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Re: Pic WARNING! Whatís causing my familyís illness for ovr year by #180936 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/29/2022 2:53:52 AM ( 6 months ago ago)
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Hey, I just stumbled across your post and felt the need to make a comment. I'm just going to list a bunch of different things to experiment with that could help you.

First I'd look into Jennifer Daniel's Turpentine protocol. This should be relatively easy to try. There are a bunch of youtube vids on the subject and it's easy to find her exact protocol. But the gist is this. You get pure pine-gum Turpentine and consume it with Sugar in small doses and it supposedly acts as an anti-parasitical. Her protocol takes about 3 weeks or more.

If that didn't work I'd try raw garlic. This is a bit more extreme and difficult to do but, in my experience, quite effective. It's my personal go-to approach for parasites. I use the Turpentine stuff as more of a preventative. Also the raw garlic ain't for everyone and you may want to try this in small stages to see how it goes. This is how I did it. I'd get a head of garlic and very finely chop it up and then crush it. The goal being to create as much surface area as possible. Make some mashed potatoes or some other carby carrier. Cool it down. Mix it with the garlic. Make sure whatever the carrier is it's not warm. Cold mashed potatoes. Or cold guacamole. Something like this. I don't want the heat to affect the raw garlic. It must be uncooked. Consume this with some sort of protein like ground beef or steak, also cold. Something that will stay in your stomach digesting for a while. The idea is you want to give the garlic as much time as possible to be absorbed. I do this for a week. Long enough I am literally stinking of garlic. I want it to permeate my body. It's a great anti-parasitical. Some might find it really hard to consume the garlic because it will burn. My wife couldn't do this treatment herself for that long and said it was too rough on her system. Maybe trying it in small doses first to see how it is tolerated is a good idea. If successful there is a delivery of raw garlic into the body and bloodstream and it will do its thing.

Presuming either of these things listed above work, then your body will be cleaning the parasite out. And you'll want to help it there too. You might get a herxheimer reaction for instance. So I drink lots of water and do lymph massage. Jumping up and down on a small trampoline. Using a thumper vibrator on all lymph lines. I start with the feet, down the legs, chest, then hands down to the neck, all while positioning my body so that the lymph is being helped by gravity to drain. I just want to encourage the garbage collection system of the body to move more and to clear out. I notice I will be pooing more.

Then I rebuild the gut flora. Probiotics, yoghurts, kombucha, etc.

I find it useful to think about what I was doing to make the terrain of the body such that the condition would exist. Am I feeding it in some way? What could that be? And then I'd try to stop it and try to notice if there's a change.

Also I find a carnivore diet useful for general maintenance. Aajonus Vonderplanitz had interesting ideas. And there are some raw meat guys on youtube who talk about how it's helped their health issues.


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