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The Allergy Zapper Method: Eliminate Your Allergies With Acupressure
by Deeahn Johnson [edit]

The Allergy Zapper Method: Eliminate Your Allergies With Acupressure
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This book outlines a simple, do-it-yourself allergy-elimination method that works by restoring the flow of energy through your body in the presence of an allergen.  This "reprograms" your brain not to consider that allergen as a threat anymore, so the results are permanent!  You eliminate one allergy at a time, with a tapping procedure that takes about 60 seconds.  This works for any allergy, no matter how severe.  You'll find a single page with pictures illustrating the seven tapping points, so you can't go wrong. 

You'll need a sample of the allergen to hold in your hand while you do the tapping.  If the allergen sample isn't easily available, or if you prefer to be treated by a licensed medical professional, you may want to check out the books of Dr. Devi Nambudripad or Dr. Ellen Cutler, available at Amazon.

If you have an allergy, sensitivity, intolerance, or any auto-immune condition, you'll definitely want to learn more about acupressure-based allergy elimination.  In fact, nearly any illness or health problem can be allergy-related.  When you click on the website to order this book, you'll have the option of downloading a free report that will show you exactly how to identify your allergies with muscle response testing.  This will help you determine if allergy elimination could be useful for you.


Deeahn Johnson (Biography)

Deeahn Johnson has eliminated hundreds of her own allergies, sensitivities and intolerances with acupressure, and has taught her tapping technique to her children, husband, friends and acquaintances, who have used it to eliminate their own allergies.  In fact, Allergy elimination has changed her life and improved her health in such a dramatic way that she says she wants to shout it from the mountaintops! But, realizing there aren’t too many people on the mountaintops to hear, she has decided that the Internet would be a better place to share her story.  She feels strongly convicted that this is her calling and purpose in life, and is very excited to hear success stories from people who have found relief from their allergies and related health problems by implementing her method!


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