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Re: LEFT Shoulder and Pancreas "Pain" long After Flushing by Marg99 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/5/2018 4:05:41 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hi Andrei - I don't normally reply to queries because even though I am now on maintenance flushes I feel I am not qualified to comment but your problems so reminded me of my progress to better health.

The pain you are feeling on your left side could be Splenic Flexure - this is the bend in the large intestine which often gets clogged up as we are moving debris out of our systems when we are liver flushing. I usually ease this with a dessertspoon of Epsom Salts with warm water & add a little lemon to help the flavour this opens your bile ducts and seems to release the pressure in that area.

I also did exercises for the trapezius muscles which often weaken along our shoulder/neck. I also took Chanca Piedra prior to Liver Flushes to try to break up any larger stones.

Basically, I continued on the Liver Flush monthly (ensure to follow Hulda Clark or Andreas Moritz instructions as near as possible) but also reviewing what else to use to help your own personal problems.

My husband(72)and myself(65) both with different symptoms/problems so we tried Diatomaceous earth and later Bentonite (hubby worked with metals and I removed strange gunk) then because I had really bad sinusitis I bought some Colloidal Silver from a reputable company here in the UK which was amazing to clear the bacteria regards the sinusitis and it also helped clear hubbies gut candida.

Basically, we see this as a journey, when you get to our age, we have had a fun life and perhaps over enjoyed at times, like most people and as Andreas says in his book, when you do the Liver Flush it often causes previous illnesses to return and so you may experience different symptoms after each flush but this is the liver removing the stones and problems related to your previous life.

I suppose what I felt from your query is that you sometimes feel bemused by all the different things which are happening even though you are working so hard doing the liver flush. All I can confirm is, it does work but you have to be patient and also consider doing additional research surrounding your ailments which develop because your liver is an amazing piece of equipment but you can also help it along by researching such things as parasites (diatomaceous or Bentonite can help)

We are having a wonderful time, always on holiday with our grandchildren, grandad is the star rounders player and our nanny is mad (is what our grandkids think) so it was well worth all the time and worries the Liver Flush sometimes brought. So keep it up Andrei, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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