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Testimonial: Zappers and Pets,problem with zapper design by yerr_sister ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   7/20/2005 12:58:25 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Currently PARALIXER is the ONLY "pet parasite program" that will WORK with cats--it's odorless, tasteless, and colorless, and you only need 3-6 drops per 2 cups of water put right into their water bowls. And mainly because MOST (90%) of cats will not tolerate things like Wormwood , Black-Walnut , or Wormwood "hidden" in their food (as if we could hide strong smelling herbs from the most acute of nose and sense of smell: the cat). I love Dr. Hulda Clark , and she saved my life with her book CURE FOR ALL DISEASES, and the many others selling parasite programs--they are all great for humans; but anytime anyone claims a person can just "add a pinch" of cloves or Wormwood or walnut hull "hidden" for a series of days in the food and that the average cat will eat it - is NONSENSE! This might SOUND good on paper, but I've had over 21 cats and worked with lots of cats and consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the area of trying to give medication to a cat--even feral/wild cats; and let me tell you, my cats laid in the 110 degree Arizona heat in their enclosed patio (they can come inside the air conditioned house anytime they want but seem to prefer the heat) and they would NOT go near the water no matter how thirsty they got where I had just a teaspoon of parsley water in their half gallon bowl of water!

Okay, true, there may be A SMALL HANDFUL of pet owners who were successful with giving the human parasite program to their cats--but the average cat will NOT tolerate it for the 20+ days it needs to be on the program--HOWEVER, THERE IS A SOLUTION: PARALIXER (MADE BY KING BIO), THE CATS DON'T NOTICE IT AT ALL AND ARE ALL GETTING DEPARASITIZED WITHOUT A CLUE, IT'S ODORLESS, TASTELESS AND COLORLESS - and because of that it is DEFINITELY THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET FOR A PET PARASITE PROGRAM AND I AM POSTING THIS TO FINALLY GET THE WORD OUT. I've been using 3-6 drops per 2 cups of water....but I can't seem to find the actual dosage online, but so far the 3-6 drops (not droppers full, just 3-6 drops) seems to work great. So don't bother trying to coerce your cat into wormwood, cloves, and Black-Walnut hull, just get Paralixer.

Here's the ingredients: (Some of these are their Latin names, I looked up each one up and Like "Tanacetum Vulgare" is the same as Tansy, bitter button, cow bitter, golden button, mugwort. Most of them are to clear parasites, but some help with the soothing of the stomach to assist in parasite elimination (some of the cats put on a parasite program will vomit the 1st day--due to the parasites dying) so the other herbs that assist in the mixture are very beneficial, which is another reason to use PARALIXER.

Calcarea Carbonica, Chenopodium Anthelminticum, Cina, Croton Tiglium, Filix Mas, Gambogia, Granatum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Mercurius Corrosivus, Natrum Phosphoricum, Santonium, Senna, Spigelia Anthelmia, Stannum Metallicum, Tanacetum Vulgare, Teucrium Marum, Zingiber Officinale - . Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

And my cats' noses are so acute that even when I try to hide small tiny granules of any kind of medication in their food even TUNA, they are smart, they clean the tuna and leave the particles of pill behind right in their bowl! And if I grind it into powder, that is even worse and I end up having to give them their pill orally. Heck, my cats wouldn't even touch the PANACUR FAVOURITES (these are soft chews that kill worms in cats that are fish flavored) sounds good right? But even the 2 or 3 that "let" me put a tiny smidgen on the bottom of a Temptations Treat, stopped after the 2nd or 3rd one because the amount you have to give them far outweighs any length of interest the cat has in eating them, albeit hidden) and I ended up having to give them the "fish flavored treats" orally just like a pill.

SURE THEY'RE ARE CATS THAT WILL EAT THAT STUFF, BUT THEY ARE NOT THE MAJORITY OF CATS, AND FOR A PET PARASITE PROGRAM TO WORK--OR BE MARKETED AS A PET PARASITE PROGRAM--IT SHOULD WORK ON THE MAJORITY OF CATS, NOT THE VERY SMALL MINORITY OF CATS. As for dogs, my pit/lab Licorice, she'll eat anything, even if you throw a large Antibiotic capsule or pill on the ground before her, she'll eat it up like it's candy, so she's VERY easy to pill or give human parasite program too, but she is not the average!! I mean, what good would it do to have a human parasite program that only could be used by less than 10% of the human population? Wouldn't matter if it worked or not, not if MOST people couldn't take it, right? So PLEASE DON'T REPLY BACK TO THIS CITING THE FEW LUCKY ONES WHO WERE ABLE TO USE THE CLARK PET PARASITE PROGRAM WITH THEIR CATS!! I'm quite aware it would work, it's just not for MOST cats and we want to help the majority not just the lucky few.

Best to buy it here, it's cheaper, but it comes with a spray nozzle, so don't use the spray nozzle, best to pour into a bottle that you can use a dropper since you only need about 3-6 drops per 2 cups of water. There's pet homeopathic site that sells PARALIXER and gives you the option to have the dropper bottle instead but they cost a little bit more:

Zappers are good to use too, here's one that they cats can stand on so it has good contact with skin and no fur: (please don't talk to me about holding handholds up to a cat's ear for 3 cycles of 7 minutes per day for 30 days--doesn't work :)
Shown: PZ00043 ParaZapper™CCa with copper paddles, wrist straps, foot pads, and carrying case.


There's another zapper that has alligator clips so you can add the plates or even make them out of aluminum foil.


I'm writing this mainly because I did the Clark parasite program with good results and the Amish Dewormer, BUT for me to keep parasite-free I had to tend with the cats' parasites and for months on end could not seem to find a successful program (I ended up opting for pilling them with Dontral, which is much easier to do than get them to ingest cloves, wormwood, and Black-Walnut hull! Even the 2 feral/wild cats were easier--and let me tell you, you can easily lose an eye giving a feral cat a pill, even a domesticated cat for that matter, and I've given ferals baths before so I am quite aware of how to handle the most difficult of cats.

So JUST GET PARALIXER !! And if your cat is ill, get a zapper like the ones below, or do both. But PLEASE anyone out there promoting parasite programs add the Paralixer to your list because people with pets will never get free from parasites unless their pets are and a lot of them are CATS and the MAJORITY of the cats will not do the Clark pet parasite program and stop saying it's simple and easy to just hold zapper handholds up to a cat's ears for 30 days--it's NOT. Don't let your pride get in the way of people's and animal's health just because it's not your product, (yes, I've run into this trying to email a few of them which I will not mention) BE SMART: it will only enhance the product line you have for humans!!! And the truth is a lot of us humans got parasites from OUR PETS.

Zappers are good to use too, here's one that they cats can stand on so it has good contact with skin and no fur: (please don't talk to me about holding handholds up to a cat's ear for 3 cycles of 7 minutes per day for 30 days--doesn't work :)
Shown: PZ00043 ParaZapper™CCa with copper paddles, wrist straps, foot pads, and carrying case.


There's another zapper that has alligator clips so you can add the plates or even make them out of aluminum foil.

or here's one on a COLLAR:

cat rescue worker


Testimonial of parasite zapper for pets (mainly cats):

I currently have 13 cats I am testing on the zapper. And sadly and regrettably, so far the only testimonial I can provide is I know the zapper would work--but the problem is the design of both types of zappers, ones with wrist straps and ones with the hand helds--not a good design for pets, especially for cats. And since many people with parasites own cats, it is imperative that someone design a zapper that can work with cats because an infected person will never get well and will keep getting reinfected from pets, especially since cats one of the main carriers of ascaris.

Now, my dog, is a large good natured dog and would let me put the zapper hand helds on her tummy and paws as long as I rub her tummy the whole time. The accompanying pet parasite program no problem for a dog like her either, as she will eat anything anywhere anytime, so that type of pet is no problem for either the zapper or the pet parasite program. However, in speaking to other pet owners, I know my dog is an exception, as most pets are picky and have a great sense of smell and can spot strange smelling herbs hidden in their food, no matter how small the dose. Furthermore, they don't like sitting still while their owner puts large damp copper hand helds with strange wires getting in their face up against their skin for 3 minutes.

So far I have determined the total time for a cat should be about 3 minutes or less, as 7 minutes is too much for a 10-15 lb pet.

I have no doubt that the zapper will work on pets, the problem is in its design. It's handy for a human, but not for a pet and definitely not for a cat. I have set out to document my cats' results in the hopes of submitting it but so far my only testimonial is that someone out there needs to design one that is cat-friendly or pet friendly--not pet friendly for only dogs like mine I described above, since most pets are not "easy going" about things put on them. But for the majority of pets. For instance, cats have a lot of fur and there's only their ears or the bottom of their paws where skin is exposed and neither one of these places do they like anyone to hold something damp and wet up to them for periods of time daily for 3 cycles like the hand helds with the chords hanging from them - as for the wrist strap zappers, cats do not like the sound of Velcro tearing apart. I tried the wrist band zapper and the minute the cat heard that ripping Velcro noise they fled running for their lives. So I was basically left with the copper hand helds.

The ultimate design would be two copper plates if that is possible side by side and placed under a main plate so the cat could just lay on top of the plate with its paws resting on the two plates. Negative along the left side and positive along the right side. The pet could either just sit on it while the pet owner stroked them and pet them - or - the pet would stand on the plate while they ate some food out of their bowl placed in the front on the ground of the plate. The pet would be eating for about the same amount of time that the zapper would be on, 3 or so minutes. Then take the food away and after 20 minutes put the food back down and the pet would walk onto the plate again no problem. My cats love to be groomed with a brush or comb and if they could hop up to a plate like this they would eventually know and want to get up on the plate on their own, because it means good rubs, petting, and good feeling brushes and grooming.

In spite of the improper design of hand helds or wrist bands, I have tried testing it on a subject (cat that has a chronic respiratory nasal condition that is viral). I had no real choice but to hold each hand held up to each of his ears (which by the way is not good because the skin on a cat's ears are very sensitive and doing this for 30 days is not a good thing). But even if the cat would put up with this for 3 cycles (so far I can get away with only 1 cycle of about 3-4 minutes), the cat has a problem with the large pipe shaped things being held against their ears. I even tried letting the cat rest its paws on the one hand held while I hold the other hand held to its ear area, and most of my cats objected because the hand held is a cylinder and to make matters worse, that causes it to roll and move a bit from under the cats' paw if the cat moves a bit. I am not sure if the hand held has to be cylinder/round but if it was flat and smaller it would not be a as much a problem.

Sorry this is so long an email, but I’ve got the best test pet group and test environment; but not a good a design to work with (good for people, bad for cats). However, it's a good start that the zapper is quiet and doesn't vibrate which is a major important factor because if it made noise it simply would not work for most cats and dogs. I am sure lots of dogs would accommodate a type of harness, but not the rest of the 99%, your average cat. Cats like to lie down and be pet, this is where the plates on the bottom would be great, the positive under the left plate side and the negative under the right plate side and the cat laying on top of the flat plate with the bottom of their paws on top of the plate--not sure if electrically this would work, but if it did, this would be great. If this is not possible, then at least if the hand helds were flat this would be a much more workable design. No Velcro period. Not for a cat.

So the question isn't whether or not the zapper will work on a pet, the real question is whether or not the design would. And it won't, not on 99% of the average cats.

So until a zapper is designed for pet use, you are not going to find many testimonials, I’ve searched high and low for testimonials on zappers and cats or even dogs for that matter and haven't found one real testimonial, because no one can use it on a pet (again, I’m not talking about the 1% of average cats who'd put up with it or the 20-30% of dogs that would, I’m talking about most pets and almost all cats).

But thanks for brining the pet zapping to light; as many people with parasites are pet owners who will never get better with parasites in their pets period. As for the herbs, Dr. Clark gets a medal for brining it to light, however, although good intentions, her parasite program is not going to work on the majority of cats because no matter how small an amount, cloves and wormwood will not be tolerated by most cats' by putting it in their food because cats can smell those herbs and avoid them like the plague, at least all 13 of my cats did, they ran to their bowls and smelled the herbs and turned around leaving their full bowls of food. Case in point: the parsley water. I tried that and my cats are in 110 degree weather here in Arizona and chose rather not to drink their water due to the parsley smell in it, rather than quench their thirst in the Arizona heat. After seeing them thirsting like this after 8 hours I finally had to dump the parsley water and then and only then did they drank. However, there was one of my cats who has a kidney condition which causes him to drink copiously, so he would drink rancid water if he had to, and he drank the parsley water, but the other 12 would not. But this didn't do any good because he wouldn't touch the herbs. So although it sounds good when we read about the pet parasite program, it is not practical for cats -or- even picky dogs like my sister's chiwawa for that matter. [although my big black dog has no problem with it, but she will eat out of dirt or off the ground and likes to chew on tin cans and giving her pills is so easy because she things they are treats, even the nastiest of tasting pills, so she's an exception.]

However, there is a company that makes the parasite herbs in an odorless, colorless water base paralixer and the names of the herbs are written in Latin and I haven't looked them up to see if they contain wormwood or the others. All of my cats will drink these herbs in their water and don't notice it at all, but I am not sure the ingredients.

But until someone designs a proper pet plate type zapper, most pet owners (especially cat owners--which as I said earlier, cats are the big Ascaris carriers) have to resort to wormers like Panacur Favourites (round worm and tape worm wormers) we have to get from the vet or pharmacies which don't kill other types of parasites or viruses like the zapper would.

In the hopes that someone will design a pet plate zapper made for pets, I am submitting this testimonial and will continue to pass it along until someone designs a pet plate zapper or at the very least, a pet zapper with 2 flat hand helds (if that is even possible - I don't know electronics) and a real parasite program designed for the majority of pets.

One other note, I feel a timer on a zapper is imperative for the pets, most humans cannot be trusted to watch clocks for them and pets can't talk to let us know if they are experiencing too much die-off and pets are so small and would only need a few minutes each cycle; a timer on a pet zapper is not a "bell and whistle" it is a necessity.



(Healed from 12 year chronic fatigue syndrome in 5 months through using Dr. Hulda Clark zapper, lugul’s, and parasite program; Candida Wellness Center Program; and current owner of the Ultimate Zapper made by Ken Presner out of Canada.)


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