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The Truth about Renewable Energy
by Jody Bruce Mr [edit]

The Truth about Renewable Energy
******** 8 Stars!
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ISBN: 8845010527
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Hello! My name is jody. I hope you enjoy my audio book. It’s about time the truth about our huge energy problem comes out. You won’t believe it but it’s true. We have the technology to make energy for free, but it’s being hidden from us. It’s been like this for at least 100 years. I will tell you all about it with examples and web site urls to research more.

I compare this amazing technology to our current forms of renewable energy, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass. Then I compare it to our current sources of polluting energy, such as coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. I expose the honest truth! It’s a 440 billion dollar a year industry that we the consumers are paying for and getting shafted.

Did you know that most ways we generate electricity are at best 40 % efficient. We could generate it with magnets and get over 100% efficient, with most around 500% to 1000 % efficient. We can also run cars on water with 100 miles per gallon.

If you are sick of these high gasoline and energy prices, you will love my audio book.
I will even show you how you can help stop this with just a phone call. I have been researching free energy for the last 15 years. You will be shocked, I promise!

Take care,

Jody Bruce Mr (Biography)

Jody Bruce was born in Detroit Michigan in 1976. He went to Northwood University and earned an MBA in business. He loves technology, indian food, and helping people. He wrote an audio book called The Truth about Renewable Energy. It exposes our huge energy problem as a $440 billion a year scam. Check out 


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