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Emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Therapeutic Approaches Through: Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine
by Robert Green Jr., N.D. [edit]

Emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Therapeutic Approaches Through:  Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 1593303327


In this defining and seminal work, Robert Green Jr., N.D. presents the first book ever to take an in depth look at the therapeutic approaches based on nutrition, natural medicine, and alternative medicine that are capable of improving the health and condition of people living with emphysema/COPD.

This book, written primarily for individuals who have been diagnosed by a physician with emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, contains the vital information on natural and alternative therapeutics that you and your physician need to know.


May 17, 2006

A must read!!
As a Holistic Practitioner/Naturopath, I thought the book was extremely informative. Anyone who is in the Natural Health field should own a copy of this book for their practice to help those clients who are in desperate need and have found no relief with traditonal medicine. I feel all who read this will find both hope and help.

Sharon Satterfield ND

May 16, 2006

Useful information for COPD and Emphysema patients.
This book has information vital for the pulmonary patient. Feedback from those who are following the guidelines has been positive, and many more could benefit from the steps listed that can actually result in improvement of symptoms and the underlying condition as well.

Larry, A reviewer

May 5, 2006

Well written with substantial and accurate scientific evidence...there
is a demand for such information by those suffering from COPD, and
their families. My hope is that medical caregivers become enlightened, as
well, with this book.

Robert F. Waters, Ph.D. Professor of Medical Biochemistry and Genetics

September, 2005

Editorial Review

From the outset I have felt that this book is a potential bestseller. It is a landmark book because it explores a specific topic not yet treated before in the way or from the perspective it takes. In a very real sense it’s a history making effort.
I can say positively that the book exhibits an intelligent balance of intended readership between the lay person and the health professional. I truly expect it to be much appreciated by both an average reader (such as an interested patient or patient’s relative or friend) and a trained professional (to include even one not directly involved in naturopathy). I say this because the book is chockfull of very useful practical information for an individual affected by emphysema or COPD, and, at the same time, it contains an abundance of data that an analytical health professional will find very instructive, reassuring, and edifying.
Throughout the editorial process, my impression was “Here’s an authoritative book that a family will want to own for constantly available reference, and once they have it, they will be more than happy to share it with others and with their family doctor and doctor friends, who in turn will hurry to get a copy of their own.” To a lay reader like myself, the great majority of the book is a real eye opener -- especially the discussions on diet, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicine. And the technical parts are a source of comfort in the fact that the author definitely knows what he is talking about.
The book is well written and the presentation is very systematic. The progression of chapters and individual topics is logical. It’s very evident that this is a major work that is painstakingly organized and presented.

Stephen Llevares
Aventine Press
September 2005

Robert Green Jr., N.D. (Biography)

Robert Green Jr. is a traditional naturopath, health researcher, and an author. He received the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in liberal arts from San Diego City College, and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from San Diego State University. At San Diego State University he majored in religious studies and minored in human biology and pre–medicine, and throughout his academic life he has continuously studied the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, and the health sciences.

In 1994 he began to study nutrition along with natural and alternative medicine in an effort to help his father who had been diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Following graduation from college he attended medical school, and ultimately completed the doctor of naturopathy (N.D.) degree through Trinity College of Natural Health. Dr. Green is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a holistic health practitioner, and he also holds board certification as an alternative medical practitioner by the American Alternative Medical Association.


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