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Raw Family A True Story of Awakening
by Sergei Boutenko [edit], Valya Boutenko [edit], Victoria Boutenko [edit]

Raw Family A True Story of Awakening
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 0970481950


Editorial Reviews

People of all ages can benefit from this book! -- Robyn Lee, e-zine

Raw Family book has such amount of depth, sincerity ,and heart... This is the stuff that films are made of! -- Karen Knowler, Get Fresh! Magazine, U.K.

Product Description
There is no knowledge more important than the knowledge of listening to our body for the sake of our own health. We have an illusion that someone from the outside can heal us. If anybody can heal us, it is only ourselves. It will take centuries for science to learn the hopelessness of the attempt to push the everchanging human body into frames of scientific theories. But it is possible to know what we need to do here and now for our health. It is possible to learn to listen to our body's voice.

Sergei Boutenko (Biography)

My name is Sergei Boutenko. I am currently 20 years old. I was nine years old when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Doctors told my parents and me that I had to go on insulin immediately. My parents refused and instead began searching for alternative treatments. After trying numerous diets that did not work, in 1994 I tried raw food as well as vigorous exercising. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Within a few months of changing my diet and sticking to my exercise, my blood sugar was consistently lower and my symptoms were slowly but surely growing more faint. A few months after that, I sold my glucose monitor machine to my math teacher for $5.00 because I was tired of pricking my finger and having a normal reading each time. I feel extremely lucky to have been given another chance at being healthy. I know that the active lifestyle that I live today would not have been possible to live had I had diabetes. I am very grateful to my parents for not being afraid to try something out of the ordinary and for not being afraid of what others will think of them. It is because of them that I have my health today.

These days, I am a full time student at Southern Oregon University. I live a very active lifestyle and implement hiking, biking, snowboarding, running, rock climbing, etc. I also travel around and teach delicious raw food preparation classes all over the United States.



Valya Boutenko (Biography)

My name is Valya. Raw food has been my lifestyle since I was eight years old in 1994. Before I changed my diet, I had a serious case of asthma. Every other night it would keep me from sleeping. I was supposed to have this steadily worsening breathing disorder for the rest of my life.

Since the day I changed my diet, I have never had an asthmatic attack again. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to suffer with this illness anymore! I will always cherish the freedom of being healthy.

I’ve come to believe that every one of us has the power to be extremely healthy and youthful all of our lives, but anything worth having is worth working for. I think every step in the direction of world health makes a significant difference. So let us inspire each other to move closer to this destination.



Victoria Boutenko (Biography)

Victoria Boutenko teaches classes on raw food all over the world, and is an adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University. Her (and her family’s) teachings have inspired raw food communities everywhere. A regular contributor to such publications as Get Fresh, Just Eat an Apple, Alive, and Natuurstemmingen, she lives in Ashland, OR.


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