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Re: Icu protocol question by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/22/2015 2:57:23 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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>I try to take the 200mg pill am and pm. (=400 of what??)

I take 133mg source naturals magnesium citrate...
per day the body is only capable of absorbing 700mg (ions) which are mostly magnesium ( the highest important transport) .

This is huge problem.
The body is always sulfur deficient.
The GI trac is 50% efficient in absorbing anything.

Take 1030mg magnesium sulfate.
Take 133 mg source naturals magnesium citrate.

This is the 10th time I have posted this.
Do the research.
You are doing 4X to much.

Every day for the next 3+ years
Do 133 mg of Magnesium Citrate (Source Naturals) The ionic form of Magnesium, that works in the Citrate Cycle, the most ionic oxygen carbon dioxide associated chemistry loop,
Very available, The citrate cycle is reserved for your highest priority ionic commands.

This is minerals we are talking about, not amino acid commands to the dna, this is a simple mineral,.?/

You need to get the mineral commands correct,
There are so few amino commands you can tell the DNA to do correctly.

If you issue a DNA command, it is followed, no choice, the cell must process.>/?

If you give a mineral supplement, it is the last priority....

To do mineral Magnesium, there is a total of 700 mg ionic total, Magnesium is one, then there is the GI trac to deal with, which can be process only so much... per day... in a human.

To do ionic Magnesium, the lowest potential for work is the Ionic Magnesium Citrate form.

Everyone is Sulfur Deficient, than you Monsanto.

So, Dr Clark, Magnesium Sulfate Capsule 1030 mg magnesium Sulfate, (GI trac 50% efficient), 515mg absorbed Magnesium Sulfate ion.

Subtract from 700 (max) leaves 185 mg (balance) ionic Magnesium, or ion transport.

Potassium Citrate 99mg, (at 50% efficiency) leaves 133 mg of ion transport (balance).

Cannot do calcium ionic, since bacteria, and parasites could absorb,

Zinc does not count,+/-

So if 133 mg Magnesium Citrate is dosed per day, their remains, 68mg of ion transport left, for other ions.

Magnesium, and ion transport must be carefully dosed, if you dose every day.
1030 mg Magnesium Sulfate capsule(Dr Clark)
133 mg Magnesium Citrate capsule
99 mg Potassium Citrate capsule

Small remainder mg for double dose or other ionic forms.

700 mg maximum gut ionic transport documented by research papers as average human ionic transport potential before skew of ionic balance in a human.

I tend to get sick for a while. Maybe its die off. Lately I feel quite well as long as I take my vits (a, e, b-100 complex,

SB B50, or B25.

c and eat a decent meal.)

. When I take exte iver I can literally feel one in my face travel in sinus pass my nose,

... yes, ascaris???

go behind my rite eye to my head.

... yes, me to, ascaris???

The big ones hide in my pelvic or hang on my side/bank/plank when I take extra meds.

... over the right kidney, ascaris???

I feel them slush around, when I turn from back to side.

>I went walking yesterday and felt quite strong. I only get sick when I try to treat my illness aggressively. Yesterday I wasnt sick and weak I did a brisk walk for about half mile or so.. quite an accomplishment for me. But I know I have some large ones hiding out in my body. So much to do so much to fight. I need to reach for the DEC... next...

>Why do you think I get sick from the Zinc sulfate? have none, it makes enzymes, oxygen, they absorb, they hate.

I took 9.32mg/kg zinc sulfate... and they exploded....... .... .... ....

you are sulfur absent.

>How much do you think I should take.

...Email me private and i will answer this question...

i took a maximum of 27 rising 220 caps with 50 mg each of zinc sulfate monohydrate.

do the math...

... they exploded, the worms exploded, boom. for hours they exploded.....

why put them to sleep with ivm when you can make them explode, then kill the babies with ivm and DEC, ALB, or Flagyl.

I increase Iver cause i realize I have big worms.

Plus and minus math.

Doctors cannot do even the most basic math.
They do not fathom the concept.

You cannot kill a parasite until you have 0 ionic flow in the body,.

You must be alkaline, or die.

Basic statement.

All truth.

Salt chemistry (Dr 1950 knew)
Today Doctors only know what pharma company tells them to say.

They do not know salt chemistry.
They do not know molar math.
They cannot calculate ion,
95% of doctors do not know how many atoms are in a mole.

Doctors are the most fool people on the planet,
Why do we listen to them??

Do the Math your self.

Total Body Dump/Purge Formula:
2 MSM Capsules
2 Magnesium Sulfate Capsules 1030mg
3 Sago Palm Vitamin C Capsules
3 Ester C Capsules (2G)
3 Droppers "KGP Flush" liquid in 32 ounces of diluted cranberry juice.

1 CQ10 400mg d alpha E (Now Foods)
1800 mg guaifenesin (Guai-aid)
3G Spirulina powder (Now Foods)
3 Natures Plus Source of Life 3058
1 B25
3 Bartlow Dodder Seed 20:1 extract capsules

I dumped Black for 20 hours strait. My deaf ear of 20 years, dropped a pile. It is making noise again, Once the body starts a purge, it cannot stop.

> Hope I dont poison myself.

Don't worry, Be happy,

Whats the most iver you take without causing serious damage to yourself?

4X, 1200 ucg/kg

>I get good results from taking more ivermectin.

if ivm does not calm problem, go to pzq, parazaquantel... kill flukes, skitzos, tapeworms, then return to protocol

Thanks for your help.

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