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Seven Pillars Anti-Knowledge as the Cause of Human Suffering
by Anthony Shkreli [edit]

Seven Pillars Anti-Knowledge as the Cause of Human Suffering
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A textbook for every home. All of human suffering, in its array of forms and degrees and intensity, whether past, present or in the future, is due to one thing--- Anti-Knowledge. Anti-Knowledge is the virus of the human mind contracted long ago in the Garden and, since then, disseminated and broadcast to all of humanity by every means and modality known to man. It surrounds and permeates every facet of our understanding. Seven Pillars Volume One demonstrates that all of mankind holds tenaciously to a set of beliefs called primal beliefs. These beliefs are held in common even between individuals and groups which disagree--- so that seemingly there is dissension when in fact there is agreement between opposing views. Seven Pillars demonstrates that a primal belief always has a manifestation in the world through thought and action. And since there is suffering in the world it may be that the primal beliefs held by mankind just might be unremittingly wrong. Seven Pillars shows, in seven fields of knowledge, specific situations in those fields, that affect mankind to his detriment and not his good. Each chapter investigates a specific field: history, science, politics/economics, health, theology/metaphysics, the Occult or Fortean phenomena, and last but not least, general philosophy--- which in Volume One focuses on state run education. In the history pillar it is shown that the Pilgrims stumbled upon a revolutionary sociological idea that was subsequently and, even currently repressed. In the science pillar it is shown that a specific yet incorrect belief concerning the science of geology is tied to a philosophical primal belief about human nature. These two primal beliefs are currently conspiring to strangle the lifeblood out humanity. As a result of this investigation you will begin to grasp the ultimate reason for gasoline prices being so high-- it is definitely not due to any shortage. In the politics/economics pillar it is shown how an economy grows and it has nothing to do with state intervention but instead on the growth of the individual. With focus on the former rather then the latter all that will occur is human suffering. In the health pillar it is shown how one doctor's discovery could have put the health of mankind on a whole new plane of well-being--- in the 19th century! But this too was systematically repressed to our detriment. In the general philosophy pillar, state run education is discussed. We discover the true goals of education are suppression of competitive creation versus entrenched economic elites. In other words, education HAD to be invented in order to protect certain economic interests. In the Fortean pillar we discover that certain economically endowed elitists have been developing a technology that they will not share with the rest of mankind. Why? It would be the death of their monopolistic hold on mankind. Seven Pillars shows the roots of their project in the 19th century with the title of the chapter being `UFO's Are Suppressed Technology.' In the Theology/Metaphysics chapter entitled `A New Argument For Murder' it is shown, logically, how the theory of evolution embraces a certain primal belief known as fractionated causality. This incorrect understanding of causality leads to a sundering of morality and human action in general which in turn leads to human suffering.

Anthony Shkreli (Biography)

Anthony is a philosopher and theologian. He has also studied physiology and biochemistry since the time he was thirteen years old when he proudly discovered and proclaimed to family and friends and all who would hear, the word `norepinephrine.' He is the author of four books which range in subject matter from economics, history to politics and health.



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