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Cancer Natural Cures "They don't want you to know about!"
by K.a. Thomas [edit]

Cancer Natural Cures
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ISBN: 1490905790
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Kimberly A. Thomas has done us all a Tremendous service. Kim has put together a simple, clear, and easily read helpful guide to the extraordinarily powerful benefits of creating healthy alkalinity in your body's cells.. If you want to be healthy, read this impressive, dedicated well presented book. In a world desperate for hope, this book arrives at precisely the right time."

Donald J. Porter, Retired Investment Banker, that successfully used Baking Soda Protocol with an organic Diet, to beat Stage IV Metasticized Prostate Cancer (diagnosed early 2007) with NO Chemo or Radiation.


Cancer: Natural Cures is a well-researched book wrote by a daughter of a cancer victim and has many examples that show the FDA's roll in stifling alternate cures to protect the large pharmaceutical companies.

If you have a friend or family member that has cancer and you are struggling with how to help them please gift them this book so that they can read they have other options.  Michael J. Considine Jr

K.a. Thomas (Biography)

Kimberly Thomas fully understands how your life can be flipped upside down when it comes to the word “Cancer”. Kim personally cared for and became her father’s advocate after he was diagnosed late with Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Carcinoma. Kim grew up trusting the medical community and prescription drugs but that all changed in October of 2012 when she had to put her life on hold to personally care for her father first hand physically, mentally and emotionally for 8 months of her life in her home.

Kim began her mission a month after her father’s diagnosis in order to find out the proper answers that were not being given due to many complications, medication prescriptions, administration of proper dosing, pharmaceutical drugs and proper diet.

While researching for her father and trying to care for him the best she could, Kim started reading hundreds of medical journals, books about nutrition, prescription drugs, the politics behind big pharma and the FDA. She discovered that most illness and disease including cancer is reversible and preventable by treating the underlying cause of the problem rather than using invasive surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to treat the symptom.



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