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Holistic Gardening - The Five Principles of Success
by Miles Trench [edit]

Holistic Gardening - The Five Principles of Success
******** 8 Stars!
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Holistic Gardening – The Five Principles of Success

Holistic Gardening – The Five Principles of Success is a concise and informative manual that reveals the secrets to successful organic gardening at home. Discover how to use nature’s energies to bring dynamic, health-giving life and vitality to the plants that we love to grow.


            Each chapter explains a different principle – from the ancient wisdoms found in feng shui, to exploring how lunar and companion planting precepts increase yield and nutritional value, through to describing no-dig gardening and innovative organic techniques adopted by permaculture and biodynamic growers the world over. There are fabulous tips for promoting biodiversity and for maintaining healthy ecosystems, and ways to foster and support predator and friendly insect habitats and environs in your garden.


            Using the five principles together creates a total, workable system and the more each principle is adopted, the better the system works. Together, they lead to a better understanding of how environmental energies can help us achieve a natural and sustainable balance and harmony in our lives – of having a real connection with the plants that we grow. Holistic Gardening means enhancing your living space to bring birds and other wildlife to your garden. The text is illustrated throughout with dozens of beautiful colour photographs from the author’s own garden and informative diagrams that clearly support the information presented. And Mr Trench’s interesting anecdotes and reflections ensure that this book is a worthwhile addition to any gardener’s library.


Feng shui: the ancient Chinese art of placement and energy. Learn where to plant for best results and how to access Nature’s hidden powers for greater enjoyment and gardening success.

Organics: a system adopting proven permaculture and biodynamic techniques. Learn about preparing mulch, compost and organic fertilizers; non-chemical pest and disease control and discover seed saving and other sustainable organic best-practices.

No-dig: Gardening at its easiest and most rewarding. The above-ground, no-dig system helps deter garden pests and disease and maintains a healthy soil biota, which enables plants to flourish (and it’s a lot easier on your back too!).

Companion and Lunar planting: Age-old techniques used to optimise the natural forces at work. Companion planting enhances the vitality of nearby plants and planting by the moon has been demonstrated over the centuries to increase rates of germination and the quality and yield of food plants that we grow.


This book also contains a useful and instructive Glossary as well as a chapter entitled Putting it all Together which summarises the five principles and explains the basics of holistic gardening. With its user-friendly format, the beginner right through to experienced horticulturalists will find it interesting and instructive. Holistic gardening is eco-friendly and brings many health benefits. So, come on the journey, experience the wonderful world of organic gardening for yourself, and discover exciting new ways to help add your own ‘little bit of green’ to the dream ... :)



Miles Trench (Biography)

Miles Trench
Age: 47
Address:               Minlaton                                       
                            Australia  5575   
Email Address:           
             [Expected] - October 2008, Divan 7 – Institute of TAFE, Victoria (poem) ‘a moment’
*         August ed. 2008, Scibbligum - ‘Very Highly Commended’ & ‘Highly Commended’ – (2 poems)
*         August ed.2008, Warm Earth Organic Gardening (article) My No-Dig Veggie Garden
*         July 2008, Backyard Farmer (Earth Garden) (article): Basic No-Dig Gardening
*         March 2008, Scribbligum - ‘Highly Commended’ - (poem) Flores
*         October 2007, Kerneweck Lowender -  ‘Highly Commended’ A Piece of Paper
*         December 2006, ‘Writing Right’ - Poetry Prize
*         April/May 2006 – Grass Roots Magazine (article) Do a Number on Your Garden
*         May 1999, Grass Roots – (article) Marion Bay
*         June 2002, That’s Life (article) Look What I Can Do!
*         October 2001, Winner of Across the Valley Short-story award – Martin’s Secret
*         May 1999 Third Prize International Library of Poetry – Winter
*         November 1998 Nimbin News - Papermaking – An Ancient Craft Revisited
*         April 1998 – Australian Business Opportunities – ‘Recycling’
*         December 1997, New Age Guardian – Papermaking.
Oeuvre to Date:
*          56 poems, 28 short stories, 1 book, various fragments and many ‘works in progress…’
*         2007 Diploma Professional Writing (external) ARTS SA
*          Certificate III Tourism (Operations) TAFE Noarlunga Campus


*          John Roe, Diane Beers, Gwyneth Quinn


*         Faulkner, Steinbeck, ‘du Maurier, Burgess, Bruce Dawe Sylvia Plath

Aspiring to:     ‘Learn, create, explore and believe ‘


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