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Money by the Mouthful
by Robert Nara [edit]

Money by the Mouthful
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This book was written in 1979 during a long fight with the dental profession over Dr. Nara's unorthadox but successful approach to prevention and natural healing of tooth decay and gum disease.  Money by the Mouthful is more of an expose of the politics and motives behind the dental profession and appears more true today than in 1979.

This title is bundled with Nara's 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient,'  'The 7 Factors Transcript' and Research Advocates Oramedics,' which is the science behind his approach.  These titles are available together as downloads, as CD or harcopy.  The price listed is for the downloads available at  .

Robert Nara (Biography)

We are learning more and more these days that tooth decay and gum disease are not simply some 'localized annoyance' when it comes to the big picture of whole-body health.  Oral diseases are, in fact, becoming known as starting points for various systemic ailments such as heart, lung and kidney diseases.  Scientists know this because the bacteria specific to the oral cavity are being identified as setting up residence and doing their damage in various locations in the human body.

Over 20 years ago a single dentist from the most northern tip of Michigan wrote and warned the public about this travesty, based on early scientific findings written up in the dental profession's very own journals.  He put together a simple, yet remarkable program of prevention and passed it on to his patients so that they would never suffer from tooth decay and gum disease.  Those who followed the program set forth by this dentist were 100% successful in keeping their teeth and gums healthy from that point on.  No more cavities, no more gingivitis, no more lost teeth and no more periodontal (gum) disease!

You would think that this dentist, Dr. Robert O. Nara, would have received wide recognition by his peers for his work and success in patient compliance with his program.  Instead, he was vilified, arrested and even stripped of his license to practice dentistry for over a year.  Dr. Nara was 'rocking the boat!'  He realized that the profession was not interested in curing tooth decay and gum disease...  they were interested in the profits gained from treating ONE disease that they could be curing all along.

Bob Nara was not one to take the profession's actions against him sitting down.  He realized that since the profession would not listen, then he'd take his findings public and let them decide.  He wrote two books, 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient.'  He toured and lectured extensively with the National Health Federation.  His message was written about in hundreds of newspapers and magazines world-wide, he sat in on numerous radio and television shows and at one point even the nation-wide 'Phil Donahue Show.'

Dr. Nara continued to tour and lecture, write extensively and eventually got his license back after a very long and hard fight...  the success of his books, however, changed the way millions of people around the world now began to approach their own oral health.  It changed the way they saw the profession and their relationships with their own dentists.  They became better acquainted with their own teeth and gums, better understood the biology of the mouth and how the disease quietly settles in and causes decay, bleeding and pain and what they could do about it.  They began to understand that if they took certain specific actions, the teeth and gums would actually heal themselves - if they took the right approach in caring for them!  This wasn't just prevention, rather, an actual cure for gum disease!

More on Dr. Nara in this 1979 Mother Earth News 'Plowboy' interview: 

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