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Naturally Beautiful
by Loreen Doherty [edit]

Naturally Beautiful
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‘Naturally Beautiful’ - A Clear and Concise Guide to Natural Skin and Body Care.


Source: Loreen Doherty

Dated: Jul 23, 2012


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 23rd July 2012 - Researcher/author, Loreen Doherty today announced

the release of her new book, ‘Naturally Beautiful’ which she describes as a comprehensive, easy-to-follow

guide to natural skin and body care.


‘Naturally Beautiful’ contains 137 user-friendly pages of hundreds of tried and tested tips, hints and recipes

that are effective and can be streamlined to suit an individual’s skin and hair type. It contains simple

easy-to-follow steps to creating bath, skin, hair and beauty products using ingredients readily available from

the garden, cupboard or local supermarket or health store.

Over the last several years Loreen had researched information online or in books and magazines only to

end up with a lot of facts, figures and information that was irrelevant or incorrect. Many times she was led

from one website to another and finally after wasting a lot of time and effort, was at a dead end or required

to purchase something that may or may not have the information she was looking for. This frustration led

Loreen to begin her own 7 years of in-depth research and testing. Subsequently, this resulted in her writing

2 books with concise, easy-to-follow formats. To reduce confusion and answer queries, this book contains

an extremely useful, well researched and detailed glossary of all the natural ingredients used or

recommended within the book.

With the years spent researching, testing, trialling and writing her book, Loreen feels that it will benefit

those looking for affordable petrochemical-free alternatives to the expensive, synthetic products that can

dull and age the skin prematurely.

“I am excited to be able to offer a guide to effective beauty care that can be easily streamlined to suit all

skin and hair types,’ said Loreen. “I’ve worked hard to make it as user-friendly as possible.”

Harmful chemicals are in virtually everything we use on our bodies every single day. Validated scientific

research shows how dangerous, damaging and down right unpleasant these hazardous chemicals are to

health and well being. Harmful, toxic, synthetic, petrochemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances

damage, dry and age skin over time and help destroy the environment. This book shows how they can

largely be avoided with very little effort.

Included in this timely book are easy-to-make bath soaks, melts, scrubs, oils using salts, oils, milks, herbs

and teas, to moisturisers using aloe, butters, honey, essential oils and botanical extracts. Also effective

solutions for acne, cellulite, age spots, wrinkles, puffy eyes. Using ingredients from nature and readily

available there are hair conditioners and treatments, herbal rinses, dandruff control, shampoos and

highlighting tips. Last but not least, luxurious hand, foot and nail care tips and recipes.

Originally from Brisbane, Queensland, Loreen Doherty was a professional singer for many years and has

travelled and lived in several countries. From an early age, Loreen has been passionate about practising

healthy natural alternatives in all areas of life. Her two books are a culmination of 7 years of extensive

research and development, testing and experimenting using healthy, beneficial, natural ingredients.

Loreen Doherty lives happily on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia with her husband and

four children.




Loreen Doherty (Biography)


Loreen Doherty began dedicating her life to finding ultimate ways to live as naturally as possible when she and her husband started a family in 1990.
Upon learning that since 1930 over 75,000 synthetic, toxic chemicals have been introduced into the environment, Loreen began to source information to help reduce unnecessary chemicals in the home.
Another huge priority for Loreen was to reduce spending on household cleaners and personal products so that she could afford to stay home with her young children.
Becoming extremely disheartened at the amount of incorrect information out there, Loreen began to research extensively, test and experiment, and glean out the natural tips and remedies that were effective and safe. She was thrilled to find that they could be cheap to make, the ingredients were readily available and they were amazingly effective.
Loreen became excited about the money she was saving making her own, often using what was already growing in the garden or sitting in her fridge or cupboards.
After seven years of extensive research, trialling and testing hundreds of tips and recipes, Loreen decided to catalogue her successful creations to share with discerning people.
The result is two user-friendly step-by-step guides to natural household solutions and natural beauty care that do not include SLS, phosphates, formaldehyde, parabens and petrochemicals.
A former professional singer, Loreen Doherty lives happily on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia with her husband and four children.

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