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Serrapeptase- the miracle enzyme? by logan2020 ..... Serrapeptase (Serratio Peptidase) Support Forum

Date:   4/12/2013 6:37:37 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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When we read our history books or even study the Bible for historical content, do you suppose that certain "miracles"..for instance, people becoming cured of skin diseases, being able to walk again, etc, the "miracles" performed by Jesus, occurred because he gave them serrapeptase?

I realize that the translation of the Bible tends to be imperfect, and often our view of religious texts are tainted by our language and sociological influences, but it does pose an interesting question and promotes an interesting theory:

During the time of Jesus, there were no methods of refrigeration of food, nor freezing of meats to kill mature parasites. Could the people have been suffering from a parasite infestation- and all these ailments were cured by taking the silkworm enzyme, serrapeptase?

So then I'm also curious if serrapeptase actually KILLS parasites. Serrapeptase eats and dissolves proteins in non-living matter, but could it be it also eats parasites?

Any thoughts welcome!



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