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Re: Disgusted by worms by #139500 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/22/2015 8:50:28 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hey vch,

I'm sorry to hear about your infestation, I know it's not fun and I USED to think that worm infestations were for "other people", but this morning I got a reality check.

In my search for a cure for asthma and degenerative discs I have come across a lot of good information.

I was on the curezone site reading yesterday and came across a recipe for IMAM (Improved Miracle Adrenal Mix) and since I used to have adrenal fatigue I figured I'd take it just to strengthen my adrenals. The mix is also used to kill worms received from Lyme disease, but I don't have Lyme disease.

I made 2qts of the stuff yesterday and drank about a quarter of it in the whole day. I could feel tiny, microscopic worms coming out of my skin. I was just happy not to see any big ones.

I drank some more of the mix this morning and felt the microscopic worms coming out again, but didn't think anything of it. Then my ankle. started hurting and I was about to scratch it, but looked first and I saw something on my skin. I went to the bathroom with my reading glasses and a magnifying glass to see what it was. It was a macroscopic worm. I about flipped out!

He was trying to get away from the salt water concoction in my system, but he was still hanging on. I decided to run that fool under some toxic municipal water from my bathtub. I hit him for 20 seconds then checked him out. He was ticked, but still hanging on. The website said don't break them off because what's left in your body can regrow so you need to let them come out on their own.

I gave him another dose of chlorinated and fluoridated municipal water and he couldn't take it so he pinched me real hard then went back into my skin or down the drain, I couldn't tell, I had the water from the tub full blast on him.

I also felt other big worms his size moving around under my skin on my head, arms, back....oooookay, YES I was totally flabbergasted and weirded out. OTHER people got worms, not ME!!!

I thought this was going to be a normal morning.

Okay, I have decided that I just can't be having worms biting through my skin--and I heard they come out of people's eyes too--and coming out, especially if I was around some people, that would be kinda embarrassing.

That mix was very effective in getting them upset. The only question is can you endure a lot of worms coming through your skin trying to get out.

I can say this though, I do feel for you. I felt some of them jokers in my body and it freaks me out, but they haven't acted up to the extent you have described so I just want to say try to hang on until you find help.

I came on here to try to find a way to kill them while they are still in my body so I don't have worms biting through my skin trying to get out. It didn't feel good with just that ONE worm trying to get out. I can't imagine dozens or hundreds trying to get out at once.

I stopped them from acting up by drinking some water to dilute that salty mixture I drank. The IMAM mixture was what was driving them crazy.

Now I'm going to research the "Zapper" to see if it kills parasites so they don't come boring out of my freakin' skin.

Hang on and keep looking for help.


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