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The Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia
by Peter J. D'Adamo ND [edit]

The Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia
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Review by Morton Walker, DPM


By Peter J. D’Adamo, N.D., with medical journalist Catherine Whitney Published by Riverhead Books, a division of Penguin/Putnam’s Berkley Publishing Group 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014. Quality paperback, 585pp. copyright 2002 ISBN 1-57322-920-2 Retailing at $25 in the US and $36 in Canada.

Currently treating patients at his Stamford, Connecticut clinic, coincidentally located just one city block from the podiatric medical practice I had discontinued three decades before, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo has become an eminent naturopathic physician and researcher with a wide international reputation.

I still recall eight years ago when Dr. D’Adamo and his business agent negotiated with me concerning Eat Right 4 Your Type, Peter D’Adamo’s first of four subsequent publications. The D’Adamo agent’s decision was that my writing services were too expensive for his clinic’s risky book-writing undertaking and the two of them broke off our discussions to find another professional book writer collaborator. They eventually chose the medical co authorship team of Catherine Whitney and Paul Krafin.

Now I regret having refused to lower my quoted writing fee and our shared rate of royalty. Why? Because Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to staying Healthy, Living Longer and Achieving Your Ideal Weight (Putnam Publishing Corporation, 1996) has gone on to sell multimillions of copies, and it’s now available worldwide in over fifty languages. That first book is consistently on bestseller lists almost six years since its publication. In 1999 this title was named one of the ten most influential health books ever published. Colleagues at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians selected him to be the “1990 Physician of the Year,” and Dr. D’Adamo has been cited as being among the most intriguing health authors ever to appear before medical consumers. I recently heard him lecture at the semi-annual meeting of the American College for Advancement in Medicine and concluded that Peter J. D’Adamo, ND is a truly dynamic health educator who definitely has a message of medical significance.

The D’Adamo message culminates in this fourth and most recent publication of his, Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia: The A-Z Reference guide for the Blood Type Connection to Symptoms, Disease Conditions, Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Food. This famous naturopath’s two additional books are Cook Right 4 Your Type (1999) and Live Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life (2001), all written with his established chief collaborator, Catherine Whitney, a coauthor of other books on health and medicine. Dividing the Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia into three parts, Dr. D’Adamo discusses the various blood types and their effect on individual body chemistries. He shows that certain health conditions -- over 300 of them – are more efficiently treated by following his A to Z Reference Guide for the patient’s blood type connection.

Part One of this quality paperback goes into the four foundations which fully relate to our human ABO blood groups. The four chapters of this first section include detailed information about (1) the ABO Blood Group anthropological beginnings, (2) the evolution of blood group science (3) the biological significance of ABO blood groups, and (4) the recognized ABO Gene labeled with the identifying locus number 9q34. Dr. Peter D’Adamo shares credit for the underpinnings of his ABO Blood Group dietary classifications with James D’Adamo, ND, his father, who first advanced his theory in the 1960’s that these blood types could be employed to optimize diet. Working diligently for over 20 years, the son has verified his father’s initial findings of ABO blood groups plus their involvement with diet.

Peter D’Adamo, ND, has demonstrated the scientific basis for these findings. A-Z BLOOD GROUP GUIDE TO HEALTH AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS Comprised of 585 pages, this fourth book continues development of the D’Adamo ground-breaking approach to analyzing and treating disease by compiling ten databases, including patient outcomes, food reactivity, protein allergens, therapeutic cooking recipes, and more. Many of these databases are searchable on Dr. D’Adamo’s website ( which also includes other useful databases besides those present in the Encyclopedia. A 20-year effort by the naturopath resulted in identifying all relevant Medline studies that support and shed further light on the genetic link between blood type and disease. The newly published Encyclopedia is intended to be useful in daily clinical practice by providing both information as well as insight into over 300 conditions. A typical encyclopedia entry includes an up-to-date description of the conditions, symptoms, blood group relationship, conventional therapies, and treatments directed toward individual blood types.

Dr. D’Adamo acknowledges Bronner Handwerger, ND, director of the D’Adamo Clinic, as having medical insights and research abilities which assisted him in building the Encyclopedia entries and databases. To illustrate the association of symptoms with foods and blood type, I personally know about 55-year-old Alyce Lowe of Fairfield, Connecticut who is blood typed B and a former consumer of poultry products in large quantity. She was symptomatic with dark and deep-set circles under both eyes similar to the kind frequently manifested by allergic children. Ms. Lowe was famous for cooking, eating, and generously dispensing the most delicious chicken soup (commonly referred to as “Jewish penicillin”).

When it was brought to her attention that chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue and very definitely is a food to avoid, Ms. Lowe reluctantly gave up chicken for a test period. Her chicken soup fans groaned with complaints and selfishly criticized the D’Adamo concept. But the reality is that Ms. Lowe’s dark eye circles disappeared during the two-week test. Chicken may be considered “poison” for someone with Blood Type B. Now she makes turkey soup instead, since turkey is regarded as a balancing food and classified by Dr. D’Adamo as neutral for someone such as Alyce Lowe of the B blood grouping. From studying this D’Adamo encyclopedia, my guess is that predictions of disease are possible by means of knowing an individual’s blood type.

For instance, As Blood Type B, would Alyce Lowe be more predisposed to breast cancer? No! There is a considerably lower risk for Ms. Lowe than for Blood Group A women. Blood Type AB women, in contrast, have a slightly increased susceptibility to experiencing breast cancer even over those in the A Blood Group. Blood Group O status is favored by a slight degree of resistance against breast cancer. Even among women already diagnosed with breast cancer, Group O women present a significantly lower risk of death from breast cancer. References from the medical literature support such statements and the potential for predictions of disease. The book’s section offering an A-Z Blood Group Guide to Health and Medical Conditions discusses signs, symptoms, characteristics, blood group links, therapies, the D’Adamp protocols, related topics and references for each of this encyclopedia’s listed diseases, adverse conditions, and other indicators of ill health.

We have in this D’Adamo encyclopedia a good and serviceable desk reference.

Part Three of the book provides 30 functional improvement strategies or protocols to be applied in addition to diet, exercise, and general medical recommendations to overcome any of the 300 or so listed health difficulties. The treatment protocols are specific for each blood group and matched to the health problems affecting that group. The functional improvement protocols offered are therapeutic for bringing about the following (in alphabetical order): allergy control, antibacterial effects, antibiotic support, anti-inflammation changes, antistress, antiviral effects, arthritis relief, blood building, cancer prevention, cardiovascular enhancement, chemotherapy adjunctiveness, chronic illness recovery, cognitive improvement, detoxification, fatigue reduction, female hormone balance, immune enhancement, intestinal health, liver support, male system health, menopause support, metabolic improvement, nerve health, pulmonary support, sinus health, skin health, stomach health, surgery recovery, urinary tract health, and yeast/fungus resistance.

Added to Dr. D’Adamo’s treatment protocols is a Blood Group Food Base, an analysis of values for ABO blood groups, non-secretors, and minor blood groups. Plus there is an explanation for why each food is considered in the classifications as being “Beneficial”, “Neutral”, or “To Be Avoided”. For example, meat is evaluated for its effect according to the animal from which it derives. As shown by Dr. D’Adamo, people of the Jewish faith are correct when they declare that pig meat is bad for everyone. Bacon/Ham/Pork consumed by Blood Groups A, B, AB, and O (all of them) must be avoided at all costs, mostly because pig meat provokes abnormal blood reactions, inhibits proper gastric function, and/or blocks nutritional assimilation.

In contrast, Beef must be avoided for Blood Group A, is neutral for Blood Group B, must be avoided for Blood Group AB, and is beneficial for Blood Group O. If you wonder why and want an explanation about such classifications, read this newly released D’Adamo reference guide, Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. Dr. D’Adamo gives the user of his book a Blood Group Supplement Data Base for a large number of nutritional adjuncts to the diet. The amino acid arginine, for instance, is excellent for chronic illness recovery and an antiviral effect in Group AB and arginine provides an immune-enhancing, male health, and surgery recovery effect for those physiologically exhibiting Blood Group B.

My distinct impression is that Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo has performed a true service for followers of this Eat Right 4 Your Type Blood Group program by issuing his well-footnoted Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. It is anticipated that the book will be applied for the next 30 years as a reference by health professionals and the public alike whenever clinical conditions are in need of treatment and a more individualized approach is required. The Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia deserves your attention.

Peter J. D'Adamo ND (Biography)

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

"D'Adamo's engaging writing style, enthusiasm for his subject and personalized advice will appeal to those who enjoy taking a hands-on approach to their health and exploring new theories."

--Publisher's Weekly

"Dr. D'Adamo is the most amazing healer I know. He has the most advanced natural healing methods incorporating age-old techniques in a very thoughtful way. His knowledge on how the body functions is incredible!"

--Tommy Hilfiger, Fashion Designer

"With The GenoType Diet Peter D'Adamo is taking it one level past where most of us stop. He has a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of this topic." -

--Mehmet Oz MD

Peter J D'Adamo ND is a naturopathic physician noted for his popular books on the Blood Type Diet. His series of books suggest that appropriate diet and lifestyle depend in part on an individual's blood type. An acknowledged expert in naturopathic medicine, Dr. D'Adamo's numerous publications and bestselling books have greatly contributed to our understanding of dietary individuality.

Dr. D'Adamo is a prolific writer who frequently contributes to the website. Versant in over ten computer languages, he is the author of four major medical software systems and one music composition tool. He hold numerous patents involving nutritional supplementation, cosmetics and fragrance technology.

A second generation naturopathic doctor, Dr. D'Adamo has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 20 years. Best known for his research on human blood groups and nutrition, Dr. D'Adamo is also a well-respected researcher in the field of natural products.

Dr. D'Adamo gained a Naturopathic Doctorate (ND) from Bastyr College, Seattle WA, in 1982, and is licensed as a naturopathic physician in Connecticut, California, British Columbia, Washington, Ontario and Arizona. He has a medical practice in Wilton, Connecticut.

In 1990 Dr. D'Adamo was awarded Physician of the Year by The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He is Adjunct Clinical Professor for both the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe AZ, and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland OR.

In 2001 Dr. D'Adamo founded the Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI). In 2003 he instigated the first IfHI biannual conference and certification, at which he was the keynote speaker. These conferences, which have attracted the best and brightest minds in nutritional genomics, have continued through 2005, 2007 and 2009.

The life work of Dr. Peter D'Adamo is the heart and soul behind The D'Adamo Clinic.

In September 2009, Dr. D'Adamo created and supervises the first Personalized Medicine rotation shift in naturopathic education at the University of Bridgeport.

With the publication of Eat Right 4 Your Type in 1996, Dr. D'Adamo became known internationally as an author.

Dr. D'Adamo's series of books are NY Times Bestsellers, and have been translated into over 65 languages. He has been named the Most Intriguing Health Author of 1999, and his first book Eat Right 4 Your Type was voted one of the "Ten Most Influential Health Books of All Time" by industry analysts.


Publisher's Weekly called his third book, Live Right 4 Your Type "A Comprehensive and fascinating theory.. Meticulously researched."

In addition to writing and his medical practice, Dr. D'Adamo is an enthusiastic practitioner of martial arts (Tai Chi and Tang Soo Do), woodworking and cabinetry, sailing and vintage Volkswagen restoration. He lives in Western Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.


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