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Yoga for Slimmers
by Celia Hawe [edit]

Yoga for Slimmers
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Yoga for Slimmers is a unique system to help you slim in body, mind and spirit.  A simple yoga programme devised to streamline the body, revitalise sluggish hormones and boost the metabolism through powerful breath exercises, combined with a four week detox eating plan, it will help you to re-evaluate your attitudes to food, weight and health – with lasting results.



The programme is based on an enormously successful course run by the author.  As anyone who has tried to lose weight is aware, diets and strict exercise can help slimming admirably – for a time.  But these regimes too often leave us bored, or robbed of motivation.  Celia Hawe’s unique plan stops the cycle of weight loss and weight gain by putting you back in control of your body, your eating habits and your attitude to your weight.



The ancient art of yoga is a system of bodily and mental exercises.  Physically it promotes stability, energy, flexibility and relaxation.  Mentally it encourages concentration, balance and tranquillity.  Celebrities including Madonna and Christy Turlington have embraced its benefits, and huge numbers now practice regularly in the UK .  In conjunction with the detox eating plan fully outlined in the book, the results – as the author herself and graduates of her course will testify – are stunning.



Celia Hawe has extensive experience as a motivational life coach, and teaches and speaks at seminars worldwide.  She holds the British Wheel of Yoga diploma and has taught yoga for over 20 years.  She devised the Yoga for Slimmers programme after an ongoing battle with her own weight.



Celia’s Tips for Successful Slimming include –



  1. Doing the easy routine and special guided visualisation daily.  This increases metabolic rate, relaxes and builds awareness.



  1. Adhere to the healthy eating plan to detox the body and mind, this provides energy and clear thinking.



  1. Set goals, based on your values, not on “shoulds”.



  1. Make the time and energy for this new way of eating and being by cutting out “energy bandits”.



  1. Develop your choice muscles; choice is like a muscle we need to exercise.



  1. Challenge negative language, such as “I am no good at slimming/I’m starving”.  This gives confusing messages to the sub-conscious, which tries to achieve what you tell it!



  1. Know that you have willpower.  Just because we “fail”, does not mean that you have no potential, one weak moment does not mean that you have no willpower.  Today, simply being alive takes willpower. 




 Yoga for Slimmers® is a successful holistic program which addresses body, mind and spirit, combining the best of the East with the best of the West.  It worked for Celia and many others.  Celia is training Consultants to set up weight loss centres.



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Celia Hawe (Biography)

Yoga teacher for 25 years, qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma.  Author of 2 books – first called “Clear Mind Open Heart” yoga cards and her recent best seller Yoga for Slimmers© – now sold in 8 languages.   Taught yoga and leads personal development workshops internationally.  Also trained at the famous Findhorn Spiritual Community.  Owned a Health Club for 15 years.  Fully trained Life Coach -Graduate of Coach University.  Advanced Toastmaster Status (International Speakers Association)  Has made numerous appearances on radio and TV worldwide.

Celia Hawe is an inspirational yoga teacher and an expert in wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. Her yoga is a blend of the best  of ancient wisdom study and practice, combined with updated modern sports science, plus her own unique and fun way of putting it across in a way that people can easily understand.


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