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To do natural, self-healing, you need to be a detective by probin ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   10/20/2004 1:46:20 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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you wrote:

allopathic drs. were zero help, from various ailments that have plagued me for many years, i am 31 yrs old now:

-migraines for 20+ years
-chronic fatigue for 7yrs
-neck/shoulder/back pain for 8yrs
-depression/anxiety for 12 yrs
-chronic pain/fibromyalgia-like

-i changed my diet to include more organic fruits and vegetables, less wheat/gluten containing foods, less dairy. added probiotics, green food supplments, kefir, various other vitamins. increased water intake. more fiber to my diet
-did bowel cleansing with p&b shakes (see Bowel Cleanse Forum ), occasional enemas
-did parasite cleanse

first, let me say i am sorry you are hurting.

next, let me say that creating health and a healthy lifestyle can be great fun!

it sounds to me as if you are rather new at self-healing compared to your years on the planet. taking charge of your own health is the most empowering thing you can do. it is absolutely worth doing anything and everything to get well and strong and happy.

it sounds as if you have taken a few steps in that direction when many more are required. true health, real health is not going to a doctor and taking a magic pill, or even a magic herb. genuine, radiant health is a state of mind, a lifestyle.

to do your own healing, you need to become a detective; asking even more questions than a doctor. you need to ask a lot of questions when you want to get well. there are many questions i would ask if it was my body. i'd like to know:

am i willing to be 100% responsible for my health and happiness?
am i willing to do whatever it takes to be truly healthy and happy?
what have i done so far?
what is it going to take?
how am i thinking about myself and my body?
what is my attitude about health/sickness?
am i willing to change my thinking?
am i willing to learn how my thinking affects my body?
am i willing to undergo temporary pain or sense of deprivation
to permanently, truly get OUT of pain and discomfort?

i DID ask myself those questions and have been asking them for many years. and believe me, once i got out of the idea of deprivation, and i got well, the simplest foods tasted absolutely luxurious. my old comfort foods do not even appeal to me any longer. i delight in fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts. and it's fun to see what i can do with them. if humans had never invented cooked foods, they would have been more creative with raw. we are reinventing the wheel! -- and turning that unhealthy wheel into a healthy one. :)

and for the sake of this forum, i think we need more info to make an evaluation of your situation. rather than saying, 'a Liver Flush ruined my health...', it might be better to say, "oops! i got stuck here -- where do i go now?" there are many experienced and knowledgable people here who have successfully done Liver Flushes colon cleansings, etc and raw foods. you can get good help when you ask.

myself, i'd like to know...

how tall are you?
how much do you weigh?
what did you eat before you started adding some organic foods?
what do you eat now? (a typical day)
what's in your frig? cupboards? freezer?
wha's the first thing you reach for when you get hungry?
do you smoke? drink alcohol? do any drugs?
what is your world view?
are you involved in any philosophy of life that blames/shames/guilts?

now... please excuse my use of words here; they might be a bit clumsy, but you'll get the idea. you see, there may have been something going on in your intestines a long time ago and the cleanses you were doing were dislodging old stuff that might have gotten hung up in the system and was not totally removed because your intestines were not yet fully clear. those Gallstones could have provided some great food for some hungry parasites!!! they might be enjoying them now.

if it was my body i might want to do more colon cleansing and parasite eviction. in fact, i think i'd stick with those two things for a very long time until i felt that i was clear of debris in the colon and clear of all parasites. yep. that's what i would do. and i wouldn't feed those little pests any processed foods -- they LOVE processed foods and fats and sugars and proteins. makes 'em grow big and strong and healthy. the point is to starve them out and never provide them with a medium they might like to live in.

myself? i'd do apples. apples. more apples. as many apples as i could hold. and i'd chew the apple seeds too, to get the laetrile out of them. if i wanted something different for dinner, i'd eat a HUGE DARK GREEN LEAFY salad with lemon juice, olive oil, and LOTS of garlic. i'd do a bit of psyllium husks in water a couple of times a day, work a little flax seeds in there somewhere. to tell you the truth, that is pretty much my daily diet even now. :) and LOTS of herbs to kill those bugs & worms!

what i've been doing is making a smoothie in my blender with a couple of nice apples, water, herbs, psyllium etc. it's gotten to the point where a smoothie without bitter herbs tastes somehow incomplete. :)

robert gray, author of 'the colon health handbook' was a friend of mine and he said that the first priority is to get the colon clean because otherwise, things very well might get hung up there. sometimes, when something is very very dirty, it takes more than one run through the washer before it gets REALLY clean; same thing with the body. and then, once it's clean, you need to nourish your it with only the very simplest and best foods.

if you feel the need for warm food, warm it up -- just don't heat it above 115F. 'warming up to living foods' byelysa markowitz is a nice little book for winter warm foods. raw foods does not necessarily have to be COLD foods. even when i used to eat cooked foods, i rarely ate them 'hot' -- i'd usually let them cool down to room temperature before eating them. cold foods, hot foods, both require extra effort for the body to assimilate.

i usually don't eat things straight out of the frig. now that it's cooler i sometimes put a mixture of things -- like cilentro (helps leach out heavymetals), sunflowerseeds sprouted or sunflower seed cheese, avocado, grated beet or carrot or parsnip, cucumber or zucchini, etc -- on a collard leaf and put it in my dehydrator at 95F for a few minutes, roll it up like a tortilla, and enjoy it very much.

vitamix blenders spin so fast they can make a warm and creamy soup from vegies in a short while. just monitor the warmth so it doesn't get much more than 'warm.'

if we were in nature, we'd be eating VERY simply. NOTHING processed at all. we are only dreaming that we can fully assimilate foods that have been altered from their natural state. and to go from the normal all american diet to a normal all american diet plus a few organic fruits and vegetables and a few cleansings, that is not giving yourself a chance at real health. i'ts like living in a house that has been trashed and vacant for many years and expecting it to be clean and wonderful just becasue we clear a path from the front door to the back. when you clean that house all the way down to the floorboards, wallboards... all the way through, then you have a house that you KNOW and can trust the cleanliness of.

real health in this society requires a big commitment. it is very easy to slip into, 'oh, just one little _____ won't hurt me.' very easy to rationalize and claim to be very very good and concientious. anyone who's walked the walk knows it takes more than a little toe in the water.

i wish you the very best and i pray that for your own sake you will take very good care of yourself. if it was MY body, i'd go on a very simple diet for a very long time. i'd take advantage of all the apples and pears that are growing locally and turn my back on anything more complicated until i was 100% well. but then -- that's how i am -- TOTALLY committed to my own health.

"The sage is never sick becasue he is sick of being sick." -- LaoTsu in "The Tao"

get sick of being sick. it's a great thing to do. :) you'll be glad you did. :) your life will become FUN!!!!!

sincerely, patricia

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