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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer
by William Kelley Eidem [edit]

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 1438263902
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This is the story of the amazing life and discoveries of Emanuel Revici, M.D., a physician who lived to be 101-years old. There is also a chapter on how to apply the principles of Dr. Revici's discoveries.

He brought cancer patients out of comas and cured them. He cured a woman of breast cancer even though her bones had crumbled from her thighs to her shoulders. Her bones were restored and her cancer went away.

He also cured the addiction of 2,000 drug addicts in as little as three days with his medicines. He also cured at least 100 alcoholics. His medicines were used to eliminate migraines. In Germany, every first-aid kit in every Mercedes-Benz contained his medicine to prevent both shock and internal bleeding.

His theory of evolution, once it is widely known, could place Darwinism in the ash heap of history, and dramatically change the way medicine is practiced. For instance, some supplements can shrink tumors while others can spread the cancer faster. The Doctor Who Cures Cancer tells you why.

What a great book this is.

William Kelley Eidem (Biography)



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