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Re: N D E by #165157 ..... Near Death Experiences Support Forum (NDE)

Date:   6/12/2003 11:11:11 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I'm very happy to have read your n.d.e. especially of your thoughts about your new life.I share the same thoughts like you but on a lesser capacity of control.
I'm in my 30's, you can say i had a normal upbringing till my late teens.Thats when I did what all young people do ,but abuse and over did it in .Today I'm person who is fighting everyday my drinking, gambling and sex habits.Its about 6 yrs I got upper hand on the situation, but life isn't easy,its takes alot of faith in God and strength.At times when I fail and indulge in the fleshly acts or other devilish acts, I don't get discouraged or say to myself "you know what everybody does it so whats the big deal",no that just the bad spirits(devil) making you beleive its ok.And I do feel the bad spirits luring me away from God, life is a series of frames , each frame or step depends on your path in life.You have the choice when you go home after work, you can go for a beer in a bar where all the bad influence are, or you can go home to your family where you won't experience unhealthy thoughts.My path gets challenges everyday, and I do feel it when I go to the wrong way, I actually feel bad spirits guiding me and almost talking to me, most people think i'm crasy but if your communicating with your inner self , you can control your life.People got to stop thinking that what everybody does is normal, committing aldultery, drinking etc...if they were good for people it wouldn' t hurt them from all these bad things. Too many parents today care more for their kids to like them as a friend than as a parent who at times got to draw the line.
I just wish that there were more people like you, and that more people would listened.That we can form a group where we can talk and strengthen ourselves to be a cancer that will kill all that is bad, I do think that the internet is the tool.I do know that there is alot of good in the world but too many bad influence and not enough guidance to lead this people to the right path.I do beleive that being bad is cool in today s world, but I feel that people are gettin fed up, the people are aware that money can decide alot of bad decision to corrupt our future , we're all feeling the mistrust of all governments, and people are waiting for a voice.I'm sure theres hope for good over evil.
All the best and hoping to hear from you real soon


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