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Gallstones Cleanse Statistics

Gallstones surgery statistics

What is gallstones surgery?

What are Gallstones ?

What is gallstones flush ?

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Anatomy: Liver, Gallbledder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, Pancreas

Anatomy: Liver, Gallbladder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, Pancreas


Gallstones Flush Statistics

Liver Flush Survey Results

This survey is aimed at people who have at least once tried a Liver/Gallbladder Flush.  If you have never tried a liver flush,   you should not participate in this survey.  Instead, you can proceed directly to the survey results.  Soon, there will be other survey aimed at people who have never tried a liver flush.

Liver Flush is a very popular cleansing method and results achieved are sometimes very dramatic.  Enter the liver flush forum and click on the recommended messages link.  You will find large number of stories, from people who often achieved almost "miraculous" healing.

How safe is the flush?  How effective? For who? Are there people who should not do the flush?

Internet survey is the cheapest way of finding a fairly reliable answer to those questions.

Survey results:

1 flush experience
There are 30 of 288 (10%) who flushed 1 times only:,571,2826&s=21&u=10
4 of 30 (13%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=49&u2=6

2 flushes experience
There are 36 of 288 participants (12%) who flushed 2 times only:,571,2826&s=21&u=10
8 of 35 (23%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=50&u2=6

3 flushes:
8 of 26 participants (31%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=51&u2=6

4 flushes:
12 of 29 participants (41%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=52&u2=6

5 flushes:
10 of 23 participants (43%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=53&u2=6

6 flushes:
8 of 22 participants (36%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=54&u2=6

7-10 flushes:
26 of 51 participants (51%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=55&u2=6

11-15 flushes:
8 of 16 participants (50%) reported cure of some symptoms:,571,2826&s=21&u=10&o=56&u2=6


# of flushes % of people cured
1 flush 13%
2 flushes 23%
3 flushes 31%
4 flushes 41%
5 flushes 43%
6 flushes 36%
7 - 10 flushes 51%
11-15 flushes 50%

This table clearly illustrate benefits of repeating liver flush at least 7 to 15 times.

Filtering survey data is explained on this page:,571,2826&s=21
If you follow the guidelines, you can find stats for over 200 health problems.

Gallstones Attack
 91 of 397 participants reported suffering from
37 of 73 (51%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&u2=6
34 of 70 (49%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&u2=7

51% CURED! and the rest 49% reported condition improved!

Acid Reflux
 95 of 397 reported suffering from Acid Reflux (question #2)
22 of 71 (31%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&u2=6
27 of 65 (42%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&u2=7

(why 22 of 71 only, why not 22 of 95? cause not all people answer all questions. number of those who answers decreases with every next question)

 91 of 397 reported suffering from this incurable disease
10 of 66 (15%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&u2=6
33 of 64 52% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&u2=7
Chronic Acne are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Acne Hormonal
 47 of 397 reported suffering from
2 of 33 (6%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&u2=6
7 of 33 21% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&u2=7

Allergies (chronic)
 75 of 397 reported suffering from
10 of 53 (19%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&u2=6
21 of 51 41% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&u2=7
Chronic Allergies are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Lower Back Pain
 7 of 57 (12%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11356&u2=6

Poor Digestion / Indigestion
7 of 70 (10%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11185&u2=6

1 of 9 11% reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11236&u2=6

Psoriasis is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Eczema / Excema / Contact Dermatitis
 4 of 29 14% reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11127&u2=6

Eczema is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Anxiety (Chronic)
 6 of 61 (10%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11098&u2=6

Abdominal Pain (Chronic)
14 of 74 (19%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11092&u2=6

Bloating (Chronic)
13 of 103 (13%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11104&u2=6

Constipation (Chronic)
4 of 86 (5%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11116&u2=6

6 of 92 (7%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11217&u2=6

Cholesterol: High Total Cholesterol: LDL + HDL + VLDL ("bad" + "good")
2 of 35 ( 6%)
reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11149&u2=6

Gallstones Surgery Statistic

"Gallbladder operation is the most common operation in North America.
Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and  more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones."


Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain "silent" for years."

More than 90 % of Americans will in their life develop some of these problems: Colitis, Cardiovascular disease, Leukemia, Chron's disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Tumors, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer, AIDS,...

Diseases Statistics

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