hurting my 
body by not taking my gallbladder out. My uncle easpecially says that its 
impossible to get stones out and why don't I go through the simple 
procedure of getting it out. 
Anyway that is my loooong story. I am very thankful for this list as I feel 
lonely with my gallbladder problems. 
Alexandra :-) in sunny Miami, Fl. 

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 09:24:41 -0500
From: Alexandra  
Subject: [gallstones] Gallstones Flush

I wanted to share my experience with the "Ultimate Gallstones Cleanse".

On Tuesday morning I drank water and organic apple juice.
After 2pm I stopped drinking.
At 4pm I did 3 enemas and cleaned my bowels.
At. 6pm I drank 1 1/2 cups water with 2tbs. oral Epsom salts.

I then lay on the bed with my heating pad
and went to the bathroom a few times.

At 8 pm I repeated the above.
At 10pm I drank a mixture of 1/2 cup of pink grapefruits,
1/2 cup lemon juice, 1 cup light olive oil
( I had been scared of drinking 1 whole cup of oil
 because previously I just did 1/2 cup)
 and lay down with pillows propping me up.

I had no pain. I lay still for 30 min. and then
 went to the bathroom two times before 12.

At 2am I went to the bathroom and had lots of flaky stuff. 
At 3:30am I went to the bathroom and had lots of 
flaky stuff and some pea sized stones.

At 6am I took 1 1/2 cups water with 2 tbs. oral Epsom salts.
I emptied my bowels and had lots of stones,
 mostly little ones but 3 or 4 big ones.

I then did 3 enemas each with lots of stones of all sizes,
 mostly green but some brown.

I went to the bathroom throughout the morning and had more stones. I lay
down with my heating pad on my liver until 8am.
I felt very thirsty and yucky. 
I drank 1/2 a glass of water and lay back down.
At 10 I drank 1/2 a glass of organic apple juice and lay back down.
At 12 I ate some broth with veggies and lay back down at 3:30pm 
I had some broth and lay back down.
At 5 pm I felt a little better drank some broth and lay back down.
At 7pm I juiced some carrots, beet, garlic, and ginger.
At 9pm I drank some organic apple juice and was feeling a lot better.
I lay down for the night. 
This morning I feel renewed energies.

This is big progress for me.
I did two flushes according to Dr. Hulda Clark in Nov.
I got lots of stones out, but I felt horrible after.

The last flush my na told me not to do any cleanses
for a while because my bones and kidneys hurt so bad.
I have since been very strict with my diet.

No red meat, little chicken, fish, tofu,
and lots of veggies and some fruit and organic apple juice.

I have taken some of the ideas on this list and read
some of the books that have been recommended.
I am thankful for the encouragement here. :-)



From: Cathy luxurylady@xxxxxxxx
Subject : My gallstones story

About 1.5 years ago, I performed a Gallbladder cleansing using extra
virgin light olive oil and orange juice. I mixed 8 ounces of each
together (for a total of 16 ounces) and shook it until it was well
blended. I poured 8 ounces in to glass and drank it one hour before
going to bed. Just BEFORE going to bed, I drank the remaining 8
ounces. (It really didn't taste THAT bad!). 

The next morning when I awoke, I IMMEDIATELY headed for the bathroom
where I "passed" 200+ little stones.......mossy green colored, irregular
in size and shape. I FELT TERRIFIC!!!!!

Until that moment, my doctor had tried to convince me to 
have Gallbladder surgery, as I had had a MAJOR attack that put me in 
the hospital ER for an entire day.

Since I DO believe that the body CAN heal itself, 
I opted for this OJ/Olive Oil treatment.
Since then, I have had no other problems. 
Before, the pain was unbearable. 
Now, I can't recall the last time I had pain.

I also realize that I must remember that my Gallbladder may be diseased,
or else I may not have had the problems.
Therefore, I am constant in my search for ways to "cleanse" my body.

My mother died of colon cancer. Yes, I agree that ill feelings among
family members has a direct effect on our health. Only in my adult
years did my father inform me about the feelings of guilt and
intimidation that my mother received from my grandfather. 
I do not find this hard to believe, as I have never found my
grandfather to be a particularly warm and loving person.

I enjoy everyone's "pearls of wisdom".
Am very happy I joined this list.

Good Health To All,



From: Chris F (
Subject: Removing Gallstones .... How to do it (it worked for me)
Date: April 05, 1998 at 20:43:22 EST

In Reply to: Gallstones posted by JoDee on May 22, 1997 at 02:19:00:

Over the past four weekends, I have passed close to 1,000 gallstones.

About 150 of them were the size of peas, or larger. You can 
identify them because they float on the water in the toilet, and are
pea green to tan brown.

Here's how to get these monsters OUT of you!

Pick two days from your schedule where you have NOTHING
to do (e.g., a weekend). The first day, eat a zero-fat breakfast and
lunch. At 2:00 pm of the first day, STOP EATING. At 6:00 pm,
mix 3 cups water with 4 tbspoons of (edible) Epsom salts (enough for
four servings). Drink 1 serving now.

At 8:00, drink another serving. Diarrhea time.

At 9:45, mix 3/4 cup FRESH PINK grapefruit and 1/2 cup
light Olive Oil. Get ready for bed.

At 10:00 pm, drink the grapefruit/olive oil drink STANDING UP
and then and go RIGHTto bed.

Do not move for 20 minutes. Try to sleep.

Don't get frustrated. This will work.

At 6:00 am or later the next morning, drink the 3rd serving of
Epsom salts. Go back to bed.

Precisely two hours later, drink the last serving. You can go back
to bed again if you want.

A call to the toilet will wake you up again. 

You will pass several gallstones over the course
of the day, guaranteed. It worked for me.

REPEAT the process exactly 14 days later, and if you like,
14 days after that.

My allergies are starting to disappear, and I feel much better than
I have before. Believe me, I was skeptical at first, but I am just
way too glad I did this. I can't believe some of the stuff that your
body stores in you.

I hope this helps.

Chris F. 

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 11:49:01 -0600
From: David Nichols 
Subject: [gallstones] First gallstones Cleanse!

Hello list,
I just finished my first liver & gallbladder cleanse.
I used: 4 Tbs. Epsom salts
1/2 cup virgin olive oil
1 grapefruit
16 oz. apple juice

This protocol was taking out of Saul Pressman's book
 "The Owners Manual for the Human Body".

On taking the oil at night, I laid down and went to sleep.
In morning I when awakening I took more of the Epsom salts.
I did have a slight headache.
This is the second day and have had only a glass of apple juice.
Other than having to run to the bathroom on occasion I feel like going for
a long hike. Thanks for the reply about the coffee enema.
I took a coffee enema the afternoon of the second day followed by an ozone
insufflation. I was mistaken about thinking that I didn't pass any stones.
I just didn't know what to look for untill reading all of Dusan's web page.
I was (smile) looking for rocks on the bottom,
not something that floated on the top.
After reading that I felt like a dummy and now acknowledge seeing many stones.
I have been very strong all day with increased energy. I will plan to do
another one in a few weeks. I now feel like I could run all day.
Thanks for all the input here on the list to all the members. 

From: "Helen R." <ehrynd@xxxxx>
Subject: Help
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 15:36:20 -0500

I bought your book, "Cure for all Diseases" . I tried the liver cleanse. I
had my gallbladder taken out by lazer surgery in 1990. I was so surprised
at all the stones that came out if me. I was told i have a synovil cyst on
my spine ,pinching nerves. The doctor says i have to have surgery to remove
the cyst.
Can you help. I am a 60 year old woman.
Finn Flatberg 

I started on the CLARKIA parasite cure, although I didnīt know of any 
parasites and didnīt have any symptoms. 
Day by day I got a feeling of improving. I got more energy and Iīm very 
happy that I got to know from Hulda Clark and the parasite cure. 
Then I ran the cure for gallstones.
I did fine and got lots of stones without pain.
The biggest one was a 22 mm. long, green 
cholesterol stone.
Although this didnīt increase my feeling of wellbeing 
Iīm going to repeat regularly, you know, 22 mm. might very well become 30 
mm. and Iīm sweating when I think of what it would be like to get a 
gallstone attack. 
Thank you all of you for the big job you are doing! 

Finn Flatberg. 

Subject: gallbladder (gallstones) attacks

Message: 18 digest 1
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 22:29:50 -0600
From: "G Murray" GlendaMurray@xxxxxx.xxxx

To the list:

Has any one here had their gallbladder removed and still had they
pain of gall bladder attacks? I had mine removed just over a
year ago and sometimes feel mild pains like the gallbladder
attacks I used to have. My friend talks about getting the sharp
pains from the bile ducts still. I don't know if this is the
same pain that I feel.

I would never have gotten mine out, but the cleanses that I did,
didn't seem to yield too many stones. The first time I saw quite
a few pea sized pea green stones and quite a few sand
size(floating), but the second time around I never noticed much
at all. Then I had a major Gallbladder attack 12 hours in
emergency (10th time)and very bad chest pain after . They
decided to take it out a few days later and said it was badly
inflamed. I had an peptic ulcer diagnosis at the same time. I
probably should have gone on to do more gallbladder cleanses but
I was not sure how many more ER visits I could handle. I did
not access the web for it like I have done now. I did not get
the relief that I assumed would come from getting the gall
bladder out. People said that great relief was brought from the
most unexpected areas (I could not tell). Though no more back
and shoulder pain. I still get what I think are ghost pains
from the gall bladder area, unless it is stones getting stuck in
the bile ducts.

If you can do the cleanses I would do them over the surgery any
day. They say to do them only every 6-8 weeks but I was having
attacks every 2 weeks even watching the fat intake and taking

I would like to hear from members on this list about their
gallbladder experiences especially before having to get them out.
If emergency surgery is done it is takes along time to recover as
opposed to planned surgery.


From: "Julia Chang" 
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 13:51:12 -0500
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Introduction and Welcome

My name is Julia Chang. I was born in Taiwan in 1942. I received my B.Sc.
degree in chemistry from the Taiwan National University. I then came to
Canada where I obtained my M.Sc. degree in chemistry from the University of
Waterloo. I had worked for more than 6 years in the medical laboratory of
the North York General Hospital in Toronto, Canada. I then started and ran
a health food store for 6 years (1987-1993). Since 1991 I have been
developing and manufacturing Chinese herbal products that address many
chronic health problems.

My health history:

Being born the fourth daughter by a mother who never wanted to have any
girl, my health problems started from as far as I can remember. The fact
that I was emotionally very sensitive only made my suffering in health

Other than being underweight all my life, I had bad acnes and was allergic
to many different plants and dust. Hives, rushes and unexplained swelling
on my lymph glands happened frequently. At the age of eleven, I passed out
first time in my life and was told by a medical doctor that I was born with
a weak heart. At the age of fourteen, I was diagnosed with juvenile
arthritis. There were days that I couldn't climb the staircase or hold a
pen to write notes. However, I was still blessed with a photographic
memory which I believe I was born with. Unfortunately, at 17 years old, I
lost my photographic memory. At 20 years old, I could not remember details
of textbook materials even after going through them. At 29 years old,
shortly after my second child's birth, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid
Around the same time, I started having severe cramps during my periods and
passed out many times during those years. Eventually, I was told I had
uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

I always needed a lot of sleep, but never felt refreshed. Dozing off in the
class was my daily problems even after 10 hours of uninterrupted night sleep.
In my late 30's, I started having problems falling asleep. Dark shadows
developed all over my facial skin and my skin also became very bumpy.

At 45 years old, I left my regular job because of constant fatigue and
sickness and started a health food store which provides opportunity to learn
about different approaches to my health problems. It was a real struggle
initially because I could pass out anytime and I had a couch in the basement
for me to lie down whenever I felt weak. At 47 years old, I decided to see
a traditional Chinese doctor for different opinions. He told me that I had
badly congested liver and tried to treat my liver problems. Unfortunately,
Chinese medicine does not understand hormones and he made my hormone
imbalance worse.

When I was growing up in Taiwan with regular use of Chinese herbs, I did not
want to believe them because of my rebellious nature. After I realized that
modern medicine could not help me because almost every drug is damaging to
the liver, I had to go back to Chinese medicine. I studied intensively
Chinese medicinal herbs (both ancient Chinese medical texts and more modern
books) and decided to treat myself combining my knowledge in clinical
chemistry, physiology and Chinese herbal medicine.

I thought I should start with treating my liver first because after all it
is the largest organ in our body and is the " general " or " chief of staff
" of all organs according to Chinese medicine. I planned to treat my other
problems one after another when my liver is fixed up. Unexpectedly, when
my liver became healthy, all my other problems including constant fatigue,
allergies, arthritis, heart palpitation, sleep disorders, fainting, frequent
infections and all woman's problems disappeared. What a pleasant surprise!

I restored my liver health by cleansing my liver, gallbladder and kidneys.
I watched my diet carefully and do morning exercise called Y-Dan which is a
simple alternative to Tai-chi.

I have since helped many people who have chronic health problems often by
cleansing the liver and gallbladder. One of the most useful discoveries was
use of the Chinese herb "Gold Coin Grass" (Herba Lysimachiae) to crush and
soften the gallstones before flushing. Very often, relief from pain is
experienced even before gallbladder flush.

More details of my personal experience and my views on various chronic
health problems may be found in my Web site:


Julia Chang

Message: 6 digest 1
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 22:24:46 +0100
From: blente@xx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Subject: My gallstones story, and my daughter

1. cleansing.

First I did the cure following Hulda Clark (and Dusan and Lillian!!)
I did it pretty well: App one hundred green cholesterol-stones
from some few mm. up to 12mm. came out during the day. No pain at all. 

And I had a feeling of peace and wellbeing filling my hole body.
I might have had something like that feeling in my youth? 
But it lasted very short. 
Meanwhile I know that it is waiting for me
sometime in the close future, after some more cleansing.

But, my children got worried .. maybe they had too? 
So my daughter, 9 year old, decided to clean it up. 
My son thought it a good idea:
Maybe he could tolerate more sweet
afterwards? So in fact he didnīt do it yet!


Thinking of my little daughter drinking the Epsom salt,
I sat down for a while. 

And I decided not to use Epsom. We ate little in the
morning and only some fruit in the afternoon.

22.00 we took the drink with oil and grapefruit as described
from Clark and went to bed.
2.00 I had the first break through.
It went on through the morning after and I got another heap out. 

My daughter ate 1kg grapes and got among others the one
already described at the size of a little almond. 

So we did it very simple, and we did it well. Even without Epsom.

Only I have the question weather the possibility
is there that we absorb more of the cholesterol
back to the liver again?

So maybe we have to do the cleansing much more times this way?

If you donīt know
time will show.


From: (Ole Blente)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:50:11 +0100
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Review

From: (Ole Blente)

I now complete the story from my 9 year old daughter: Maja Therese.
After having experienced me doing my first cleansing and having heard me
talk about what the liver is forced to do when we eat goodies and 2.
quality food, she decided immediately to cleanse too. And so she did. 
The next time I prepared to cleanse, she joined me:

We ate little in the morning - no fat, no milk - and
only some fruit in the afternoon.
22.00 we took the drink with oil and grapefruit as described from Clark
and went to bed.
Maja Therese slept good all night through. The next morning she ate 1 kg
grapes and got lots of gallstones out. The biggest one at the size of a
little almond. 
This happened two weeks ago. 
She often had to break the meal because of pain in the stomach, lay down
on the floor for a moment. Sometime she had it in the night, crying for
Within these two weeks she didnīt have one pain. 
She also used to have dry, sandy skin on her hands, for as long as I
Within these two weeks the skin has become moist and soft as it should
She is very happy that she did it and is telling her mates about it.
And of course: She is going to do another cleansing very soon!



From: "TP" 
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 17:24:08 -0600
Subject: [gallstones] My gallstones story

I am 35 years old, married, two children and a computer quality analyst. I
grew up in South Africa, but moved to the USA Chicago one year ago for a
work contract of 30 months which will probably be extended to 5 years or

As a child, I was constantly sick with colds, and ear infections. At 5 my
tonsils was taken out and at 7 my appenidix. I grew up on a farm with lots
of animals. We often had parasites and was "dewormed" with tablets 2x a
year. I grew up fairly healthy from the age of 7 on, and only had
digestive problems. a "Weak stomach", my parents called it. When I
started to menstruate, all my problems started. I would either not start or
not stop. To regulate it, I was on birth-control pills from the age of 14.
I picked up so much weight, that I secretly stopped taking it, and only took
it when my menstruation went on for too long. I would take it a few days to
stop the menstruation and then stop again until a few months later when I
start to menstruate again.

This went on until I wanted to have children. My doctor did blood tests and
found out that I was not ovulating, and gave me fertility drugs to get
pregnant. I had to use them both times I wanted to get pregnant, and
luckily got pregnant after the 2nd month the first time, and immediately the
2nd time. My son was born very allergic and was on antibiotics the first 2
years of his life about once a month. He had pneumonia 3x before he was 2
and the doctors just said that his immune system was underdeveloped and
nothing could be done.

My daughter was born 3 years after my son, and vomited and cried for 6
months non-stop. No doctor could help me and I was very depressed. a
Friend told me to try a holistic doctor, and I went to him for myself - the
hormone problems and depression. He listened to me and prescribed the same
diet for my daughter and myself, and also some homeopathic medicine. She
stopped vomiting two days later. (I breastfed both my children for about 5

I was told to stop eating wheat and dairy, and eat the basic healing diet -
lots of fresh veg, fruit, whole grains and organic. My life and attitude
changed completely. I got interested in life again, my children got healthy
and I started to excercise also. I lost all my baby-weight.

I started reading everything in sight about natural health and prevention of
disease (Also Hulda Clarke's The Cure for All Disease), and I have done some
liver flushes before. My children never needed antibiotics again. My
daughter only used it once before I met the holistic doctor. I also managed
to regulate my monthly cycle through diet. I started to have a normal
28-day cycle, although the menstruation was still heavy and long. At a
talk, a doctor mentioned all the symptoms I still had, and suggested that it
could be underactive thyroid. I had mine tested, and it was. I am taking
natural supplements and it is working now.

I try and raise my children as healthy as possible and teach them the
natural way. I have an impact on all my friends because we never get sick.
They all want to know what I do, and when they ask me I start telling them.
They usually want to know more, and end up trying to eat and live more
healthy. They know that it is not "normal" to get sick 2 - 3 x a year, and
try and prevent it now.

I love to learn, and that is why I joined the list. I also joined the ER4YT
list. Even if I just learn one fact through doing something, I am still


From: Jim Lambert
Subject: [oxyplus] Re: liver flush

I've done her (Hulda) flush method, and consider it the best of the
methods I have tried, but BE SURE to deparisitize first, 
as Ms. Clark is correct that you will get more stones out
if you do.

Also, you have to do another 2-3 liver cleanses at about 2
months invervals to get them all out.
When you do the first cleanse you will get out the bigger stones
and then the smaller ones will move forward & clog the liver
even more, and you will feel bad again in a couple of months.
It is NOT a one-time thing.

When I started on Homozon  several months ago I chose to take it
with the juice of a whole lemon in a glass of orange juice.
I took this twice a day with the Homozon.

Every time I visited the toilet I noticed my movements were pea
green and I swore I saw soft cholesteral stones passing.
In about 7 weeks my liver was all cleaned out, and my bowel
movements turned a light brown & have stayed that way.
All of the upper back pains I had are gone, I can drink coffee
again (tho I only do it rarely) and I can eat pork without
getting a headache.
All of these things confirm my liver is flushed out.

The Homozon is optional for this. IMO it is better to do it
with the Homozon, because the constant trips to the toilet
keeps the toxins being flushed from being reabsorbed
on their way out.

jim :)


amicus certus in re incerta

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:16:49 EST
Subject: [gallstones] Urine fast/liver flush aspe


I began the urine fast on Monday, Feb. 15 by not eating in the morning and
drinking all of the urine I passed from that time on until I brake the fast. I
had already started drinking all of my urine on Sunday, Feb. 14, but ate
several small meals during the day.

I also decided to perform the liver/gallstone flush at the beginning of the
fast. To my surprise, when I was drinking my urine on Saturday and Sunday, I
was inadvertently preparing for the liver flush. The flush called for a
preparatory intestinal cleanse before taking the concoction that evening; I
had prepared an Epsom salt drink to take in the evening as per the
instructions. However, in the afternoon, I began flushing the contents of my
intestines and colon during a 3-4 hour period, all clearly the result of my
urine ingestion. This was not the first time I had experienced this; however,
I had not planned on relying on this phenomenon, in case it skipped a day.
The result was that, at the conclusion of this natural flush, I was expelling
clear water, with bits of mucous; nothing brown at all. Thus, I saw no reason
to take the Epsom salt drink.

That night I took the grapefruit/olive oil drink, went to bed, slept and awoke
Monday morning with a bit of nausea. During the night I had awakened to
urinate into my collection bottle, two cups worth. When I awoke in the
morning, I collected another cup, which I promptly imbibed. I then drank the
contents of the previously collected urine; three cups in all. I was hoping
that I would repeat the natural flush, but it didn't happen. Perhaps my body
was a bit short of liquid from all the flushing. In any event, I drank the
Epsom salt drink, 3/4 cup, then two hours later drank 1/2 cup.
Shortly after around 11:00 AM, I began to intestinal flush again, but on the
first pass no sign of gallstones. I had begun to prepare myself for a first-
time failure. However, on the second pass, I saw floating green blobs in the
water, about five of them. For the rest of the day, I have been flushing, and
almost every time, I get stones. All total so far, about 50, some larger than
the others, most of them small. The largest one has been the size of a two
large rabbit pellets. The interesting point is that because I am not eating
and am continually drinking my urine, some of which is expelled through the
intestines and colon, I continue to eliminate gallstones even up to five
minutes ago, shortly before 9:00 PM.
I have to get back to doing some ozone routines which I will document
Saturday morning I weighed 158 lbs. Tonight, 151.


Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 01:46:30 EST
Subject: [gallstones] Continuing Flush


I had two more flushes tonight, each with about 20 or more, smaller
gallstones. For the first time, I noticed some stones that were light brown-
colored, same size, not as compacted, floating next to the dark green, hard
compressed stones--the ones that came out first. They seem fresher or more
newly formed or not as exposed to oxidation. Any comments on what they are and
why they are different?

There also seemed to be more stones floating half way down in the water,
instead of at the top like the others. Any comments on why?

This brings the total closer to 90-100 so far.



Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 01:02:14 EST
Subject: [gallstones] Re: green blobs


After I wrote my last communication last night, I had five more flushes with
an additional 70 pellet-size green balls or stones. When I squeezed them, they
didn't seem clear like olive oil, but I don't know what congealed olive oil
looks like after it's gone through the system.

Dusan addressed this issue, but with ridicule and not with the scientific
argument I would have liked to see. Dusan, please try again to explain why
they were not congealed olive oil.

My question now is: what happened to the 1/2 cup of olive oil that I drank the
night before? I studied every flush carefully and, while I saw some stuff
that looked like grapefruit bits, I don't recall seeing anything that I could
identify as the olive oil. Remember, there has been nothing else in my system
but the grapefruit and olive oil since Monday Night.

I will address Dusan's request for personal info on me and additional URLs on
urine therapy tomorrow. I'm a bit weak now and all this email from three lists
and other is making me tired.

Thanks everyone for your support.


Subject: Daughter had many gallstones
Forum: The Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Forum 
Topic Area: Gallstones
Posted by Emma on June 17, 1998 at 00:22:12:

I have been searching everywhere to find any info on pediatric gallstones.

My 3year 11 month old daughter was just recently dx with
gallstones (many) and had her gallbladder removed.

She has been a very well kid until she started complaining
of servere pain in her tummy.

Took her to the Doctor right away because of non stop crying.

White blood count came back a little high and with the
pain, fever the Doctor admitted her.

Did ultrasound the next day and that showed there were many gallstones with
a slight acute gallbladder.

We were transfered to a childrens hosptial and the next thing I knew she
was having it removed. I feel so lost now because we are home and no one to
talk to.
Her Peds Doctor is going to be running test on her to see if there is a cause.

What might have cause them ( she is not anemic) ?
They just keep telling me its rare for a child this young to have them.

She has always been a gaggy kid (gags while eating for no reason).

Could this have been her problem all these years?

What is the chances that she was born with them?

I would love to have more info on this and the causes.

It fustrating to me because I feel the need to talk to others that have
kids that had this.

We have another daughter who was dx with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in 95,
is there any relationship to this?

Could we have gene problems?

Is there anything I should be watching for now that the gallbladder is
removed as far as complication of not having a gallbladder?

Her surgeon said no special diet now but others have said are you sure?

Sorry about all the questions I just feel I need to find info, I need to
read all I can on Ped. gallstones. 

This is what I did for my daughters cancer and it seems impossible with the
gallstones in a small child. 

There is nothing. Any info you could give me would be much appreciated.

She is seeing her peds to start testing next week and I want to
be a little knowlegable when I get there so I know what he is 
talking about.

Thank you.


Re: gallbladder
Clara Turner
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 17:10:28 PST 

This recipe for a gallstone flush comes from the Dulwich Health Society. 
I got it from a good friend who swears it works. She says that it 
softens the gallstones to such an extent that you could squash them in 
your fingers.

Drink 2 litres of fresh, pure apple juice daily for 5 days.
On the 6th day, skip dinner.
At 9pm take 1 or 2 tablespoons Epsom salt dissolved in 1-2 tablespoons 
of warm water.
At 10pm shake together half cup (4oz) unrefined, cold-pressed olive oil 
and 2oz lemon juice and drink.
Immediately, go to bed and lie on your right side with your right knee 
drawn up toward your chin. Remain in this position for 30 minutes 
before going to sleep, to help the olive oil to drain. Another Epsom 
salt solution may be needed during the night, so prepare one before 
going to bed. 
According to my friend, the next morning you will pass green stones that 
are as soft as putty, some as large as your thumb, without feeling a 
thing. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Warm regards,

Dusan Stojkovic

My mother have had a lot of pain in her right arm and shoulder.
She have also had pain in her upper back.
I have tried to help her with Shiatsu massage, Yumeiho therapy,
heated salt compresses, but that did not help for a long time.
Pain would usually come back. 

Than we decided to try recipe from Dr. Hulda's book, The Cure for all

After the first cleans, she was little better.
In that cleans she got a lot of small cholesterol stones and one about  1
cm in diameter. 
As she was doing second, third, fourth and fifth cleans
with 2 weeks break  in-between, her pain totally disappeared.   
After 5 cleanses she get rid of more than 2000 stones
from her liver and gallbladder. 

I did never have any symptom of stones in my liver and gallbladder ( I
thought ), but I decided to try it anyway.  In my first cleans I got more
stones than my mother , and the biggest was ca 2 cm in diameter. 
I did 6 cleanses and get rid of more than 2000 stones.    My digestion
drastically improved.  ( Before that I thought that my digestion is good.)
Hulda Clark,  I must say thanks to you for publishing this fantastic recipe
in your book.
Since I did this cleans, I have been talking about it to all my friends and
people I met. 
Now there is about 100 people that I know who did this cleans  ( including
my wife, my father, my sisters and their friends ).

Improvement of health that they have experienced is best described with
Hulda's words :
"Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which
is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to
disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also
eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy
and increased sense of well being."
Not all the people have stones.
But,  I am sure that at least 90 % of us have it ! 

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