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Enlightenment in Our Time - The Perennial Wisdom in the New Millennium
by Lonny J Brown [edit]

Enlightenment in Our Time - The Perennial Wisdom in the New Millennium
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ISBN: 9781601451
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Really Wonderful" 
                           - Jordon S. Gruber, Inc.

"Penetrating, fresh.. valuable"
            - Lisa Love,

"This book opens your eyes and touches your soul!"
  - Metaphysical Reviews

"Enlightenment is a vital subject, and your book has the mark of one who knows whereof he speaks. You also have a wonderfully clear writing style, which makes for a truly enjoyable read. Well done!"
              - Jim Dreaver, author of, THE WAY OF HARMONY (

"Lonny has written a simple book of living wisdom. In the short chapters awaiting you, he presents enlightenment in many of its aspects and applications, and he does so in a practical way.  If enlightenment is a kingly banquet, Lonny doesn't want you to stand outside looking at it through a window; he wants you to come inside and taste the glorious feast. So he offers advice - short, simple, practices and ideas - to make the theory real for you personally. He invites you to partake and be spiritually nourished."  
From the Foreword by John White

Lonny J Brown (Biography)

Lonny Brown is the author of Self-Actuated Healing - The Alternative to Doctors & Drugs is Within You(Naturegraph, ‘86) Enlightenment In Our Time© ( ), Meditation - Beginners Questions & Answers© (, "The Holistic Mystic©" at  He has been a Holistic Health Expert and content provider for America Online’s Alternative Medicine Forum, and contributes to many progressive health publications and Web sites. 

Lonny teaches Holistic Health, Stress Management, and Mind-Body Healing at hospitals, businesses and schools throughout the U.S. His workshops and classes are practical and experiential, enabling participants to immediately acquire life-enhancing skills and strategies.


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