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Re: Curing Lyme Disease With Samento by newdawnfades ..... News Forum

Date:   8/7/2005 9:52:15 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I agree with the article in regards to eating a natural whole --raw diet being much better than vitamin supplements. Also that they are no excuse to eat a crummy diet.

However, I do feel that supplements-- the good kind made from sincerely natural ingredients-with no chemical additives-- play a vital role in our health.

If the supplements are from natural sources-and a person cant eat that many veggies/fruits in one day- but needs the extra nutrition,then these supplements are a life saver.

Spirulina and seaweed and other greens supplments or mixes to add with shakes,etc, really have given me extra energy-- and I didnt expect that. For the first time in my life, I've tried these nutrient supplements and was pleasantly surprised.

I used to take Drugstore brand Calcium/Vitamin D supplements, and wasnt very impressed. Even though I eat healthy, my fingernails always split and peeled, and never would grow.

Now , for the first time this year, I have been using Okanawa Japan Coral Calcium supplement capsules twice a day. In only 2 weeks-- 2 WEEKS!!- my fingernails are growing so thick and long that I have to keep filing them down!!!

Its gotten to the point that im taking more pride in them now and just got a nail buffer kit. They look like salon fingernails. I love the natural buff shine, and that they dont split anymore. The difference is that I jumpstarted my average healthy Diet with a little extra that my healthy Diet couldnt give me.

I think the key is-- get your supplements made from NATURAL sources, and dont rely on them as your only source of nutritition, but only for what they were designed for-- to SUPPLEMENT a healthy as possible diet.

Vitamins that are more absorbable in the body. Natural Vitamin C with all the natural bioflavonoids included) Natural Vitamin E is going to assimilate better in your body than the synthetic version.

The FDA wont tell you that though.

I feel we need these supplements to SUPPLEMENT a diet that is as healthy as possible- (no junk foods or empty calories) because even our vegetable produce is lacking in nutrients from leached out soils, and from storage before it hits the stores.

These days-- with all the toxins and with poorer soil quality each decade, and bodies needing an extra immune system Head start, we really can benefit from supplements and photo-nutrients like Grapeseed Extract, Pcynogel, Flax Seed, Cod liver oil, Borage Oil,etc.

Just make sure to also remain faithful in a healthy Diet and excersize plan- and get enough sun , fresh air and proper sleep. Dont use anything healthy as an excuse to cop out and smoke cigarrettes, for example.

Even herb supplements have their place. A body that is suffereing various illnesses, including parasite infections can greatly benefit from herbal supplements. Each herb has a different health benefit. Not everyone can grow or find these herbs in their area. If the herbs are not irridated, and packaged honestly, they are valuable supplements to aid a person in various illnesses.

Of course, the FDA and pharmecuetical companies would love nothing more than to ban all herbs from over the counter if they had their way. If they cant ban them,they would love to market them in diluted ultra-refined form so that they would become useless and not competetion for thier drugs they want to market.


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