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Re: Can sludge come out with cleanse? How do you know if you have parasites or not? by UserX ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   3/19/2002 7:19:09 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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> Can sludge come out with cleanse?

Yes, many people get sludge out with the cleanse.

> How do you know if you have parasites or not?

You may have symptoms. You do parasites cleanse and you see parasites in your stool.

Or, if you have no symptoms, and you do parasites cleanse, and you see parasites in your stool, then you know for sure.

> In a gall bladder ultrasound, they found Gallstones and sludge accumulation. After my second successful gall bladder cleanse with olive oil and lemon juice, along with the stones, some thick, rubbery, white stuff about 2 inches long, clumped like a ball in the middle and thinning out smaller towards the edges came out. Was this the sludge being expelled from my gall bladder?

It could be a parasite or it could be sludge.

Keep it and take a photo, then it is easier to diagnose it.

Congratulation with your child!

Are you the same "Celia" who did the cleanse on Monday, January 14th, at 33-1/2 weeks or 7-1/2 months pregnant?

Your experience have been of value for other mothers-to-be.
Now, you are doing a cleanse while breast feeding, again a rare story posted here. I have only read 5 - 10 stories of breastfeeding mothers who dared to do liver cleanse.

> Also, small, brown, rubbery pieces came out with the second cleanse. Were these pieces of a tape worm?

I don't know.

Keep it in alcohol, and take a photo, and bring it to some vet, he may know. Vets know more about parasites then doctors.

> How do you know if you have parasites, and how do you know if you need the parasite cleanse?

You don't have to know.
You just do it.

Most herbs used in parasites cleanse, have many other good medicinal properties.

> I am breastfeeding. I do not want to do the parasite cleanse until after I stop breastfeeding.

It is OK to use Black-Walnut , cloves, garlic, cayenne, pampkin seeds, raw rice, apple seeds, apricot seeds, black cherry, ...

Wormwood may be too strong, so use only 1/2 of standard dose.



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