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PARASITE?HELP ! I HAVE PROOf &(I THINK THE SONSABITCHES LAID EGGS!!! SEE VIDS AND PICS)) by Hidden Username ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/3/2021 12:12:23 PM ( 17 months ago ago)
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Written - 11:03 Pm 3/2/21
link = MULTIPLE pictures (before, during , & Now pics) through google photos album just click the link
>>>>>>>>>>>>I cant deal with this ANYmore can somebody PLEASE help me.
I believe it is two parasites of some sort (because they look different) but im not too familiar with parasites so it/they possibly could be something else honestly.

Symptoms- Me - Fatigue , Depression, Anxiety (MAJOR MAJOR), Less Bowl Moments, Insomnia, Acne
& MAJOR Teeth Degeneration/DECAY Excessively FAST AS HELL - Flu like symps With BAD COUGH (CANT GET MUCOUS UP OUT OF THROAT) - Loss of apatite, Feeling dehydrated even if drinking plenty of water
Son - (4y) - itchy butt, HORRIBLE SMELLING PEEE

im at a loss & dont know where else to turn to. my mental health has become so low i even quit my job.
at first i started being very fatigued with minor break outs being a single parent to a toddler, stress can easily become overwhelming so i thought nothing of it & brushed it off.... then it started ... i would shower (warm/hot) and when i would get out i would feel like something was on me or tickling me kind of.. i would jump and then that would be it.. i use natural products like tea tree, jojoba, castor, bent.clay, activated charcoal vita min c etc. regularly (been using for these for a year or so, please no "its a reaction" comments)one day i decided to take my NORMAL detox/cleanse bath (draws out impurities & hydrates the skin, yes ive used this before too ) i got in to reax and within 10 minuetes i felt like things were moving?/ swimming? in the water with me i instantly jump out and pulled the plug as the water got low i was baffled to see these translucent off white things with a tiny black dotted looking head?tail?idk.. and what looked to be my hair swimming? around (brown/sandy) due to my mental illnesses ( Depression & anxiety, insomnia, ptsd and trauma) i thought i was just seeing shxt honestly, still freaked me out but being logical lack of sleep will trick your eyes easily. so i let it be...... fast forward time to make it short ill just put events - i started breaking out BAD (i normally dont) first my face soon after my ear piercing holes started to become inflamed and sensitive which i couldnt understand why because ive had these piercing for years.. so i toke them out.. well they started to "pimple up" and then scab so i decided to keep it out for a few days.i started brushing my teeth and i would get a weird taste in my mouth im not sure how to describe it even and when i would "Rinse and spit" my mouth would feel super slimy (VID in alb.) Teeth also started to deteriorate super quickly... & then came my back (which NEVER breaks out) i started to have cyctic Acne (nodules) on my back out of nowhere (i didnt do much about it because no point trying to pop it if nothings going to come out) but then they would bleed and scab "for no reason" So i decided to invest in a nice magnif. mirror and then i saw THEM . these creatures poking in and out of my face like it had became a damn hotel for them going in and out of my back making small to gigantic holes & THEN TODAY my goodness it hurt SOOO BAD. they decided to go to my ear. (in pics before during and after) it went from a red spot to a full blown gigantic pimple like white head it hurt so bad i tried to resist like all the other bumpb but i could NOT not this one the pain was excruciating and the longer i waited the bigger it got my ear started to turn bood-shot red and was hot to the touch (without me messing with it) my whole right side of my face felt like it was throbbing so i did it (THE ONLY ONE I MESSED WITH) i poped it ... and nothing nothing but this oily yet liquidy stuff came for a few mins (not a normal skin ooze)being in my ear i couldnt see so i started taking pictures and boom i saw it hidden right behind my earring as if it knew i was watching..... my son is nowb saying hes scratchy and his bum itches ( HE HAS NO IDEA ABOUT ME) ii kept my cool & checked it and didnt see anything (vaseline and desetin check) as well as a night check didnt but he just got up to poo (its now 12:44am) and i think saw some in his poo coming from the inside out (no pics of this of course) he attends daycare and i worked in a hospital (surgery dept.) around the beg of this crisis im living in. we also pet sat a puppy around this time and had a few neighborhood kids have been in and out my house. so the possibilites of where it came are endless but i need answers i cant live like this & drs seem to not believe me wont even take the time to look at my proof Im just so over it i shower like 4 times a day, i clean constantly so we dont live messy, we brush 3 times a day (family of bad teeth genes) i constantly wash laundry blankets pillows etc.? im not a druggie i have a great career i might be a little mentally f**ked but im not that mentally f**ked to where nobody can even listen to me ?


update update ALEERRTTTTTT

so i went to go add more vids and pics and i happen to hit slow mo in some (IDKHOW) but i am now pretty sure whatever THE f**k THIS IS HAS LAID EGGS IN MY DAMN MOUTHHH
to the add vids* please be advised before looking at EVERYthing (nothing nude but it is a gross situation*

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