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Magnesium scarcity

Magnesium scarcity is the cause of many diseases. Magnesium is one of the major components of living matter. Magnesium salts are needed to stimulate white blood cell activity. They also promote the action of vitamins, enhance the effect of numerous diastases such as the alkaline phosphatases, and play an important part in glucose metabolism and phosphocalcium metabolism.

A lack of magnesium can result from one or more of the following conditions: Deficiency in Magnesium: Consuming grains and vegetables grown on chemically fertilized or sprayed fields may result in a deficiency in magnesium. Junk foods: Consuming white bread and refined grain products. The magnesium and other vital minerals are removed with the bran when rice is polished or whole flour is sifted to remove its bran. Refining whole wheat and polishing rice can reduce their magnesium content by over 80%. Refined Salt Consumption: Using vacuum processed refined white table salt or boiled salt. These contain either no magnesium salts or less than 0.03%, instead of the 0.41% average content in natural Celtic Sea Salt™. Magnesium salts, while quite abundant in young adults, become depleted in older persons. Factors affecting absorption of magnesium are: physiological need, the amount of magnesium ingested and the diet as a whole.

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