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Does this mean that once one has done one that we should do gallstones cleanse every 2 weeks or in our lifetime?

Anatomy: Gallstones. Liver, Gallbledder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, PancreasLiver and Gallbladder Gallstones Cleanse - flush

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Anatomy: Liver, Gallbladder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, Pancreas

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I've read from several now that once you do a gallstones flush you have to keep doing
them. Is this true?  Does this mean that once one has done one that we should do gallstones cleanse every 2 weeks or in our lifetime?



You do not have to continue cleansing.

By making one cleanse you did not destroy your liver.

You can always stop.

Question is:
If you stop , and you still have some stones in your Gallbladder, how
long time will it take for those stones to grow big enough to cause

The most powerful way of preventing gallstones is to take regularly
flaxseed oil, and to eat salads every day.

And to avoid eating  Foods That Kill  !

Why does our liver make gallstones ?

One reason is: in order to eliminate toxic substances without absorbing
them back into blood stream.

Of course, intention of our liver is not to produce the stone that is so
big that it will cause pain. Big stones are not produced with will of
our liver, big stones are for sure result of keeping stones for too long
time inside. The longer they stay, the bigger they grow.

How did primitive people cleanse gallstones ?

I want you to think about people living on this planet 10 000 years ago,
or 50 000 years ago.

Those people did not have food every day.

They were eating fruits and vegetables until they manage to kill some
animal with a stone weapon. (Not an easy way to have every day meat.)

So, imagine now you are living 5 or 10 days only on fruits, and plants.

Your liver was almost totally inactive, as need for bile was minimum.
There was almost no fats or proteins in the foods that you are eating.

And then, suddenly, you kill an animal, or you find a lot of eggs.

You start eating like a wild.

The more fats you put in your stomach, the stronger will liver and
gallbladder react.

So reaction on this food will flush whole liver, and Gallbladder and many stones
that were waiting for that fatty dinner.

That was a natural gallstones flush.

By living your life in this way, you newer got a chance to build up a
lot of stones in your liver.

And that flush was happening every time after few days of fast (fast on
vegetarian foods ).

Old people were much more wise then we are, (or then our dietary experts

Every old religion have fast.

They knew that it was healthy to not eat.

Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, ... you name it.

Orthodox Christians in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Russia and Montenegro are
fasting every Wednesday, and every Friday. And there are many other
special days in calendar when you are not suppose to eat anything fatty.
(they eat only bread and water and vegetables and fruits.)

And plus, there are two large fasts in the year, when you are not
suppose to eat any fatty foods for weeks.

Those fasts are finishing with, Guess what ?
With fatty lunch (pork).

Guess what happens with liver ?

Muslims have Ramadan, they don't eat anything all day, and then in the
night, they eat. Ramadan lasts for few weeks.

Guess what liver and Gallbladder do ?

All the other old religions have had similar rules.
(Unfortunately, that part of religion have been neglected in last days.
People go to the church, but they neglect fasting.
Even Monks. You can see today even fatty monks.)


I am not telling to you that you should become more religious, but:

Flush twice a year, and you will keep devil away ! :-)


HOME   Gallstones   Cleanse - flush Recipe


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