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Re: DOCTOR RECOMMENDS NEBULIZING Colloidal Silver and Quinton Water FOR ASTHMA and COPD by rinave ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   12/21/2016 9:51:16 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Excellent information on Eosinophilic disorders.

At the time that it happened, I thought it was triggered by allergies to the environment because 5 years prior we had moved to an agricultural area where the farmers spray pesticides/herbicides and there are fungus in the soil. So I was tested for aspergillosis IgE and it was elevated. So that was most likely the main cause.

The Eosinophils also infiltrated the digestive tract besides de lungs and I could not eat anything for 3 months. So they thought it was parasites ( I had been outside the country). Nothing showed, although tests in the US are not thorough enough.

Doctors thought it was a blood disorder and tested for leukemia by a bone marrow but thank God it was negative.

Another cause as you can see in the article you sent me, would be Hypoadrenalism. My adrenals were not producing enough cortisol already at the time I got sick.

I also have studied about mastocytosis, or mast cell disorders because I have an intolerance to histamines. So I went on a Low Histamine Diet for a while, but didn't noticed much improvement in the asthma.

The problems with the digestive system resolved when I started Prednisone. I can eat without throwing up as I did during the initial crisis.

The asthma responded well at first, but lately was requiring higher doses, which it would be a disaster. I already have a lot of the permanent side effects of steroids like osteoporosis, cataract surgery, thin skin and bruising.

What I noticed with the Colloidal Silver in the nebulizer and the quinton water, is that I now can stay at my regular dose of 10mg or Prednisone and one puff of Advair. Previously to nebulizing I was at my wits end, nothing would work, I couldn't even walk a short distance, coughing non stop and talking in short sentences. You understand how it is.

So only 12 days of nebulizing already gave me quite a bit of relief. Now I need to improve much more to be able to decrease the steroids. What I am concerned is the digestive system if it starts to shut down with less steroids.

I am also thinking of taking Lugol because I have Hashimoto, but read conflicting information about Iodine with auto immune thyroiditis. You also said that you used SSKI for your lungs. Do you think it is important to try?

It does get complicated, but I am thankful to you and others, because I am learning a lot in order to refine these applications.

I checked the other link you gave me on the AItered States. I did try for quite a while a type of Rife machine and now I have a computerized harmonics, different frequencies by sounds. I never noticed anything from either one. I even sold back the Rife machine.

I also used a Zapper and Hulda Clark s anti parasites formulas. I have tried so much, but once we are put on steroids and the weak adrenals go to "sleep", it is very hard to bring them back. I now take adrenal supplements by Dr. Lynch's company Seeking Health.

Besides all that, I did the genetic testing and found that I have MTHFR 1298 and 677, meaning, I detox only partially. (heterozygous on both, that is, I inherited from only one parent).

Once more, thanks for your interest! One can never stop learning. You are right, doctors only know about drugs.

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